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The Spring Collection

Prompt: Peace

Summary: It was weird, how in a few hours, they would have to go on another job, beat up the bad guys and just generally destroy everything, but in this moment of silence and flowers, they could both agree that it was peace.

The sun filtered through the curtains in bright rays of sunshine. The figure in the bed moved in a slight moan, as she cuddled further into the cozy bed.

Brown eyes gradually opened to stare at the clock on her bed stand, the numbers 10:54 gradually making its way to her sleep hazed mind. Hmm… Almost eleven in the morning. That's kind of late; Natsu would have been in here now by at least nine to bother me… Her thoughts coming to a pause as she cuddled more into her bed, before realization made her stop.

Natsu's not here to wake me up. Were the words that rang quietly in her mind.


Not here…

In my Apartment…

"Oh my gosh!" She shot up from her bed in panic, worried about what had happened to her pink haired partner, which was kind of justified since Natsu had regularly become her wakeup call every morning.

"Oww…" She moaned as she held her head as her eye sight swam in front of her in various colors. She almost groaned as she saw her blue comforter and white pillows and pink hair mix together in a very outrageous blend of-!

She froze. Pink…hair?

She closed her eyes and waited for the rushing to finish, before opening her eyes and staring at the drooling dragon slayer that lay over her bed at the very end of her comforter. A small blue cat lay next to him, the feline also drooling as Lucy heard the mumbled words of "Fish… lots of fish… " and she almost fainted as she saw him start to open his claws and raise it over her bed as she quickly grabbed a towel that was by her nightstand and inserted it under him before he could so much as put scratch marks into her beautiful bed.

She sighed as the crisis was averted, better a new towel than a new bed really, her eye ticked as she saw the amount of drool that she'd have to wash off and promptly decided to send it to the cleaners instead.

She heard the chirping of birds close by as she turned her head to look at her window. She slowly got up from her bed, not really wanting to disturb the pair of partners as she headed to stare outside.

Ah, She smiled, it's spring. She noted to herself happily when she moved the curtains to the side as she stared at the flowers that practically coated the sidewalks of the vendors. They were painted in beautiful shades of reds, violets, whites and deep blues. She could faintly see butterflies that transferred from one flower to another as couples and kids walked around with flowers in their arms.

She opened up her window as she inhaled the fresh wind that seemed to coat the atmosphere. Such a pretty day.

She jumped a bit as she felt warmth at her back, before relaxing when she recognized Natsu's familiar pink hair land on her neck.

"Morning Luce," She heard the quiet exhale against her shoulder as he leaned against it. "Ready for a new mission today?"

She merely grinned, even though she knew he couldn't see it, "Yeah, I'm ready."

Lucy knew that he was reckless and hyper, and she loved the about him.

But she also loved it when he merely took things slow and just breathed even if it wasn't often.

It made things seem much more peaceful.

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