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slash (Male/male Draco/Harry – don't like don't read!)

Snape walked into his room only to find Draco drinking his whiskey. 'Really Draco, you should be in class.'

'Oh, believe me I would but I've been finding it very hard to think about anything else but Harry bloody potter.'

Smirking Snape stood over Draco, 'What have you done about it so far.'

Draco shrugged, 'Nothing, well we did have another fight.'

Pouring himself a glass Snape sat down, 'You can't carry on doing that, maybe approach him and ask him out nicely.'

Draco could not believe what he had just heard. 'Do you honestly think that would work.'

'I think so.' Finishing his whiskey Snape poured another. 'Look tomorrow corner him in Hogsmead somewhere and buy him a drink.'

Draco wondered if it was the whiskey or did that sound like a brilliant idea.

Ron found Harry before potions and pulled him aside, 'Hey mate, I just want to tell you something about that ferret.'

Anger burned in Harry, how dare Ron talk about Draco like that. 'I'm not interested Ron.' Harry started walking away.

'Look you have to know. When you were out cold he was in bed with you and I swear the moment after I opened the door he was rutting up against you.'

Harry spun around he wanted to do lots of things, he wanted to throttle Draco, smash Ron and scream all at the same time. He knew Ron was telling the truth, it was written all over his face. 'Thanks.'

Putting a hand around Ron's shoulders they walked into their potions class together. Even though he could sometimes be annoying Harry knew Ron always looked out for him and that's all he was doing now.

Snape smiled as his students entered, repetitive coughing from someone made him find the source. Draco smiled back at him from his usual front seat, he pointed at Snape and then pointed at his mouth. Scowling Snape realized he'd been smiling. Facing his blackboard he did the only thing that would be a good reason for such a smile, he spelled the chalk to start writing out the ingredients and method for his wolfsbane potion. Turning around he faced his students and smirked, 'today you will all begin the wolfsbane potion.'

Hermione stuck her hand up.

'Yes.' Snape gave a fleeting involuntary smile. Snape made a mental note not to drink before class.

'Professor this isn't covered in our book.' Hermione wondered if anyone else had seen the smile.

'It's not, it's a potion I've been keeping to myself.' Picking up a vial of silver liquid on his table, Snape raised it so everyone could see. 'This is the wolfsbane potion, it's use will allow a wizard afflicted by wolfizim to keep his mind during the full moon, even though his body may change.'

Gasps filled the class, Snape had never given them a potion so interesting to do before.

Hermione stuck her hand up again, 'Do they still have the werewolf strength.'

'Yes, that remains unchanged.' Looking at Draco Snape smirked.

'Now I'll assign you partners.'

Harry tried to sort through his thoughts, everything over the last few days seemed to be filling his mind all at once. What was he going to do about all the missing students, what could he do. If he was attacked by a death eater student would he even be able to fight back. Shaking his head he knew the answer.

Draco sat down next to Harry, for a change he decided to go to Potter rather than make Potter come to him. He was unresponsive at first so Draco set up their table and collected all the ingredients they would need. When he got back Harry appeared to have come out of his day dream still he avoided eye contact.

'Potter, do you want to chop up the newts.'

'Sure,' Taking the chopping board off Malfoy, Harry started to roughly chop up the Newts. Angry and confused he took out his frustration on the potions ingredients.

'Could you be a bit more careful, size does matter.' Malfoy smirked playfully.

The joke was lost on Harry, he felt tired, weak and so angry. Turning to Malfoy he hissed out, 'Why are you so nice all of a sudden.'

For once Draco didn't know what to say, countless stingging barbs lay on his tongue yet he couldn't find one good enough. What was Potter on about.

'We could have been doing this all these years, do you know how much wasted time that is.'

'I understand you now, your Dark, we have something in common.'

Shaking his head, Harry swore. 'You don't know me.'

Draco slid his hand into Harry's lap. The warm sensation from the contact sent renewed energy coursing into Harry's core, the sheer feeling of Draco's Dark essence sent his heart racing.

While he loved the feeling of Draco willingly sliding his hand over his body he hated the fact it was just because he was Dark. Looking up into Draco's silvery gaze Harry quickly refocused on the mangled potions ingredients. 'I don't even know if I want to be your friend now.'

Draco's hand slipped of Harry, a cold bitter feeling crept into him. Where did things go wrong. Sure they had a few fights before but now Potter was Dark so surely he'd want to have a cuddle buddy and who better than Draco.

Clutching his locket Draco sighed, he had he been so stupid, of course Potter wasn't going to love him but he'd at least hoped to be close friends. Really, really close friends who fucked... even that image couldn't drive out the depressing feeling in Draco's chest.

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