It had been over ten years since Teague had seen his son, Jack Sparrow. He could clearly remember every detail of Jack's confident smile as he waved from the docks of Tortuga.

"Things could only get better from here, Da." Teague could remember Jack saying as they watched the crew load the ship.

"You sure, Jackie?" Teague asked, leaning his head toward Jack. "I mean, you've got no ship nor crew. I don't see how things could get better."

"Simple: things can't possibly get worse." Jack said, smirking. "What could be worse than getting mutinied and marooned by a man you grew up with and trusted your life with?"

"Life has a funny way about finding ways to make you reconsider statements like that one."

"Da, I'll be fine. Stop worrying."

"I'm not worried." Teague said quickly, resulting in Jack rolling his eyes. Seeing that everything was loaded, Teague started up the gangplank. "See you around, Boy."

Jack nodded, waving his hand. "Tell Mum I said hi, next time you see her!" He shouted, before tossing his old sack onto his shoulder and walking away.

Eight long years later, Teague was all alone in the Study of Shipwreck Cove. He was standing over some old charts, charting course from Shipwreck Island to Tortuga. It was obvious that Jack was not coming home any time soon, so Teague decided to go over there.

Besides, there's no rum like the kind in Tortuga...

"What do you think Danny?" Teague asked the shrunken head sitting on the desk. Danielle was Teague wife and Jack's Mum. She had been dead for eight years, but Teague had yet to tell Jack. He had no idea how to tell him if he refused to come home. It wasn't exactly something you could send in a letter. Teague tried to write one. The floor of the Study was covered in crumbled sheets of paper, the failed attempts at writing a decent letter.

Just then, there was a knock at the door.

"What?" Teague shouted.

"You got mail, Captain." A young woman said, slipping a letter under the door. With Danielle being dead, Teague decided that, after three years of living alone, hiring a maid wouldn't be that much of a bad idea. "I'll be back when your lunch is ready."

"Thanks." Teague said, walking over. He immediately recognized the handwriting on the front of the letter. "Huh, a letter from Mr. Gibbs? Interesting...very interesting." He walked over to the other side of the desk and sat in the chair, before breaking the sloppy wax seal and reading the messy writing.


I'm sorry to be the one to tell you-and to have to tell you this way-that Jack is gone. He made a deal with Davy Jones thirteen years ago, and Jones came to collect on his end of the bargain. Jack, being himself, tried to run, hide, and even found the Dead Man's Chest to use against him. Unfortunately, the heart disappeared before Jack could use it. Then Jones sent the Kraken to drag the Pearl to the Locker.

Jack went down with the Pearl.

I'd go into more detail about everything, but this is the only bit of paper we have on our longboat. Once we arrive at Tia Dalma's, I'll write more if we have time. I am very sorry for you and your wife.'

Teague slammed his fist against the desk, before throwing all of the charts onto the floor. "Damn it, Jackie." He mumbled, covering his face with his hands. It was the first time in years that he cried. Not even on the day his wife died did he cry. That day, he had to be strong, for everybody had known she was dying and he was prepared to let her go.

But this was so sudden. Teague knew Jack was not the luckiest of people, but never thought that he'd die before him. Usually, when he was close to getting killed, he'd manage to pull through...

...or Teague had managed to pull him out of trouble...

Teague didn't notice the knocking on the door, nor the creaking sound of the door opening. The woman was about twenty. She was average height, had light skin-not tan but not pale-, dark red hair that was tied back in a black ribbon, and pretty brown eyes. She was wearing a dark blue dress, a black belt, and a pair of shiny black shoes. She was carrying a tray of food. "Captain?"

Teague looked up, startled. "Oh, Lass." He said, turning away from her. "You can put that on the desk." He heard her place the tray on the desk, but didn't hear the sound of her shoes leaving the room. "You're still here?"

The woman nodded. "Someone as upset as you are shouldn't be left alone."

"I'm fine, Serenity."

"Captain Teague, I've been working for you, and living with you, for five years. I know you don't normally breath through your mouth or sniffle." Serenity said, with a comforting smile on her face. "And you usually have no problem threatening to shoot me if I stay in here for too long."

"Leave me alone."


Shocked at the disobedience, Teague turned around. "What?"

"I said 'no'." She said, pulling an old handkerchief out of her belt and handing it to Teague. "I am not leaving." Serenity said, before picking up the letter from the floor. She read it, then looked at Teague. "Captain, I'm sorry about your son."

Teague stared down at the desk in sort of a daze. "Jackie knew all of the dangers of this life."

"Captain Teague, you know I'm right nearby if you need someone to talk to."

"Missy, I appreciate the offer, but I honestly am fine." Teague said, before looking her over. "Actually, part of me wonders why you haven't found somebody for yourself."

"Because Captain Teague, I like you."

It was obvious by the lack of response that Teague didn't catch her confession.

"Jackie never got married." Teague whispered to himself, before shrugging. "Though I doubt he was childless, knowing the men in our family. Might be enough to sail the Misty Lady."

"Maybe." Serenity said, slightly disappointed that Teague didn't seem to hear what she said before. She then took a deep breath. "I love you!"

Teague looked at her with a shocked expression at her sudden outburst. "You what?"

"I love you, Teague." Serenity repeated, blushing slightly. "I have for years."

"You wait until now to tell me?" Teague asked, angrily. "My only child has died, and you decide that now is the best time to confess your affection?"

"You never let me stay long enough for me to-"

"Get out!" Teague shouted, standing up.

"No! I have something to say and I am not leaving until it is-"

Teague grabbed Serenity's wrist, dragged her to the hall, and practically threw her out. "I am in no mood to hear what you have to say right now." He said, slamming the door in her face.

"I've waited over five years to tell you how I felt, Teague!" Serenity shouted. "I will tell you that I love you everyday until you love me back!"

So the twenty year old feel in love with Teague...

I always wanted to write about Teague's reaction to hearing about Jack's death...I just never thought of using that as the opening to a story like this...

My strange mood as lead to some pretty strange ideas...I actually kinda hope this keeps up...most of those ideas have been pretty good...