Chapter 1: Blue rings and Blueberries

Wedding bells rang through the small coastal village; today Brian married his high-school sweetheart Lisa. They knew each other since her senior year of high-school and his freshman year of college. They knew they were to marry for years now, but they both decided to wait till after she finished getting her teaching degree. Brian was a pastor in a little church on the outskirts of Tallahassee, Florida. Brian and Lisa finally got married on their seventh anniversary of dating. Brian brandished a ring with a blue pearl; he picked up on an earlier oceanic dive, and slipped it over her soft tender finger. Lisa smiled hard enough she squeezed a tear out and they both leaned in and soon their lips both crashed like a soft wave crashing on the sandy beach. After they got off the platform they went to their reception and after a few hours of talking, dancing, and blithering groomsmen telling sappy stories they both made their quiet escape.

They met on the beach nearby and both were dressed in snorkeling gear. Lisa wore the pink sun-bleached snorkel that Brian gave her on their first trip to the beach. Brian likewise was wearing his black and blue snorkel that Lisa gave him when they went to the beach. They waded into the water hand in hand and when it was deep enough they both swam. It finally felt real to them; he was her husband and she was his wife. Brian motioned to Lisa that he was going to the surface and she followed him concerned that something was wrong. When they both breached the surface Brian immediately spoke.

"Lisa, it finally feels real! I can't believe it we made it we are married!" Brian wildly spoke flailing his arms accidentally misting Lisa with the briny ocean water.

"Yes I am Mrs. Lisa Fairfields, and you're my handsome husband" As soon as the words drifted past her salty parched lips Brian floated closer to his new bride and gently kissed her. "Hun, my lips are all salty from this ocean…" Again he gently kissed her under the cloudless starlit night. The only thing that sounded in the background was the occasional gull mindlessly cawing his displeasure at the waves.

After their midnight swim the couple swam back to the beach and went back to their honeymoon suite where they immediately fell asleep from the sun, surf, and sanctifying wedding! Early the next morning Lisa reached into Brian's side of the bed to find him missing. Lisa pursed her lips and furrowed her brow, after all she was looking for him to snuggle up with! After a few seconds of her displeasure Brian strolled into the room with a single flower he picked from a nearby lily tree.

"Angel, you know I don't like to see that look on your face, especially on our first full day as man and wife" Brian chuckled hoping that the flower would redeem him from her glare.

"Oh you know I was only looking for you, I have dreamt of the day when I would wake up and snuggle with my man." Lisa unfurrow her brow and reached for Brian's hand and successfully pulled him onto the bed.

"But breakfast is out on the patio, I specially made it for you." Brian tried to pull himself up off the bed and lead Lisa to the breakfast surprise on the patio.

"Fine, this better not be a habit. I sometimes want to wake up to you on occasion." Lisa got out of bed and wrapped her arms around Brian as he walked to the patio to show her the surprise. As they walked out of the room and onto the patio the sound of the rolling surf and the distant gulls happily snacking on a stray shrimp.

"Here, sit Lisa" Brian pulled the chair out for her and she blushed at his ever present chivalry. "I made this especially for you" he removed the silver lip off her plate and she was faced with the most delicious-looking blueberry pancakes she had ever seen in her life

"Brian how did you get the blueberries? It's not the season for blueberries." Lisa cut a wedge off the pancake and as it went into her mouth she left a trail of syrup across her now plump soft lips.

"Let's say I turned a trip to England to become a wizard" Brian chuckled at his own joke but quickly stopped when he seen Lisa quite enjoying her pancakes. He figured he could have gotten them from the planet mars and she would be happy. This made Brian happy that he was making his bride happy.

After breakfast he paid the room service guy extra to cart away the dishes. Brian and Lisa walked the beach and reminisced about the several trips to the beach and the diving trips they took together…

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