I'm BACK! Did anyone miss me? :P Well, anyway, I've been working on my other stories lately, so I've had to put Parody on hold; that, and I had to think of something even funnier than Eddy with a chunky-salsa gun (ROFLMAO!) Anyway, this takes place in the setting of Romeo and Juliet. By the way, it did not have a happy ending. Except in this one. Enjoy!

Romeo: Did Willy forget our script again?

CelticKawaii: Don't worry, you two are getting married!

Shakespeare: Oh HELL no! That's not how it's supposed to end!

Juliet: And why not?

CelticKawaii: Yeah Willy, why not?

Shakespeare: You've been gone how long?

CelticKawaii: Hey, you're not the only guy I have to torment. Heck, you're not the only guy named William when it really comes down to it all...

Shakespeare: You're not even bothering with canon anymore!

CelticKawaii: Can we stop fighting and get to the wedding already? I've even got the minister!

Romeo and Juliet: Minister?

Fred Fred Burger: Yes!

Shakespeare *glares at CelticKawaii*: I HATE you!

CelticKawaii: Oh shoot! We still need to get the other crap ready! I'm no good at planning weddings. We need Alice from Twilight!

*Alice, CelticKawaii and a bunch of random people who have nothing to do with Shakespeare's plays pitch in to set up an epic wedding for Romeo and Juliet*

CelticKawaii *sniffs Sharpie*: Ta-da!

Shakespeare: Think you overdid it with the decorating?

CelticKawaii: Not my fault. Alice's magical wedding-planning powers tend to come with the side effect of being over-the-top.

Fred Fred Burger: Okay, so...um, where are my lines? Does anyone know what happened to my lines?

Juliet: You've got them in your hands.

Fred Fred Burger *looks down at his lines*: Oh yes! Um...We are gathered here today to get these two people married! This guy, Romeo, and this girl, Juliet. Yes!

Shakespeare: Oh Lord!

Eddy: Remind me again why I'm even here.

CelticKawaii: Dude, you're in one of my crossovers! Besides, you were a hit in the last chapter.

Eddy *rolls eyes*: Oh yeah, that's why your story only has three reviews, right?

Alice: Shhh! They're about to make their vows!

Fred Fred Burger: Okay, yeah, so...Romeo! Do you take that girl, Juliet, to be your awfully wedded husband?

Eddy: Pffft. WHAT?

CelticKawaii: Wife! He means wife!

Fred Fred Burger: What? Oh yeah. Wife! Do you take Juliet -

Selim: Okay, there is no freaking way you could have thought this through!

CelticKawaii: Wait a minute...where did you come from?

Selim: You sent out the invitations; you tell me.

*the sound of sarcastic clapping from the back of the chapel*

Eddy: Will you cut that out already!

Fred Fred Burger: Okay then! So, yeah, you guys, are officially married, and now you can kiss each other!

*Romeo and Juliet kiss. Awwww!*

After the wedding...

Shakespeare: It's official; you've completely outdone yourself here.

CelticKawaii: Aw, thanks Willy. Want some cake?

Shakespeare: Screw you!

Alice: You know, this originally had a sucky ending...

CelticKawaii: And your point?

Edd: Well, it seems as though you've subverted the final outcome of the original plotline in favor of an entertaining story, but not in keeping with the spirit of the play.

CelticKawaii: Do you think that's why Shakespeare's pissed?

*Juliet throws the bouquet, which is then caught simultaneously by Hecate and the First Witch*

First Witch: I caught it first, let go!

Hecate: My ass! Hand over the flowers, you ugly hag!

First Witch: Make me, b*tch!

*The two witches get into an all-out gruesome catfight over the bouquet*

Ed: Hey guys, I found my fire-breathing alien toy!

All: Wait! Don't pull the string!

*Ed pulls the string*

All: What the-



The blast from the explosion killed many people, and sadly, Romeo and Juliet were among them. But hey, at least they got to have the wedding!
The two witches who fought over the bouquet were tied; they literally caught it at the same time, according to a ten-slow-speed camera that gave an instant replay of the catch.
Ed, Edd and Eddy all lived.
Fred Fred Burger died. We think.
Shakespeare miraculously survived the incident (much to his chagrin). So did CelticKawaii. The bottle of Jack Daniels he was eyeing throughout the whole chapter did not survive. Now he is very sad.
CelticKawaii just might get a life. Maybe.

Yet another crack-tastic chappy in this series of 'I Can't Believe You're Not High,' aka "Parody of Errors.' It's been a while, but after a long couple of ...months? of procrastinating, focusing on other stories, and more procrastinating, I finally came up with this chapter. Please review, whoever is reading this. Tell me whether you peed yourself when you found out Fred Fred Burger was the minister! XD