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The Spring Collection

Prompt: Laugh

He never really realized when he stated noticing it. In reality, it was a normal occurrence for her.

But once he noticed it, he couldn't stop wanting to hear it.

Sometimes, they'd be small giggles at the antics Happy did for her; when he hugged her and gave her a ticklish feeling instead or when she noticed something buy didn't want to tell them.

They would start quietly; the only instance of you noticing would be the smile on her lips and the twinkles in her honey brown eyes.

Then came the ones that would usually start around Levy and Mirajane. The one's where she would giggle behind her hands, a flush on her cheeks and a bright smile on cherry pink lips.

But the ones he liked the most were the loud ones, where she would clutch her stomach from laughing aloud, eyes closed with small tears at the corner from laughing to hard.

Those were the best.

Because they usually happened when he was around. Whether doing something with Gray even he could admit was weird or just watching her laugh at something he didn't understand he did wrong.

And that would make him happy. Because she was his best friend.

Best friends deserve to be happy.

And he wanted all that and more for her.

He remembered when Phantom Lord had come for her.

The tears, how he hated those tears.

She was willing to give up her happiness for the safety of her comrades, and blamed herself for the war that ensued.

But they were nakama. And nakama was forever.

Nakama protected each other and fought each other but at the end of the day, nakama was family. And family loved and forgave each other.

She had suffered her childhood with her father, but it amazed him that she still had the optimism she had to laugh and smile with others.

Her sacrifices were her own to make.

But they would never allow her to sacrifice her happiness.

She was too good for that.

"Natsu. Natsu."

He blinked as manicured nail waved in front of his face.

A bright smile was on her face, brown eyes glittering with life.

"Come on! Erza's calling for us. The festivals going to start soon." She told him with a grin.

"Oh yeah." He grinned. "I'm gonna beat Gray at the All You Can Eat tournament." He pumped his fist in the air.

"Fat chance flame brain!" Gray scoffed at him. "I've been waiting all year for this."

"Well, so have I Frosty." He glared at him. "No way am I going to lose to you."

Lucy grimaced at the argument. "You guys seriously have to fight over anything, don't you?"

Happy spoke up from between Lucy's arms. "Of course they do Lucy. Remember when they fought over who could out drink Cana?"

Lucy laughed in delight. "And they both got so drunk, they had raging hangovers the next day and couldn't even leave their apartments due to the sunlight!"

Natsu grinned at her. "But I still beat him, Luce!"

Gray growled. "No you didn't! We drank the exact same number of shots!"

Natsu's reply was cut off by a growl from the threshold of the door.

"What exactly is taking so long?" Came the growl from a glaring red head.

"Eek!" Lucy shrieked as Natsu and Gray paled. "Let's go guys! Coming Erza!" She called out as she pushed the mages towards the door.

Then again, laugher had no place in this situation, Natsu thought to himself as Lucy stressed.

Maybe… later.

It sounded like bells, always chiming in harmony and with never ending cheer.

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