Chapter 9

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Lugnut was so furious. He hated that Megatron was more interested in that little autobot traitor… He was going to find a way to make that little piece of slag suffer. He would make him wish he had never been sparked… And he knew exactly how.


Silver walked towards the quarters he shared with Megatron. He had gotten a shock when Megatron had asked for him to share his quarters with him. Yes they had bonded, but he never expected Megatron to share his quarters… Let alone his berth.

"Silver?" his thoughts were interrupted by the voice of his bonded. "Are you alright? You seem to be… distracted" Megatron asked.

Silver looked at the Warlord. He still couldn't believe that he was bonded to the Decepticon leader. The thought alone made him shiver. "I'm fine Megatron. Just thinking".

Megatron stepped closer, pulling the smaller mech into his arms. He loved the way their bodies seemed to fit together perfectly. He looked down at his bonded. "Perhaps I can distract you from your thoughts" he purred seductively.

Silver shivered with anticipation. He loved the way Megatron would try to seduce him. Never took much to get him fired up. But he always played hard to get. "Perhaps I have better things to do" he stated. "Or perhaps I would like to return to my thoughts" he continued.

Megatron smirked seductively. He loved the way Silver would fake his disinterest. It made for a better game. He was unable to answer before they were coldly interrupted. "My lord".

Megatron turned to the source of the voice. Lugnut. He thought menacingly. He hated to be disturbed, especially while he was with his bonded. "What is it Lugnut?" he questioned bitterly.

Lugnut bowed respectfully before responding. "My lord. Starscream request your presences in the command center" he stated, somewhat distantly.

Megatron hissed hostilely, before turning to his silver lover. "I apologise my love. We will have to finish this later" he stated. He then planted a tender kiss to the smaller mechs forehelm before turning to leave.

Silver watched the Warlord stride down the halls. He spun to walk in the other direction. He knew he had to complete some work in his quarters. Even though he wished he could just bury it and never look at it again… When he joined the decepticons, he knew data-pads would be a part of his daily routine.

"Silverstorm" Lugnut's voice interrupted his thoughts. "I was wondering if you could help me?" he enquired cynically.

Silver knew Lugnut detested him… But just couldn't bring himself to care. He knew from the first time he met Lugnut; the larger mech wanted him gone. "Sure Lugnut" he replied coolly.

As Lugnut whirled to lead them towards the storage sector, he grinned sinisterly. He would make that inferior slagger wish he never joined the decepticons. They marched down the halls for what seemed like a life time (in reality it was only a few breems) before they reached their destination. Lugnut glanced but at the naïve mech behind him. This was his opportunity to finally rid himself of this thorn in his side.

"Here we are" Lugnut stated. "If I may request that you start here… And I will return in a moment" he continued before stomping away… Or at least it appeared that way.

"Yeah. Request assistance then walk off" Silver sneered aggressively. Nevertheless, he opened the door and strode in. He looked around and pondered if Lugnut had directed him to the wrong chamber. There was nothing in the chamber at all. He then detected another presence in the space, but before he could determine who it was. Something hit his helm… Hard.


It took Megatron approximately 5 breems to reach the command center, and when he did… He was furious. Ever since they had bonded, he and Silverstorm had never truly had the time to spend with each other. Every chance they got was precious time. "What do you want Starscream?" Megatron roared as he entered the command center.

Starscream jumped at the rage in his leader's voice. He spun around to face the infuriated Megatron. "My lord. I don't understand" he stammered. "I didn't realize you were coming here" he continued, trembling in distress.

Megatron's optics flared in fury. "So why then, would Lugnut inform me you required my help?" he snarled angrily.

Before Starscream could respond, Megatron felt agony in the back of his helm. He fell to his knees, grasping his helm in both servos. "My lord… Megatron!" Starscream shouted as he raced to Megatron's side. "Megatron. What's wrong?" he asked, dread laced his voice.

Megatron howled in agony. "Silver. He's in trouble" he trembled. He wanted the pain to end, however he didn't want close off his side of the bond. With one final loving pulse, Megatron temporarily sealed off the bond he and Silverstorm shared. "Starscream, we have to find him" he stated, as Starscream helped him to his pedes.

"But sir, we have no idea where to start looking" Starscream announced. He looked at how alarmed the Warlord was and sighed in defeat. "We don't have time to look over the whole base. But there might be another way" he announced optimistically. "Was there anything particular you remember about Silver's surrounds?" he questioned.

Megatron tried to think, but all he could remember was the pain. Come on, for Silver. He thought. He knew he had to find Silver, and end whatever was instigating this Primus almighty agony. He tried frantically to think around the pain. To remember what was beyond the agony.

He opened the bond marginally. A surge of agony hit him, nearly bringing him to his knees once again. But he knew he couldn't give in. He had to push through the pain, to see what was on the other side. He sent a pulse of love through the bond, as he worked his way into his lovers' processor. Once he did, he raged at what he saw. There in front of the silver mech, was Lugnut.

He calmed his rage enough to scan the surrounds. He was surprised to discover they were in one of the lesser used storage chambers. Got you. He thought darkly. He was going to make Lugnut pay for touching his mate… For even thinking of harming his bonded. He would make him wish he had never crossed the DecepticonWarlord.

Megatron charged out of the command center. Really, he didn't care whether or not Starscream followed him. All he could think about was his bond mate; and how that insignificant brute had hurt his mate. The thought alone made him rage even more. By the time he reached his destination, he was so furious he didn't bother with the passcode. Instead he decided to blow a hole in the door.

To say Lugnut was surprised, was the understatement of the millennium. He whirled around at the sound of Megatrons' fusion cannon. He didn't get a chance to speak before the Warlord was upon him. "How dare you touch him" Megatron bellowed, as he slammed Lugnut into the back wall. "How dare you lay a servo on him" Megatron did not sympathize. He threw Lugnut across the room, causing him to slam into the far wall cracking the support structure.

Lugnut struggled to stand, only to collapse yet again. He looked up to find Megatron stalking perilously closer. He dragged himself to his pedes however before he could escape; Megatron seized his throat and squeezed dangerously. "You will regret the day you crossed me Lugnut" he whispered aggressively.

"My Lord" he whirled around to face the disruption. There in front of him was Blitzwing, his servo on Megatrons' shoulder. "My lord, Silverstorm needs you" he continued.

Megatron spun around to discover Starscream supporting Silverstorm, who was now free from his binds. Megatron released Lugnut and dashed to his mates' side. "Silver, my love. Please say something" he whispered. He opened the bond up fully and allowed love to pulse through the connection.

Silver looked up at Megatron with weary optics. He was a mess; his chest was scorched, his left leg was torn apart and his servos were both stressed and fractured. Megatron carefully took one of Silvers servos in his own. "My love, I never should have left you" he whispered sadly. "Please forgive me" a single tear fell from his optic.


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