Chapter 6: College Finals

5 years back

"Dude, so you ready for finals?" Tyler bounded into Brian's room "I think my education class will go really good I studied and everything" Tyler sat on the chair opposite Brian and pulled out a book and opened it to somewhere in the middle.

"Tyler, I am legitimately impressed that you studied." Brian sighed at the thought of tests and then packing up. "I don't want to leave here man it's too exciting. Hey you want to stop studying and go play some video games in Lee's room?" Brian stood up and arched his back which loudly produced several gut turning pops. Tyler jumped up and practically tossed the book on the desk.

"Brian I knew you could read minds! Let's go, so maybe we could go get some tacos tonight I mean tomorrow is our last week of school. Either we know the material and can pass or we are already failed and dead." Tyler followed Brian out of his dorm room and Brian locked the door behind them. They walked to Lee's room that was next door and banged on the door. Lee opened the door with controllers in his hand.

"Hey you two want to go get some tacos I mean it's our last free night before finals?" Lee plugged in the game system and a low rumble echoed up the hall as the game's musical score starting playing.

"Dude, Tyler just asked that!" Brian snagged the controller that was designated as player 3 and he proceeded to play. "Hey can we pause? Lisa is texting me and she has had a rough day." Brian set down the controller in hopes that either of the other two guys would pause the game so that he could text Lisa. "So this jerk is really annoying Lisa and its ticking me off"

"Ooooh Brian is going to destroy something." Tyler laughed a bit but he knew that Brian was really annoyed at this guy. He knew that Brian wanted to do all he could to protect Lisa. "Dude don't focus on Jerky McJerkerson ok? In three weeks you will be in the sand and surf with your princess." Tyler knew that would calm down at the thought of Lisa and him frolicking in the sand.

"Mmmmmmm the beach. So ya lets play some video games Lisa had to go for awhile." Brian picked up the controller and shook it impatiently. "Let's get playing! Or are you guys chickens?" Brian smirked as he began playing, the light from the tv reflected off his glasses, yet even behind his glasses his eyes shone with a passion. The game was not his passion but rather Lisa.

That evening Brian and the guys went to the taco place and picked up a feast of tacos, nachos, and burritos. After their taco run the guys settled in for an evening filled with movies and games. Brian was also engrossed with texting Lisa and this continued into the late night.

A week later

"Can you believe it has been an entire year since we came to school here?" Lee practically bounced up the hall as he had just finished his last final of the year.

"Dude I know! One year ago we was incoming students and yet it feels like a million years ago." Brian laughed as he closed a book he was reading "And can you believe I'm actually reading a book on my own choice?" He threw the book on his bed

"Knock knock did I hear someone say 'let's play some video games?'" Tyler slinked around the corner with mischief clear in his eyes. "Or should we record a music video tonight?"

"Tyler maybe in a bit but I am texting Lisa, it's been a weird week for us because my schedule was in flux and her schedule was the same so I need to reconnect with her." Brian carefully put the book he was reading back on his shelf and leaned against his bed.

"Brian you need some sort of medal! You always manage to be the best boyfriend for Lisa, the best friend for us, the best student for your teachers, and the best man for freeing middle European nations." Tyler laughed at himself as he said the last item in the list. He figured that Brian wasn't listening as he had already begun texting.

"Ya I know, I remember the one time I was airdropped into Austria and man it was glorious. Did I tell you guys that story?" Brian looked up from his phone and rolled his eyes. "Though if you two are going to watch a movie I will watch it with you." He motioned in the direction of Lee's room.

"So you and Lisa are going diving in a few weeks right?" Lee opened the disc tray and slid a movie into the slot and in a few seconds the movie rumbled up the hall. "I remember last time you bought her the snorkel, how did she like it?"

"Ya man I'm taking her to this one beach in Georgia, it's just gorgeous. The sand is so clean and the water is fine. I bought her a cute twine bracelet this time. It has the Hawaiian phrase for 'Queen of the water' on it" Brian beamed with pride as he pulled the bracelet out of a box that was in his laptop bag.

"Again with the medal thing, dude you ought to write a dating book." Lee flopped onto the couch and hit play on the remote

"Ya Brian I mean you seem to have this whole dating thing under control." Tyler nodded then held out his fist for Lee to pound. "You're like the perfect guy for Lisa. Have you two talked about like getting serious?" Tyler asked this with much reserve as he did not want to offend Brian yet he still remained curious about their plans.

"Well I mean it has come up dude and I really can say I think we will last forever. I mean we have talked about our future, and it looks good for us" Brian smiled and laughed as they began discussing him and Lisa's plans.

Present day

Brian was lying in bed with Lisa curled up in his arms. Both of them were asleep soundly when suddenly Brian's phone pierced the veil of silence. Brian lazily swatted at his phone, though he knew the phone wasn't a fly to be swatted away. After a few second's Brian silently gave up and answered the phone.

"This is Brian Fairfields, how may I direct your call?" Brian sarcastically answered the phone; clearly he was not happy that he was woken by the phone.

"Hey Brian long time no see! This is Tyler, your friend!" The voice on the other side was Tyler. Brian had not talked to Tyler in about a year; Tyler had gone off to another school and Tyler went down to the church he was currently working at.

"Dude I haven't talked to you in forever, how you been?" Brian woke up fully and sat up. "I miss hanging out with you and Lee! You remember that one time it was finals week and we went on a video game marathon?" Brian laughed at all the old memories flooding back into his mind.

"Man, I know! I haven't seen you and Lisa since the wedding! You two have any little ones yet? Tyler laughed at his own witty banter. He had the same energy in his voice he had when they was all in school, but he sounded older and more mature.

"Tyler, it's only been a year since me and Lisa got married! We are considering it though. How are you and the lovely Miss Samantha? Tyler met and started dating Samantha a week after Brian and Lisa got married.

"Dude, that's what I wanted to talk to you about. So you remember how I was one of your groomsmen? Well how would you like to do a brother a favor? You want to be one of my groomsmen? Tyler tried his best to hide his excitement with clever coy questions.

"Yes of course I would want to be your groomsmen! You call Lee to see if he wants to be a groomsman? Brian lightly shook Lisa awake and whispered the news to her.

"Ya he and Angela are going, actually see Angela introduced me to Sammie. Dude can you believe it that all three of us are going to be married now?" Tyler went to the same school as Lee, and for the first two semesters shared an apartment. Lee met Angela at the school cafeteria and they instantly knew there was an attraction between them. They dated for six months and then got married. Brian and Lisa was still dating at the time and they attended the wedding together.

"Dude when are you two getting married? Brian was now slipping on his jeans to get ready for work.

"Well not for another year but next weekend I was wondering if you and Lisa wanted to hit the beach with me and my fiancée and Lee and his wife. Maybe we can do a little diving for old times' sake, you still dive don't you?" Tyler coughed a little and then apologized for being rude.

"Ya Man me and Lisa was going to go to the beach anyway, we would love to go with you and my brother! Just email me the beach name and we will be there" Brian sound excited about the trip that weekend.

"Ok man you be good and give my hello to your wife." Tyler hung up the phone rather abruptly and Brian kissed Lisa and they went to go make breakfast

Chapter 6 Fin