Author's Note: Story starts immediately following the end of Coming of King Arthur II (the finale). It is mainly of Arthur, Gwen and Merlin. I would like the 4th series to begin where the 3rd series left off, and so I decided to write a little "episode" of scenes that I would like to see in the next series.

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Camelot Returns – by AudiRox

It has been almost a whole day since Arthur greeted his future queen with much affection in front of his new knights, and possibly most of the city. He did not care who knew about his feelings, not anymore. He did not care if his father had found out through the whisperings of the servants. Of course, his father is in no state to pay much attention to gossip. Arthur's feelings for Guinevere are true and when the time came, he would ask her to be his queen, Queen of Camelot. And as silly as it would sound, queen of his heart as there's no one else that evokes as much emotion and feeling in him. And while these thoughts have lingered in his mind from time to time since taking back his city, it is Camelot and its fate that worries him. So he props his leg up on the windowsill and leans forward as he observes the city get back into some sort of normalcy after the ruthless, yet short, reign of his half sister. "Half sister?" he thinks to himself. "I treated her like my own sister!" He sighs. The doors to his chambers open and in comes his trusted servant.

"G'morning, sire!" Merlin says cheerfully.

"Merlin." he nods as he releases the windowsill of his weight and turns around. "Are the knights getting ready for our trip into Cenred's kingdom?"

Merlin nods, "They'll be ready bright and early tomorrow."

Arthur nods and looks out the window again, "Good."

As Merlin tends to the pillows, "What exactly are we going to do there?"

"We are going to see if there's anything left of Cenred and his men. Besides, Morgana and whatever's left of Morgause may have found a safe haven there."

Merlin stops making his master's bed and tentatively steps closer.

Arthur notices his servant. "What is it, Merlin?"

"You know, I haven't seen my mother…"

Arthur cuts in and nods, "I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to stop in Ealdor on our way there." Arthur looks at his servant, "You know, to make sure your mother and the other villagers are safe."

Merlin smiles, "Thank you, sire."

Arthur looks away again.

Merlin notices Arthur's forehead. The slightest worry makes his forehead look all wrinkly and unpleasant. "What is it, sire?"

Arthur shakes his head and walks over to his table. "Just haven't been able to process everything."

"Everything?" Merlin asks tilting his head a bit.

"Morgana, father, state of Camelot," and with a hint of a smile, "Guinevere."

Merlin smiles a bit, "Sire, there's nothing to worry about when it comes to Gwen."

"Of course there's plenty to worry about." He continues to explain. "I'm sure by now, the whole of Camelot knows of our… you know," Arthur finds it difficult to come up with a proper term.

"Relationship?" Merlin offers.

"Yes." He continues. "And we don't know where on earth Morgana is and what she's planning."

Merlin nods in agreement and slips, "And she has tried to kill Gwen before."

"What?" Arthur asks in shock.

Merlin is surprised that his prince hasn't pieced everything together yet. "Come on, Arthur, you have to have figured it out by now? It was Morgana that told Morgause about your feelings for Gwen, hence Cenred kidnapped Elyan to get to you."

Arthur suddenly starts to understand. "And the poultice that was found under my pillow?"

Merlin nods, "Morgana."

Arthur is confused, "Then what about the old sorcerer?"

Merlin bluffs, "I think he was just a kind old man trying to save the day."


Merlin quickly changes the topic back to Morgana. "You had to have noticed the decline in their friendship? Morgana and Gwen."

"Come to think of it, I did. But Guinevere hadn't said a word to me about it."

"It's not in Gwen's nature to say such things."

Arthur suddenly inquires. "Where is Guinevere?"

Merlin goes about his morning duties. "She is fixing up her house. It got roughed up a bit."

"It's not safe for her there. Not after everything that has happened the past few weeks." He orders his servant, "Arrange for Guinevere to move into one of the spare chambers in the castle."

Merlin is surprised. "But…"

Arthur is determined, "No 'buts' Merlin. Make it happen."

Merlin shakes his head. "She isn't going to agree to this."

"Of course not, that's why you're going to march on over there and convince her."

Merlin shakes his head. "I'm afraid I can't, sire. This is something you're going to have to talk to Gwen about in person."

"Talk to me about what?"

Both Arthur and Merlin are surprised to see Gwen near the doorway.

"Guinevere" says Arthur.

"I was on my way to pick up a few of my belongings from Morgana's chambers," the mention of her former lady's name leaves a bitter taste in her mouth, but she carries on, "and I overheard my name."

Merlin takes a deep breath looks back at Arthur and makes a dorky expression, "I guess this is my cue to leave."

Merlin smiles at his dear friend, Gwen, as he exits the chambers and closes the door behind him.

Gwen walks further into Arthur's room. "You wanted to talk to me?"

Arthur clears his throat and leans against the table. "Yes, I wanted you to know that we were riding into Cenred's kingdom tomorrow."

Concerned, Gwen asks, "So soon?"

Arthur nods, "Yes, we should move in quickly and make sure the outlying villages are safe. I know Merlin is worried about Ealdor."

Gwen realizes, "Of course. Hunith and other villagers must be worried sick." She smiles up at her prince, "It's very good of you to check on them."

Arthur explains, "I also want to make sure Morgana hasn't found a home there." He pauses, and then continues, "Anyway, I'll take a few of the knights with me. Gwaine and Leon will stay behind. So if you need anything at all, please call on them."

Gwen nods.

Arthur tries to continue, "And…" but stops himself.

Gwen curiously looks up at the prince's face. "What is it Arthur?"

"I was telling Merlin that it wasn't safe for you to be alone in that house of yours."

Gwen smiles at his concern, "Thank you, Arthur, but I'm fine."

"You should move into the castle."

Surprised, Gwen echoes, "Move into the castle?" she looks around the chambers, "And do what? I haven't a job here anymore."

"You aren't a servant anymore. Your brother is now a knight and is a member of the king's court."

"But what right does that give me to move into the castle? Besides, I've lived in that little house for so long, I cannot give it up now."

"Guinevere, be reasonable." He continues, "Morgana has tried to kill you and everyone around me and there's no telling when she'll try to again."

Stubbornly, Gwen shakes her head, "No Arthur."

Arthur takes a step forward and speaks softly, "One day you will have to move into the castle, when you are queen."

Gwen answers just as softly, "And when that day comes, I will gladly leave all my belongings and move in with you."

Arthur realizes he's fighting a losing battle and so he sighs. "You are stubborn."

Gwen smiles and repeats something she had said only a few weeks ago, "You might be a prince, but I don't always have to do what you tell me to."

Arthur admits his defeat and inches closer to Gwen, "Is that so?"

Gwen nods, "Mm-hmm."

Arthur leans in and gives his future queen a kiss, a soft and simple one.

As they release each other, they smile.

Arthur adds firmly, "If you aren't moving into the castle, I'm going to place a guard at your door. At least until you do move into the castle." Gwen tries to protest but Arthur shakes his head, "It is settled."

"Fine." Gwen takes a deep breath and then she inquires. "So tell me, how is your father?"

Arthur leans against the table again and shakes his head. "I don't know. He would not speak, or eat, for that matter." Arthur sighs. "Gaius is trying everything he can with his potions to lift father's spirits, but nothing is working."

"Give him time, Arthur. He'll come around."

Arthur shakes his head, "Gaius can't be with him all the time, and there are other patients he needs to tend to. But I don't trust many people to be with father."

Gwen takes a moment to think, and then she responds. "Let me…"

Arthur looks up in surprised.

"Let me tend to your father."

Arthur is surprised at her offer. "Guinevere?"

"Yes, let me. I can be with him and tend to whatever he needs. Besides, I have nothing to fill my time with anymore."

"But Gwen…" Arthur softly continues, "My father, he… Uther executed your father, and almost executed you… twice. I would not wish that on you… to be at his beck and call. His actions have hurt you so much."

Gwen smiles and nods, "I know I should feel nothing but hatred towards him, but I don't. In fact, I feel sorry for him. His own daughter wanted him dead."

Arthur softly touches Gwen's arm, "Are you sure?"

Gwen nods, "I am. Besides, he is your father."

Arthur can't find words to describe his feelings. "I…" he sighs. Instead of finishing his sentence, he pushes himself off the table and gives Gwen a hug. "Thank you."

End Notes: Please continue onto Chapter 2. (Edited 12.10.10)

The series 4 premiere may not start immediately after the finale, and it may not even have any of these scenes or storylines throughout the 4th series, but I'd like to see something similar.

I'm not really a "writer" but a speculator and/or dreamer of how I'd like storylines to play out. Let me know what you think as feedback is always appreciated. Thank you for reading.