Author's Note: Welcome to my newest work and a new venture for me. This fic is rated "M" for mature sexual content, please do not read if you are offended by such material. This story starts out fluffy, then gets very dark- you have been warned. Light bondage scenes. Please leave your thoughts by reviewing! Thanks.

Happiness Found

A low growl rippled in Edward's chest. "Bella, you must stay still if this is to work," he demanded of me.

This must be the ultimate sexual frustration. Through all the time I had dated Edward, the most I could ever get out of him physically was a cold embrace and the occasional drawn out kiss. Now we were married, and finally I was going to get him- all of him, and he wanted me to be still?

"I'm trying," I assured him, and I truly was. Edward's lips moved down my neck as he gripped firmly at my bare waist. My hair, still damp from our swim earlier, splayed out behind me as I tried to keep my hands off his bare body revealed to me for the first, glorious time.

Yeah, me being still just wasn't happening. My hand, of its own accord, reached up to softly trail down Edward's chiseled chest. This time I made it to just below his belly button, my fingers grazing his hair that led down to the part of him that I yearned to be connected with before he yanked my hand away.

"Isabella!" Edward growled at me again. He never used my full name, and I could hear the agitation in his voice.

"Edward," I half groaned and half wined at him. "You can't seriously expect me to be able to stay still! Please, just keep going. You're not going to hurt me."

Our argument was interrupted by the pleasant ring of Edward's phone. He looked over to see who it was and quickly answered it. I knew it must be family, and they would only call if it was important.

"Couldn't you see you were calling at a bad time," Edward answered as he held the bridge of his nose in frustration.

"No, I didn't open that bag. Alice, this is a bit intrusive- even for you." Edward flipped the phone shut as he straddled over me. I worried my lower lip in anticipation of what this interruption meant to our honeymoon night.

"Love," Edward said softly, moving his hand to gently cup my chin. "Would you allow me two minutes?"

I just nodded in response to his soft voice. Edward slowly moved off of me and I watched his bare form leave me alone as he exited the room. I was suddenly distraught as I sat up in the gigantic bed. I was naked and alone on what was supposed to be the best night of my life and it seemed it was all falling apart. And it was entirely my fault. I couldn't just control myself? My eyes started to burn with tears that would soon betray me to Edward.

Before they had the chance to over flow he returned to me. "Are you alright?" he asked me urgently, reaching for my neck as he sat down beside me.

I should have realized that even though I managed to keep my tears from betraying me, my heart I could not control. "I'm fine." The shake in my voice did not give him any assurance. I looked into his eyes and saw he was unsure. "You're giving up aren't you?" I asked him, devastated at the disaster our honeymoon had turned out to be.

Edward raised my chin up so my eyes met his again. "No, not at all." Edward gave me that familiar crooked smile. "Bella, I need you to keep an open mind, I think we can do this, but I need you to trust me."

I was suddenly infused with hope again. "Edward, I trust you entirely; the problem is you don't trust yourself."

He furrowed his eyebrows in concentration as he sat down on the bed beside me. "You are probably right." He looked at me meaningfully, seeming to search for some sort of answer. Then he reached down beside the bed and pulled up one of the many bags Alice had packed for us. I hadn't seen it in his hand when he walked back in.

"Edward, what are you doing?" I asked him why we were playing with luggage when there are much more pressing matters at hand.

Rather than answering me, he unzipped and reached in the bag, slowly pulling out what looked to be a long red silk rope. I looked at him in question and wonder. "Do you trust me?" he asked again.

It clicked together in my head what he was implying. Edward was going to tie me up. "You should see the look on your face right now," he commented as he set the rope in my lap for me to inspect.

I took the rope in my hand and ran it over my fingers, noticing how soft and cool it was. Yes, I trusted Edward- I trusted and loved him with all my being. But was I willing to let him tie me up?

"Yes," I answered with a voice that was sturdier than I expected it to be.

He didn't question my resolve, though I half expected him to. "We're going to take this slowly. If you want me to stop, just say so. Bella," Edward paused as he took the rope in his hands as well, "you don't have to do this."

"Let's try it. Please Edward?"

He just nodded in response to me. I let go of the rope as he took it fully in his hands. I took a moment to take in my surroundings, and let them soothe my nerves. The light in the room was dim, but I could still see Edward's eyes glistening in the pale moonlight that peaked through the window. The room was warm, but pleasantly contrasted by Edward's cool temperature.

I wasn't the type of girl who liked to relinquish control. In fact, on numerous occasions Edward had crossed me with his overbearing nature. Those instances flashed through my mind as I realized the power I was giving him. I saw in a flash of memory Edward's deceptive face as he hid the threat of Victoria from me. I saw him as he sabotaged my truck in attempt to keep me from my best friend. And the most painful and traumatic of all, I saw him leave me in the forest for my own good. No, I didn't particularly like the idea of handing over my control.

I think Edward realized all this even more so than I did. He leaned into me slowly, meeting my lips with his coolness. His arms wrapped around me as I struggled to not return the gesture. "I love you," I pleaded, urging him onward.

I did, I loved Edward and I trusted him. And I was ready to act on that trust to teach him to trust himself.

Edward gave me a nod, and seemed to set himself that he was going to show me his love. His hands moved down my shoulders and to my hips as he moved me to the center of the bed. I uncurled my legs from beneath me as he kneeled above me, his lips now moving down the right side of my neck, kissing and licking my bare skin.

He gently pushed my shoulders down so I was lying flat on the bed and drew my right arm out above my head with my palm up. His mouth continued its journey and I shivered in pleasure as he reached the inside of my elbow.

Just a few moments later, Edward reached my wrist and kissed all the way around it before gently, but firmly tying the rope around. He then started the same process with my left arm. I didn't see or care how he had secured the rope, but I discovered its effectiveness when I reached for his head, trying to pull him closer to me. The rope only allowed me to move two inches, and as I hit that barrier, I instinctually tested it to see if I could get free.

Edward paused at my struggle and asked me urgently, "Are you ok, love? Is it too tight? I can-"

"I'm fine, Edward," I interrupted him. I made a very conscious effort to relax myself and not fight the restraints. Although he was not relieved by my words, the stillness of my body and the slowing of my heart seemed to bring him the assurance he needed.

He didn't tie my legs, and I admit I was somewhat relieved by this. I wasn't ready for it, and he knew it. "You are the most beautiful creature, Bella Cullen," Edward spoke to me in his deep, possessive voice. He kissed my chin and then worked his way down my neck. I gasped in delight when his mouth rested between my breasts. His fingers came up to lightly trace around the base of my breasts, slowly circling inward to my pink tips.

My hands reached for his hair wanting to bring his mouth back to mine. I needed to get his body aligned with me. I felt the sudden pull of the ropes stopping me from reaching Edward. I gave a little groan of frustration that quickly turned into a moan of pleasure when Edward's hands reached my nipples and tugged gently with his icy fingers.

Edward's eyes met mine with a grin on his face. "Nope, no touching for you," he playfully scolded me. He sat up above me, suspending his bottom just above my thighs. Oh how I wanted him to sink down, but instead, he ran his hands down from my breasts, slowly trailing towards my hips.

I used my free legs as leverage and pushed myself up to meet his body. He quickly pushed me back down and placed his knee between my legs. "If you don't stay still, I will tie your legs as well," he threatened in an intimidating voice.

It had the opposite effect. It aroused me even more as I pulled again against the ropes reaching for him. "Edward, please!" I managed. He moved his mouth back to mine, silencing my pleas. At vampire speed, Edward moved some pillows around me and under me as my hips now rested off the bed. As Edward continued to kiss me, I felt his hand graze between my legs for the first time. My heart quickened at the pleasant, yet frightening sensation.

It was a bit frightening. I had seen Edward's size earlier in the night and it was intimidating. He was surely larger than most. This was going to hurt. It would be wonderful, and I still wanted it more than anything- but it was still going to hurt.

"Bella," Edward called to me, trying to get back my attention as his fingers caressed between my folds. "Breathe," he instructed as he grazed over my most sensitive place. I gasped in pleasure, not even realizing I had been holding my breath. "Relax," he instructed further.

I took a deep breath in and shuddered when the air left my lungs as Edward touched me again. His gaze focused on me, watching my reaction as he positioned himself at my entrance. My hand pulled against the restraints, wanting to bring him closer. "I will love you for eternity, Bella."

"Make me yours," I moaned back to him. He moved his hands up towards my head and gently framed my face. He made a quiet whispering sound, but I could not make out what he was saying. Edward slowly pushed himself forward into me. My eyes fluttered a little at the sensation and pressure, but I then I made a conscious decision to keep my eyes open and savor the sensation.

I felt him come up and stop at my barrier. He hesitated there a moment, allowing me to grow accustomed to him before moving forward. His head came down as his lips whispered at my ear, "My sweet, sweet Bella. Dear Lord, so beautiful." I felt the pain, but was overwhelmed by Edward's love. He continued to move forward until I was completely full with him. Then he froze and stopped and shifted his face above mine. "Are you okay, love?" he asked me urgently.

I nodded my head, but it didn't seem to be enough to convince him so I spoke out to him, "Yes, please don't stop." Edward started moving slowly and passionately inside me. His mouth occasionally met mine, but mostly kissed and licked the skin of my neck and jaw allowing me to breathe. The tension built as I neared bliss and Edward's motions slowly became more and more urgent.

He suddenly became stiff and moved with even more force. I watched in awe as the man whom I thought to be the most amazing person to ever walk the earth became even more breath taking. Edward shuddered and came undone as he obviously reached his climax. I gazed at him in wonder as his very soul was revealed to me. And here all this time, Edward was convinced he was a soulless monster. I had always disagreed with him, but now I had seen the evidence.

He didn't stop even though his own satisfaction had been met. His vampire abilities enabled him to continue, as he shifted his hips down and took a harsher angle as he continued to penetrate me. The result was a flood of new incomprehensible sensations that wracked my wired body. Only moments later I became undone, in the same manner Edward had. My eyes snapped shut as my body arched off the bed, my hands pulling against the ropes and my legs shaking in delight. Edward motions slowed slightly, enabling me to ride out my first orgasm without being over stimulated.

It took a while, but I finally caught my breath and opened my eyes to see Edward speechless. He just looked at me as if he had never seen anything like me in his entire existence.

The funny part was I knew exactly how he felt.