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Eventual slash (Male/male Draco/Harry – don't like don't read!)

Daily Prophet printed a special edition, one made specifically for the juicy news they'd just received.

Harry Potter could not believe his eyes.

Draco Malfoy Totally Gay & Definite bottom

Draco Malfoy is Gay and to add to that he's a bottom, sources close to the Malfoy heir

say he's a terrible boyfriend, "He's so insecure it's not funny, always wanting to cuddle

or say that I love him." - Ernie Macmillan This news ruins the hopes and dreams of girls

far and wide Draco Malfoy has the looks of a demigod too bad he's gay.I have no doubt

that his proud father will disown him and leave him without a cent. This reporter was

lucky enough to obtain a few photographs of Draco Malfoy in action, turn to page 8 and 9

for our full scale pictures of Draco Malfoy (Warning they are nudes).

Harry's jaw dropped, the whole hall was filled with rustling news papers as everyone in the great hall scrambled to have a look.

Harry felt extremely sorry for Malfoy but he couldn't help himself quickly paging to page 8 Harry stared at the photo.

Malfoy was bent over a school desk and someone - Harry was sure was Victor Krum - was pounding into Malfoy's arse.

On the other page Malfoy was giving Ernie Macmillan a blow, near the end Ernie pulls out of Malfoy's mouth and comes all over Malfoy's face.

Harry tore his eyes away just as Malfoy got up and sprinted out the hall amidst a chorus of laughter and jeers. Harry looked up at the staff table but Dumbledore wasn't there, most of the teachers were all in a meeting so there wasn't anybody else that could do something about this.

Ron grinned as he turned to Hermione, 'I'm going to keep these pictures forever and whenever I get a chance I'll shove them in Malfoy's face.'

Realizing how bad this could get Harry stood up and taking his wand out he pointed it at Ron's news paper. "Incendio!"

Harry put as much force and power into his spell as he could and in an instant all the Daily Prophets in the hall burst into flame, they were reduced to ashes in seconds.

Ron recovered from his shock, 'Harry, how could you do that I was going to keep that!'

Hermione grinned, 'Serves you right Ronald Weasly…'

Everyone in the Hall stared in shock at the boy who lived, nobody thought he of all people would defend Malfoy.

Swaying on his feet Harry wondered why he was so tired, the last thing he remembered before he hit the table was Ron and Hermione getting up.

It was late at night and the moon was shining through the windows of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.

Harry woke up in the Infirmary, someone was gently shaking his shoulder. Opening his eyes Harry looked up into Dumbledore's sparkling blue eyes.

'Harry, I came to thank you and tell you you've done me proud.'

Harry could feel his cheeks heating up, he began to feel extremely giddy. Harry couldn't put his finger on the exact emotion he was feeling, It felt so good. 'I, ah, - I couldn't let something like that carry on, too bad there are other copies out there.'

Dumbledore smiled, 'Harry I think you underestimate your power, not only did you destroyed the Daily Prophets in the great hall, you destroyed every single copy of that edition. – From what I hear the original photo's have also been destroyed.'

No wonder he ended up in the infirmary, Dumbledore turned to go.

'Ah, professor. I, I – eh is Malfoy ok?'

Dumbledore didn't answer right away, 'Harry, I believe he would like to be taken out of Hogwarts.'

'Wha - ! No, he can't. I nee…' Harry's heart was racing.

'I have tried to convince him to stay but he's adamant that he could not stay and keep his pride. Harry to be honest I think it's for the best, children can be rather cruel.' Dumbledore turned and walked out the infirmary.

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