Hey, everyone.

Well this is my first Prince of Tennis story. I hope I wrote everyone in character - but keep in mind that there is slight character change here and there in view of the fact that this story is sent 3 years after the series. Obviously people can change in 3 years.

Please Enjoy!


Her new year had begun. Winter was close to finishing and a thin layer of frost still managed to remain on the grounds as she stepped into her new school. Her new uniform felt a little itchy on her skin, but she didn't mind – she still had the all familiar feel of the long socks that reached past her knees. She sighed lightly.

Her parents had discovered this school when they had decided that they would send her to a school where they valued tennis above most other things and had a good tennis program that she could get involved in. But she knew what that meant.


One of the few things that she would rather avoid. It was on the list with insects and other unfriendly critters and unfriendly people as well. But she decided to at least check out the facilities that the school provided.

It was the most famous tennis based high school in the district. The sister school to Seishun Gakuen – the junior high school. This was called Seishun Makuen – or Seimaku for short. Not very original she'd decided, but who was she to judge the name of a school? Either way, their tennis team was legendary and to be a girl player in this school was big deal as well – their regular's team didn't often make it to tournaments.

That and she could already hear the excited squeals of girls.

Rolling her eyes she rounded the corner of the school building and found the tennis facilities – not that they were hard to find in the first place. She tightened her hold on her tennis racquet bag strap and walked over to the enclosed courts. A red haired man was playing a match with a man with short black hair, a pair of black bangs hanging onto his forehead. The red haired man was making all kinds of ridiculous – and she had to admit quite adorable – noises. It was a match for fun; a match she didn't believe existed in this school.

"Kawaii~! Kikumaru-senpai~!" A girl squealed beside her.

She shifted back from her, rolling her eyes a little, then turned back to the match.

Which one was Kikumaru she didn't know, but either way, their game began to turn into a rather intense battle and she instantly saw – it was as much a serious battle as was fun for the red head. Well, at least he enjoyed the game. She turned, a slight scowl on her lips and her left arm slammed into another.

She looked up at whoever she'd run into and blanched. It was definitely a senior. He had a mess of brown hair and brown eyes that were protected by the sheen of round glasses. She bowed instantly, her long plait of deep brown hair flopped over her shoulder. "Gomen nasai!"

He said nothing, so she assumed she was free to go. She fled quietly and quickly towards the front of the building where she should have stayed.

"You do realise who you just ran into, right?"

The girl turned and saw that she'd been followed. It was the girl who'd screamed out to one of the players. "Umm?"

"That was Kunimitsu Tezuka-senpai. As of this year he's the captain of the tennis club Regulars." She replied as though it as common knowledge.

This name meant nothing to the newcomer. She shrugged. "To me he's just another senior and therefore I have to respect him. Nothing else will change that."

"How did you know he was a senior?" The girl asked.

"Well you just confirmed it for me." She replied, smiling.

The girl was silent for a moment and then burst into laughter. "Please tell me that you're a second year."

"Hai~. Just transferred here this year." She informed her.

"Yes! Classes might just improve!"


"You're so funny! And you're quick." The girl replied. "I hope we have all of our classes together!"

She made a face of amused confusion. "Umm, okay?"

"Come on, I'll show you to the office." The girl said. "Oh, I'm Kara Sato by the way."

"Miyako Arakaki."