This just came to me one night, and wouldn't let up… So I just went with it.

Transformers Animated verse…


Silverstorm sat on the lounge watching TV. To say he was bored, was the understatement of a lifetime. He was bored… SLAGLESS. There was nothing to do anymore. The decepticons hadn't attacked in two months, and part of Silverstorm wanted the cons to attack. Just so he didn't offline from boredom.

Suddenly Bumblebee came out of nowhere and changed the channel. Silverstorm ground his dermas together. "As funny as it may seem… I was actually watching that Bumblebee" he said through his derma plates.

"Oh. I want to play video games" Bee replied, not seeming to care about what Silver wanted.

This made Silver even more angry. "Bee. May I please watch TV…" he asked, as politely as he could. But Bumblebee was getting on his last nerve.

Bee still didn't seem to realize how angry the bigger mech was. He just turned the game on and started playing. "I just want to play for a while" he said, still not paying any attention to the other mechs wants.

Silverstorm knew there was no point in trying to argue with the yellow mech… Not when he's in front of the TV. He stood up and stormed out of the room. He was so focused on getting to his room, and barged right past Optimus. Once at his room, he fell onto the berth and pulled out a book.

He started reading, when suddenly his door opened. "Are you alright Silverstorm?" Prime asked, as he stepped into the room.

Silver sighed in frustration. When were they ever going to just leave him alone? "I'm fine Optimus" he said, continuing to read his book.

But Optimus didn't seem too convinced. He walked over and sat down on the berth. "Look. You know you can talk to me if something's bothering you" he said softly.

Silver sighed as he lay the book on his chest. He looked up to the blue and red Prime. "Look. I just want some quiet time" he replied, just as softly. Of course he failed to mention the incident with Bee out in the main room. He truly didn't think the Prime needed to know about that.

But apparently he wanted more than Silver had given him. "I can tell something is bothering you. You can talk to me if you want" he was noble and caring… Both of which could get annoying after a while.

"Yes. Well. Funny thing is… I don't want to talk" Silverstorm grumbled, as he brought the book back up to optic level. Effectively blocking the taller mech from view.

But what annoyed him was what the Prime did next. Optimus grabbed the book and pulled it away from its owner. Effectively taking away any escape route from the smaller mech. "Look. If you ever need to talk. You can always come to me" he said gently.

The silver mech looked up a Optimus with anger clearly in his optics. "Look Prime, please don't take this the wrong way. But… If I wanted to talk I would have come up to you and said. 'Prime can we talk?'" he said, not bothering to cover up his anger.

The Prime took the hint (well, it went past hint a while ago) and quickly left the room. Silver picked up his book, and continued to read. He got through quite a bit of it, when suddenly. "Hey Silver. What you doing?" that obnoxious, little, annoying voice that belonged to. You guessed it… Bumblebee.

Silverstorm sighed in frustration and anger, once again. "Minding my own business" he grumbled, trying desperately to ignore the annoyance in his room. But it just wouldn't go away. Finally he remembered why he came in here. "Hey. What happened to your video games?" he asked.

"Didn't want to play anymore" he said, as he jumped onto the berth. "So I decided to come and find out what you were doing" he said.

Silverstorm couldn't believe this was happening. He had left one room to escape this… Now he had to put up with it yet again. "Bumblebee… Please. Just leave me alone" he asked, in the most polite voice he could muster. But his patience quickly fading.

Bumblebee suddenly yanked the book from Silver's servos. "Hey. What you reading?" he asked, as he skimmed through the pages.

Silver's last bit of patience snapped. "BUMBLEBEE!" he yelled as loud as his vocals would allow. "Please for the love of everything. Leave me alone!" he snapped, as he stormed out of the room (for the second time today), leaving a startled Bumblebee in his wake.


Silverstorm drove until he was well outside the city, then transformed and walked towards the beach. He looked at the water, it was somewhat peaceful. It was calming. Everything about it seemed to calm him. Listen to me… I'm starting to sound like Prowl. He chuckled at the thought of the ninja-bot. He seemed to care more about nature than he did his own world. But Silverstorm felt the same way. This nature was beautiful and fascinating. He once watched a dog chase its tail. He had never seen anything like it.

He seemed more at home here, than he did back on Cybertron. Ever since the cons started the war, Cybertron had become an oversized battle station. It was disturbing to think that Cybertron was once just as beautiful as Earth. But after the war started, everything took a turn for the worse. It made him upset to think about home, he didn't want to think about it right now.

"Well, well. What have we here? A lone autobot" a voice said from behind him.

Silver spun around to come face-to-chest with the decepticon warlord himself. "What do you want decepti-creep?" Silverstorm hissed, as he readied for battle. He wasn't afraid of death, and most certainly wasn't afraid of Megatron.

"If that's the way you want it. Then bring it on, autobot" Megatron growled threateningly. But that wasn't stopping Silverstorm.

Silver made the first move, lunging forward in a fake charge. He could've sworn he saw Megatron flinch slightly… Otherwise not moving. Silver and Megatron circled each other, looking for the perfect time to strike. Silver lunged forward again, this time slashing out at the warlord. But the latter blocked the move easily.

Megatron then lunged forward, and grabbed the unsuspecting autobot. But he underestimated the smaller mech. Said smaller mech twisted out of the grip enough to kick out at the taller mech. Megatron wasn't expected the suddenly attack and fell as he stumbled back.

Silverstorm pulled out his cannon as the decepticon fell and placed it to his chest plates… Directly above his spark. The contact made the decepticon leader shudder with pleasure. Silver looked at the mech-who was effectively at his mercy-and felt something tingle inside him… Like his spark was calling for the decepticons.

Megatron looked at the autobot above him, and realized just how absolutely beautiful he truly was. His armour was silver with (what looked like), a whitish-blue fog like pattern covering his body. He was definitely a sight for saw optics. But what drew the decepticon leader to the mech above him, was his optics. His sparkling sky blue optics were hypnotising, and he found himself unable to look away.

He lifted his servo and put it on the side of the autobots helm. He stroked the autobots cheek with his thumb… And then couldn't hold back. He slowly lifted himself up, as he carefully pulled the smaller mech down.

Silver didn't know what to think, he was frozen with fear. What was Megatron doing? What was he… His thoughts stopped as his lips met with Megatrons. He was shocked at first. It was the first kiss he'd ever received from anyone, and he couldn't help but enjoy the new sensation. He soon found himself reciprocating the kiss. He put his cannon away and drew his, now free, servo down the warlords side, causing the latter to shiver in pleasure.

Megatron shivered as the autobots servo stroked his side, but there was no way he was going to allow a youngling to outdo him. He ran his servo down the smaller mechs side, until he reached a fairly exposed area. He smirked as he pinched and rolled one of the wires in the autobots side. Said autobot threw his helm back, as he screamed in pleasure. Megatron took the opportunity to lean up and attack the autobots neck cables. Sucking, licking, nipping and kissing… Anything to make his autobot cry in pleasure. His autobot. He never would have thought he'd say (let alone think) anything like that.

Silverstorm felt Megatron licking his neck cables, and almost overloaded right there. He still couldn't get over the fact that he was-without a doubt-falling in love with the decepticon leader. But that didn't matter right now. He just wanted to feel the pleasure flow through him… But if he didn't change something right now, then Megatron would be left hanging. With all the strength he could muster, he slammed the decepticon back down to the ground, and claimed his lips in a fierce kiss. He felt Megatron wrap his arms around his waist to draw him closer. He could have stayed there with Megatron for hours… But suddenly the passion was ruined… "Silverstorm".


What's going happen to Silverstorm? Will he and Megatron get caught red handed? Who's calling for Silverstorm?