A/N: Was anyone else as devastated as I was after that doggone confession of his? Rated 'T' for now, but may spill over into 'M' in later chapters, so fair warning.

Sitting on the curb out in front of Elena's house, he barely registers the presence of the witch.

"You're bleeding," he greets her with a subdued tone.

"So are you." Bonnie moves to stand in front of him.

He looks quizzically at her.

She returns his gaze and before she can snatch her hand back from what will surely result in a tiger's bite by that ultimate predator, she reaches down, gently touches his face and is transported mentally to that place where she can read the emotions and actions that are churning restlessly within him. Her eyes flutter shut as she experiences his experience. She gasps, eyes clashing with his. She is now full of the knowledge of him, much like Eve after that initial hasty bite of fruit.

Her face crumbles. "Oh, Damon. I'm so sorry for your pain."

Feeling exposed, he tears his gaze away from her eyes. "Yeah," He manages on a broken breath.

Surely thinking that she's been possessed by a spirit lacking the sense to flee from danger, she nudges apart his legs, stepping closer to him. She reaches for him, bringing his head to rest on her abdomen, her urge to comfort his sorrow overcoming her common sense and their shared violent history.

His arms almost immediately encase her legs and lower back, letting her take the weight of him, his grief shuddering through his body.

She pets his hair, rubbing, whispering nonsensical murmurs of comfort, tears sliding down her own cheeks. This communion of grief and support goes on until all the lights in the Gilbert home have been long extinguished for the night.

The shudders eventually cease, the tears stop. He raises his head to look at her in newfound awareness and trepidation. She mirrors his look.

"Just-, let's not fight tonight, okay?" She pleads with him.

He's unable to form a verbal answer, but nods his head.

"Come on. I'll give you a ride home." She bends to try and hoist him up underneath his shoulders.

Despite his emotional state, he's touched and amused that this little 5'2" witch would actually attempt to pick him up. He's also surprised when buffeted by the wind of her power, she uses it to actually lift him, she manages to actually get him into her car.

Having no idea what to do with him, yet not wanting to abandon him for the time being, she gets into her car, guns the motor and heads out into the late evening.

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