The Gift

By Rian

December 8, 2010

Christmas morning was a pleasant blur, much like Thanksgiving had been. Kurt was still getting used to the whole idea that he now had a family, who would be here all the time and expect him to be. He and his father had had so many pleasant holiday mornings, just exchanging a gift or two, having a fancy breakfast full of bad but delicious things. This was usually another gift of Kurt's to his father, letting him splurge foodwise on the holidays. Since the heart scare, things had been even tighter for him, so he and Carole had agreed maybe some turkey bacon this morning, but rice flour waffles and organic fruit. Finn would probably whine for butter, but he'd have to make do.

In fact, it was Finn who introduced Kurt to this Christmas morning by pouncing on Kurt while he still lay, tufted hair deep in his blankets. A year ago, Kurt would have been in hog heaven with Finn jumping on him in his bed. Now, Finn had just interrupted a lovely dream of he and Blaine sharing a snowy snuggled-up sleigh ride somewhere through Vermont.

Ah, Blaine. He'd looked so downcast when Kurt left to come home for the holidays. But then, Kurt had a loving family to go home to. Not that Blaine's wasn't, but then he never really said much about them. They were unnamed players. And besides that, it had seemed like there was something more Blaine wanted to say…he kept clearing his throat and looking skyward and pacing and starting sentences with "Kurt, I…" before launching into random tirades about how they'd stay in touch over the break and what Kurt was going to do with his family and how he'd have to promise to be safe in the cold and without knowing where or when that jock freak might turn up. Finally, Finn had pulled up in his Dad's truck and Kurt had had no choice but to give him a quick hug, (Goddess, had he cherished that hug), wish him well and dash into the flurried night.

As they pulled away, he saw Blaine waving, still standing in the doorway, framed by the golden light, and Kurt saw his lips moving, but who knows what he might have said? Maybe he was singing a Christmas carol. Anyway, so Finn had now interrupted Kurt's dream and he was pissed. He missed Blaine more than he'd even admit to himself. He was trying so hard not to fall too fast, not to mess up their friendship, not to scare Blaine off, not to get himself hurt again. But his dreams were his own, right? And what's so scandalous about a sleigh ride?

"Come on, Dude, PRESENTS!" Kurt had to chuckle as Finn bounded out of the room like a four-year-old. Breaking up with Rachel had agreed with him in some weird way. It was a pity, since she and Kurt had finally sort of become friends and she of course kept texting asking what Finn was doing, how he was feeling. Kurt tried to be sympathetic, but in the end, he told her he'd call her if anything major happened. Fat chance. Leaving his dream had made him a bit self-conscious of his appearance, but a quick mirror glance told him his pajamas were adequate and his hair, well, he'd put on a winter cap with tassels to cover it till he could wash it after breakfast.

The calls were now coming from all three members of his family, (his FAMILY he grinned), upstairs. He shuffled up, smiling coyly, and accepted a cheer from his parents, including a hug from his Dad, and another from Carole. She was such an angel. It was like his Dad came back to life when he met her, and she'd become the Mother Kurt always wanted, and needed. She'd been the first one to stand up and say it wasn't right or fair or acceptable when they'd had to talk to Sue Sylvester about…No, he wasn't going to think about that today. Much as he tried not to admit to caring, his eyes twinkled at the abnormally large pile of presents around their modest tree. THIS kind of Christmas he could get used to. Who needs sheep and mangers and eggnog when there are new clothes and new gadgets?

One big box intrigued him in particular. Especially as it had his name on it. But no "From." Finn chuckled and shoved it toward Kurt forcibly, almost knocking him off his feet. "I was gonna make you wait for that one last, but hell, you saw it already, go for it…" With giggles from his parents behind him, Kurt tore into the gaudy wrapping with gusto. Finn must have picked the paper as it was pink and glittery. "Sigh, he never will get that just because I'm gay doesn't mean I want glitter in my carpet." Amongst the laughter from the other three, Kurt's breath caught. Inside were about a dozen littler boxes, all with tags addressed to him, from his friends in New Directions.

"Oh, my…Oh, gosh…I don't know what to say, Finn, how did you…." "Everyone got together to show you how much they missed you and loved you. We know how hard it's been, so this was our way of showing you…well, that you're still part of us, even though as Rachel keeps reminding us you're the competition." His face darkened a smidge at Rachel's name, but his mother came over to pat him on the back, and seeing Kurt's face erased all unpleasantness. "Thanks, Finn…this is so beyond cool, I can't even…" Damn. He was crying again now. I really am becoming the waterworks king these days, he mused.

"Open them, Kurt!" His father was beaming, seeing how happy his son was, finally, after so much mess had fallen on him. The gifts alternated from the touching, Tina sent him a poem she'd written, to the hilarious, Puck having sent a book called "The Gay MANual," to the bizarre, Brittany sending a new hunting vest. As he worked his way through the little packages, his eyes wandered next to the larger package he was demolishing, and landed on the silver and blue box that Blaine had sent home with Kurt, swearing him to promise to call the second he opened it. No matter what it is, I'm gonna love it, cause anything he gives me I know I'll love because I love…Wow, Kurt thought, that's a lot of that "L" word for someone who's trying to be realistic. Must work on that, he resigned himself silently, as he opened and giggled at Mercedes' present, which was a gift certificate for a day at a Spa for both of them.

In the bottom of the larger box, the last gift was a very small package, wrapped immaculately in a gorgeous almost midnight blue paper and tied with a gauzy ribbon of an even lighter cerulean blue. The tag was nondescript, written in a boxy scribble, with no design and simply said, "To Kurt." Where had Kurt seen that midnight blue color of the wrapping before? He took it out and showed it off before tearing it open. "That's the prettiest little package I've ever seen" Carole exclaimend. "The ribbon even matches your eyes Kurt." Kurt twitched realizing she was right.

"Who's this from Finn? There's no name." Kurt shook it, seeing how light it was. "No idea, man. Just open it, and I'm sure we'll figure it out. The tag probably just fell off." "No, the tag's here. It just says…" He gingerly opened the wrapping and unveiled a small simple white cardboard box. Inside was a mess of white tissue. Parting it, Kurt choked, in shock, confusion, horror…and a hint of tenderness. Inside the tissue was the missing wedding topper that had been taken from him. Beneath it, in the same large-handed scrawl as that on the tag, was a note written on loose leaf. All it said was "I'm sorry." In the last second, Kurt remembered that midnight blue of the wrapping paper…it was the color of Dave Karofsky's eyes. Finn was just able to catch him as Kurt fainted dead away, narrowly missing the edge of the coffee table.