I had no plans to post an author's note for this story (I was actually going to continue it…but my vision for it has run dry…) until I saw this review on chapter 8:

"AH! My goodness, you had me literally swatting at my tongue in a desperate attempt to clear the disgusting feeling from my mouth, all the while yelling,
"BLEUGH! BLAGH!" How could you DO such a thing as turn dear Teague into a creepy pedophile? I'm emitting guttural utterances just thinking about it.

Creepy pedophile…the thought never really crossed my mind to be honest. I was just thinking that A: I wanted to write about Teague and a woman; B: With Teague likely in his late 50's-early 60's, there wouldn't be many women his age; C: Any woman above the age of twenty was likely too disgusted with Jack to ever consider courting the man that raised him and D: I had yet to find a story with that kind of plot.

Sorry if you were actually that disgusted with the story, JustifedFlamer. Honestly, I do love this story even after you insulted it. Actually, thanks to you, I might actually have an idea for a sequel…

So if I do post a sequel any time soon, you all know who to thank.

Anyways, thank you for the reviews (positive or not)! At least I know people have read this story.

By The Way: if the age difference really did bother you, please do avoid feature stories from me because I really don't care about age differences in fictional couples. Either that or make sure you have breath mints and a barf bag. Thanks!