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Peter and I were in the middle of demonstrating quick head-removal methods when I heard Rose call my name. She ran from the gazebo where we were on the field, very obviously upset about something.

"What's wrong? Is it Bella?"

She shook her head. "No, Alice had a vision. They're already on their way. We've got three hours."

Son of a bitch! "Has someone told Bella?"

"Alice went to get her."

Just then I looked over Rose's shoulder and saw Bella headed toward us. Alice and Tanya were flanking her sides, with Edward on the other side of Tanya. Edward still looked worried, but his resolve was apparent. Tanya was anxious, but equally as resolved as Edward to get to work. Alice's eyes were on Bella and she was radiating pride. Perhaps it had to do with a vision, but as my eyes took in Bella, I couldn't help but share in that pride myself because damn, my gal was lookin' fuckin' fierce. Fury and determination consumed her being, and in the light of the full moon, it was as if she were glowing. If I'm referred by some as the God of War, then surely this magnificent creature approaching us was the Goddess of Wrath.

The crowd went silent as I stepped up to her, kissed her cheek and turned to face them as she began to speak. "As you may or may not have heard, the Volturi have decided to show up ahead of schedule. I'm pretty fucking sure we can take this group of assholes, but I need to know right now if there any among you that have any doubt in our ability to do this shit? Because this is not the time for numbfucks who will panic and get in the way. So if this applies to you: well, thanks for coming, now go the fuck home. Leave your wedding gift on the porch as you pass by, we'll make sure Edward and Tanya get it." Edward's fingers pinched the bridge of his nose.

She paused and, after a moment, three random vampires who I'd never met before stepped forward sheepishly. "Good luck," one whispered, and they hurried toward the house.

Bella scowled at their retreating backs and then turned to address the crowd once again. "Ok, there's three pussies down; anybody else?"


"Good. We have just over two and a half hours to go; let's use this time wisely, shall we?"

Eyes turned to me, waiting for confirmation. "What the fuck are you staring at me for? Y'all got another Major to answer to, in case you couldn't tell, and I can promise you she ain't fucking around. I suggest you do what she says."

Many wisely did just that, regrouping to work on drills and strategies, but there was a small pod of stragglers who stood in place, looking at her questioningly and muttering amongst themselves. "Who the hell is she anyway?"

Bella's head snapped in their direction and she was in front of them in a heartbeat. "I'll tell you who I am. I'm the bitch who's trying to make sure her family and friends aren't exterminated by these Volturi sons of bitches today, and right now I'm the bitch who's wondering why the fuck you're still standing here. Now move your fucking asses!" she hissed. Her rage flared and even though she didn't lift a finger, the three were thrown back as though they were shoved. Fuck me.

They landed not far from Peter's feet. He bent over and said, "That's Mrs. Jasper Whitlock y'all just pissed off. Normally she answers to Bella, but if I were you, I'd stick to 'ma'am' for a while."

I walked to where Bella still stood, trying to calm her self. I gave her minute. Finally she sighed and I felt her relax a little. "Anyone ever tell you that you were fuckin' born to do this?" I asked her quietly as we watched Peter and Emmett guiding our friends and family through drills.

She chuckled. "No, but the crazy fucking thing is that I know exactly what the hell I'm doing. It's like instinct or something."

"Yeah, it really is." I took her hand. "I'm so proud of you, Darlin', and I'm proud to be the husband and mate of such an incredible being." I stepped in front of her so that I was facing her. "I love you Bella, so very much." I touched my lips to hers and we briefly forgot about all the training and chaos going on around us. As our kiss deepened, our souls reconnected and we joined, mind and body, as one. And when the kiss ended, we stared in each other's eyes, and knew we were ready for this.

"Are you ready to throw your shit into that mix?" I asked indicating my head toward the on-going practice sessions. The other vampires need to see and know what Bella's capabilities were, and what she'd be contributing to this battle besides a nice ass and a dirty mouth.

"Yep, let's do this." She strode toward the sparring masses.

The sky was just beginning to show traces of light from the East when we heard them approaching. I'm not sure what I expected, maybe a death march or something, but it sure wasn't the nine car motorcade that pulled up the drive. A long stretch limo was led and followed by four Lincoln Towncars on each end. What are they the vampire Mafioso or something?

The goons in the Towncars got out and lined up in front of the vehicles, while a larger one went to open the rear door of the limo. All were in dark, three-piece suits that looked very expensive. I glanced down at my own attire, grateful I'd decided to listen to Alice and take ten minutes to change my clothes. Not that my True Religion jeans, Ed Hardy tee-shirt and my Harley Davidson biker boots were the all that classy but I was more comfortable than I would've been in my yoga pants that said "Juicy" across the ass and my lime green sneakers. I looked ready to kick some ass, and that was a good thing.

The taller goon opened the limo door and they began to emerge from the car. A petite, effeminate-looking boy who looked about sixteen, and a blond girl who resembled the boy and looked to be around the same age, were among the first to get out of the car. They must be Jane and Alec. Next came a woman who appeared to have been turned in her late twenties, with long brown hair and watchful eyes that surveyed the crowd before she reached her hand into the car to help out a shorter man in a charcoal grey suit and shiny black hair pulled into a short ponytail. He smiled when his ruby-red eyes found me and then stepped out of the way to allow another male to emerge from the car. He was older in appearance, also in a charcoal grey suit, with long wavy hair that came down to his shoulders. The expression on his face was blank.

Behind him was a physically older vampire, in a navy blue suit, with grey hair down to his shoulders; his skin was almost translucent in appearance. The expression on his face, as well as reflected in his emotions, told me that this dude was a cranky old fucker and I was going to have my hands full with him. His emotions were careful, but something malevolent lurked beneath. I didn't trust him one fucking bit.

Carlisle and Eleazar stepped forward to greet them. "Aro, welcome." Carlisle said politely. Aro held out his hand expectantly. Carlisle hesitated and glanced back at Jasper and I. I shook my head 'No' minutely, indicating Carlisle should decline his handshake. I knew what Aro's power was, and really he didn't need to know all our shit.

"Eleazar," I said quietly, and just as Carlisle was getting ready to apologetically decline Aro's hand, Eleazar grasped it instead. Eleazar had seen some of our training, but it hadn't been present for much of my part in it. Aro wouldn't learn all of our secrets.

"Interesting," he cooed with his eyes closed as he reviewed Eleazar's thoughts. "So much talent; I feel like a child in a candy store!" He let go of Eleazar's hand, opened his eyes, and clasped his hands together. "Where do I begin?" He smiled, looking around through the crowd. "I see that Alice has made it here with her new mate," Alice nodded politely at Aro's observation, "But where is the former…" His eyes landed on Jasper and me. "Of course."

He stepped toward us and the brunette female trailed closely behind him. This had to be Renata, his shield. "Major Whitlock, it's been awhile, hasn't it?" Aro asked jovially.

Jasper met Aro's twinkling red orbs with his dark steely gaze. "Yes sir, I reckon it has," he drawled.

Aro tittered. "You reckon? Oh that's rich! I reckon," Aro mocked him in a manner he believed to be good natured, but I found it to be flat out fucking rude. I felt my eyes narrow as I continued to glare at him.

"Well you are looking well, Jasper, very well indeed. I take it this ravishing creature beside you is the reason for this?" He smiled at me. I didn't return the smile. "You're Bella, I presume?"

"I am."

He reached his hand for mine. "May I?"

"Knock yourself out," I said and placed my hand in his, knowing he wouldn't get a damn thing.

I smirked as his eyebrows first lifted in surprise, and then furrowed in concentration. "Well!" he huffed and released my hand. He then regained his composure and smiled like I was some asshole that didn't notice him getting all pissy a second ago.

"Problem?" I asked innocently.

"So you're a shield are you?" he asked me. "Is that why Edward couldn't read your thoughts? You were with Edward before, correct?"

"Yes," I answered, raising an eyebrow. "What's your point?"

"Impudent little thing, aren't you? I was merely noting you're doing a great job of keeping it in the family." He smirked at me. That smarmy motherfucker.

Jasper hissed below his breath and I could feel him working to keep himself calm. "I guess that's your fucking opinion," I calmly responded. Gasps were heard throughout the crowd and Jasper squeezed my hand. "Easy darlin'," he whispered.

Aro smiled wickedly. "Yessss," he leaned in close to me. "Easy, darlin'." His nose was mere inches from mine. I didn't flinch or step away.

"How about you cut the shit and get to the fucking point of all this, Aro?"

"Oh dear," I heard Esme moan.

"Jasper, for the love of God, don't let her do this!" Edward hissed. God, he's such a pussy.

"Enough!" the older grey-haired one barked. "I've had enough of the young one's insolent behavior. Enough of the theatrics, Aro, let's deal with the matter at hand."

"And just what is the matter at hand?" Jasper asked. "We've done nothing wrong. My brother's getting married, that's hardly cause for annihilation."

"Quite simply put, Major, as a joined coven you are too powerful now. We can't have that. We are here to graciously extend our invitation for your more talented members to join us in Volterra. If they go peacefully, then we shall go peacefully. If we are refused, then we have no choice but to glean your numbers by force."

Jasper snorted. "So that's how this works? Join you or die?"

Aro smiled at him. "It's not as bad as you make it, young soldier. Volterra is a wonderful place! You and your mate would be quite comfortable there. I understand your wife has very intriguing talents." He looked me up and down like I was a thoroughbred under consideration for purchase.

"Not fucking likely," I muttered.

His eyes narrowed. "I really don't care for your tone, young one. I have been very tolerant, but I'm rapidly tiring of your disrespect. I think we're being generous in offering this opportunity to you, to Jasper, and of course the invitation is extended to Alice, Edward, and their mates as well." He looked around to them and smiled.

Alice looked away while Edward met his stare with narrowed eyes. "No thank you," he said quietly.

"Pity," Aro said just as quietly and his stare met mine.

"Look Aro, no one is leaping to accept your 'gracious offer', so either leave or we will stand against you."

He threw his head back and laughed. "Caius! Can you believe the moxie in this one? Marcus?"

I was pretty sure Marcus could give a flying fuck by the way he rolled his eyes, but Caius was all over it. "I can't believe you've let this go on as you have, Aro. Get to it!"

A slight smile crossed Aro's face. "Of course, Brothers. Let us confer, shall we?"

As Aro turned to decide our fate with his brothers, we took that as our cue to prepare for battle. With my hand behind my back I gave the signal for everyone to begin falling back, to create some space between us and the Volturi.

Bella and I were in the front line, with Emmett on the other side of Bella, and Peter on the other side of me. Edward and Alice were directly behind Bella and me, flanked by their mates.

"Status." I ordered quietly.

Edward spoke first, quickly and quietly. "This was a ruse, for the most part. They intended to fight and destroy whether or not anyone accepted their offer. Bella didn't make a fan out of them, by the way. She's a prime target."

"Jane!" Alice said all of a sudden. In an instant, Edward, Peter, Emmett, and I were all on the ground, our bodies wracked in pain.

"Oh hell no you little bitch!" Bella hissed. She threw her hands out; with one she made a choking motion and raised it. Jane's body rose from the ground. Bella held her other hand out like a claw, clenched it, and then drew back sharply. Jane's head detached itself from her body, and as Bella's hands flung out, they were tossed in opposite directions. This all happened in about two-seconds.

We recovered immediately from the pain and leaped to our feet, crouched at the ready to fight. Alec saw his sister's body fall, and dropped to his knees. "Jane!"

"What's this?" Aro gasped, as Caius cried out "Get them!"

The battle was on.

The guard advanced and Bella crouched deeper with both palms out in a pushing motion. In unison, they were stopped in their tracks and even stumbled back a step. They tried to move forward, but it was as if there was an invisible wall blocking their path.

"What are you fools doing?' Caius growled.

"Master, something is pushing against us!" one of them cried.

Aro's eyes focused on Bella. "Impudent, yet extremely talented our Bella is. Are you certain you don't wish to join us child?"

"Go to hell," Bella growled, her jaw clenched in concentration as she held back the guard.

"Such a waste," Aro said softly. "Destroy her."

Alec, enraged by the beheading of his sister, turned his focus to us. A mist began to form over his head.

"Oh no you don't," I ground out and rushed him. In my fury my hands crushed his arms as I grasped them. He threw his head back and screamed in agony, and at that moment I lunged for his neck, shredding it with my teeth and removing his head. I finished dismembering the little bastard and then flung the pieces across the yard toward the fire Esme and Rosalie had quickly started when they saw the battle commencing.

As the guard began to advance, it was like a switch had flipped. I went into a crouch, throwing my hands out in front of me like I was shoving someone. The eight guards in their front line stopped and then stumbled backward, knocked off balance. Aro wasted his time some more by offering me a position with his soon-to-be defunct guard and I told him where he could stick it. He gave the order for my destruction, and while Jasper was dealing with Jane's brother, a second string broke out from around the first group I still had frozen, and charged. Jasper, Emmett and Peter sprang into action, with the thirty vampires behind us fanning out around us to take on the next wave of guards that had emerged seemingly out of no where. Jesus, were these Towncars the fucking clown car edition? Where the fuck did they all come from?

There were about forty-five of us and nearly sixty of them. Emmett was taking on two, and Edward was a blur as he battled another. Jasper was in his full fucking glory as a warrior; rage flowed from him as he fought the tall goon who seemed to be in charge of the guards. His fluid movement was a thing of beauty, and I was awestruck to see him in action. When he roared in rage as he removed the head of his adversary, I felt it down to the depths of my core. This breathtakingly badass motherfucker, warrior of all warriors in the vampire world was mine.

Unfortunately I was too distracted by the grace-in-motion that is Jasper in battle, and was seized by two guards that had come from behind me. Hands gripped my arms as though they were about to rip me apart, thereby breaking the hold I had on the other guards I had rendered motionless. I summoned my own fury within me and pushed it out in a wave. The force was a visible shimmer that flung the two off me with a sharp crack like thunder. One of them swung at me and I ducked, dropping into a low crouch. I put my hands out in front of me like claws, clenched them and then spun in a half-circle. Both guards were flung with force into the waiting hands of Rose, Char, Tanya, and Esme, who were manning the bonfire for easy disposal of dismembered guardsmen. The four of them made quick work of the two guards and I turned to get back in the battle.

Jasper and Peter were delivering a brutal beat-down to three more guards; Edward and Tanya were working together on another – awww – and the trifecta of pasty evil was… quietly loading up in their limo to take off, apparently choosing to leave their dwindling guard behind. I don't fucking think so.

As the limo began pulling away, I raced in front of it. "Jasper!" I called to get his attention as I leaped in front of the car. I placed my hands against the grill, effectively stopping it. The wheels spun in the gravel Jasper, Peter, and Emmett reached the car. Emmett threw open the driver's side door and yanked the driver out while Peter reached in and killed the motor.

Jasper opened the rear passenger door. "Get out." The men didn't move.

I moved to stand next to Jasper and leaned in to make eye contact with Aro. "Get out of the fucking car. All of you."

Aro hesitated and looked at the floor of the car, and that was one second of hesitation too long for Jasper. He snarled, reached inside and grabbed Aro by the lapels and hauled him out of the car. "I'm fuckin' done playin' with you assholes."

I peered back inside looking at Caius and Marcus. "Either on your own power, or by mine, you two are getting the fuck out of this car. Right. Now."

Marcus sighed, scooted across the set and exited the car. Caius sat stubbornly in place, and, for real, I was fucking done with the games too. I reached in the car and hauled him out in much the same fashion Jasper had done with Aro. "Unhand me, you impertinent bitch! Just who do you think you are?" Caius growled.

Jasper handed Aro off to Peter and stood in front of Caius, grabbed him by the throat and snarled in his face. "You don't talk to my wife like that, you son of a bitch! I don't care how much of a badass she is, I will not have her disrespected by the likes of you. Now in case you fuckers haven't noticed, you just lost. Your reign of the vampire world has come to an end."

"Carlisle, Eleazar, can't we talk about this?" Aro pleaded. He wriggled in the tight grasp that Peter had him in, his arms twisted behind his back.

Carlisle crossed his arms glaring at Aro, and the kind doctor suddenly looked like one seriously pissed off angel. "You gave the order to destroy my family, my friends, and now you ask me for mercy? I'm sorry Aro, you made your choice." He clapped a hand on to Aro's shoulder. "Perhaps God will have mercy on your soul, because you will receive no mercy from me."

At Carlisle's touch, Aro's eyes widened as he gleaned the thoughts from Carlisle's mind. I heard Edward sigh. Aw, crap.

Aro smirked. "Oh, ho ho ho, Carlisle Cullen is not the man of pure heart and mind that all assume him to be! I must say I am surprised Carlisle, those are some dreadfully naughty thoughts you harbor about young Bella, my dear friend."

Carlisle yanked his hand away from Aro. "Someone get rid of this piece of shit," he muttered and stalked off. Peter did the honors, dismembering Aro's body with the rapid skill of a hundred years' experience.

"You won't get away with this!" Cauis roared. "Justice will be dealt to you, mark my words!"

I snorted. "You forgot to shake your fist and say I would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids! Tear this old fuck's head off, Whitlock. I'm over it."

"My pleasure, darlin'." Caius's pieces soon joined Aro's in the pyre.

As Jasper moved on to Marcus, we both paused when we sensed his resignation and… relief?

"You haven't had much to say, Marcus," I said to him, "and I'm sensing that you're not all that sad to see the Volturi's reign end. Why is that?"

He looked at me thoughtfully before answering. "Simply put, young Bella, my brothers were assholes who let the power go to their heads. You all didn't deserve this," he gestured at the carnage and destruction from the fight. Esme, Char, and Alice were still collecting random body parts and depositing them in the fire. "Kill me if you see fit to do so. My life has been entirely too long and too miserable and perhaps I shall find, at long last, the peace that I seek."

"What if we let you live?" I asked him.

"I will leave peacefully and will not trouble any of you ever again. You have my word."

Jasper and I could feel his honesty, and Edward confirmed with a nod that he was telling the truth.

"Then go. If we get even an inkling that you're attempting to rebuild any of what's been rightfully dismantled, we will come after you," I cautioned him.

He bowed respectfully to Jasper and I. "I won't give you cause to do so, I assure you." Emmett had already disposed of the limo driver, so Marcus selected one of the least damaged Towncars, and was soon on his way. It was over.

A cheer went up through the crowd, friends hugging, mates embracing. I turned to see Edward with Tanya in his arms, kissing her rather thoroughly. "Hey you two, there'll be enough time for that after the wedding!"

"And by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Edward, you may kiss your bride." Carlisle beamed with pride as he stood before Tanya and Edward. Edward lovingly caressed Tanya's cheek before closing the distance to kiss her.

The wedding was held in the gazebo as planned, that evening, with still smoldering pyres in the distance as its backdrop. A fairly casual reception party began, no food or drinks being served of course, but Alice and Emmett soon had everyone dancing to music spanning several generations.

Jasper and I danced to a few before we excused ourselves for some alone time and headed across the lawn back toward the house. To our surprise, we found Carlisle, Eleazar, and a few of the other elder vampires in deep discussion on the porch. A hush fell amongst them as we approached. They were rather hesitant and Carlisle was coming off as more than a little bit guilty.

"Hey guys," I said, cocking an eyebrow. "Are we interrupting something here?"

The five elder vampires exchanged nervous looks at each other before Eleazar sighed and nodded at Carlisle. Carlisle stepped forward, his palms pressed together in front of him as though in prayer, and he paused to gather his thoughts before speaking.

"We were just discussing the fact that the sole governing body of the vampire world has just been eradicated, and what steps need to be taken to organize new leadership."

"Why can't we just let it be?" I asked. "We just got rid of a bunch of corrupt tyrants and you want to install new ones? Fuck that."

Carlisle frowned at my words, but then Bella spoke up. "Actually Jasper, they have a point. Without leadership and regulation of some kind, that invites all kinds of chaos and reckless shit to begin. There still needs to be rules, and there should be someone to enforce them." She looked at Carlisle. "Whatever's decided, it should be a democracy of some sort, so whoever's in charge can't get all crazy power hungry like these last assholes did. And for God's sake put in time limits so they can't be in charge for hundreds of years."

Carlisle smiled at Bella and then glanced sheepishly at Eleazar. "I told you Carlisle," Eleazar said rather smugly. The other elders nodded, chuckling to themselves and seemed rather impressed about something. I had a bad feeling…

Bella gave a short laugh. "Yeah, well glad to be of some help I guess. Alright then, we'll catch up with you guys a little later, we're going to go get some air now. Come on Jazz, let's go." Bella seemed real nervous all of a sudden.

"Actually Bella, Jasper, if you two could stay a moment longer, there's something we'd like to run by you," Eleazar implored.

Bella sighed exasperatedly. "Please guys, I'm begging you, don't do this," she moaned.

"Don't do what?" I frowned. "Just what the fuck is going on here?" I glared at Carlisle.

He glanced apologetically at Bella before addressing me. "I think Bella already knows what we are getting at, so I'll get you up to speed. You see, she was very accurate in describing what we thought would be the best course of action for regulation in the vampire world. And we're in agreement that perhaps she might be the best candidate to lead this governing body." You've got to be shitting me.

"They're fucking nominating me for President of the Fucking Vampires, Jasper," Bella bit out. "Thanks, but no thanks." She turned to stomp away, but Peter was blocking her path, the sneaky fucker. I didn't even hear him approach.

"You can't run from this Stella. They're right and you know it. Now embrace your fucking destiny and accept the nomination."

"No, Peter! Fuck that! I'm not a leader! I'm not anything! Shit, Jasper's the leader, why aren't you assholes nominating him?"

Oh hell no. "Whoa, now hold on, darlin'. I may be the leader on the battlefield, but they got a point. You fight just as hard with words as you do with your hands and your talent."

"Jasper, what the fuck; you're agreeing with them?" She glared at me incredulously.

"All I'm sayin' sweetheart, is they have a point. Should there be other candidates to consider for this? Abso-fuckin-lutely. And I don't want all this responsibility hung on you, on us, without havin' all the facts."

Peter waved his hand dismissively. "Y'all can go through the dog and pony show of rounding up candidates and elections and what the fuck ever, but Stella knows as well as I do that she's about to have a new job."

"Fuck this, I can't deal with this right now." Bella took off running toward the trees on the other side of the house. I started after her but Carlisle touched my arm.

"Son, nothing needs to be decided tonight, but it's something you two need to seriously consider. And like she'd said about term limits, it wouldn't be for forever. But with her charisma and her resolve, she's a fresh voice and has already proven herself worthy of respect." I just nodded at him and then raced off to the woods to find my mate.

Trees crashing in the distance pointed me in her direction, and I knew I was getting close as I was hit in the face with a wave of 'fucking pissed off''. Fan-fuckin-tastic.

She was standing with her hands on her hips with her back toward the path of destruction she'd just left. "Why me, Jazz?" she whispered. "I just want to go back to Boston, take my classes, graduate college for the first time, maybe go to Europe or Iceland or some shit. I want to be your wife and have fantastic sex three times a day, and do fun shit with our family. That's it. Simple. Being the leader of the new free vampire world does not fall in that fucking category."

I walked up to her and wrapped my arms around her. "Honestly Bella, I don't know what they're thinking, but if Peter's right, and you got one of your hunches about this, you know you have to do what is right. I know we have been through some shit today, so I'm gonna suggest we quit fucking thinkin' about it for now. Right now, I want to be your husband and have some fantastic sex right here in these woods. How does that sound, darlin'?" I traced my nose down the side of her neck.

She turned in my arms to face me. "It sounds like just the kind of distraction I was looking for." My mouth crashed onto hers and she grabbed my shirt and pulled me down to the ground with her. Her fingers threaded through my hair and she kissed me and held me tighter than ever before. "Love me Jasper," she moaned.

My lips moved down her throat and then I sat up to pull her shirt over her head, and remove my own. "Fuck Jasper, you looked so sexy out there in battle. I wanted to jump on you right there in front of everyone."

I undid the front clasp of her bra. "That a fact?" I asked her with a smirk before leaning down to take one of her peaks into my mouth. I teased and sucked at it until she began clawing at my jeans.

"I can't wait any longer, baby. I need you now. I need this. Please." I quickly got up and shed my jeans while she kicked off her boots and squirmed out of her jeans. I looked at her laying on the ground surrounded by the colored leaves that had fallen and was mesmerized for a moment at her sheer beauty; my warrior princess, now lying vulnerable and waiting for me to take her.

I knelt to the ground and hovered over her, my length grazing her entrance, and touched my lips to hers gently. "Please," she whispered. I thrust my full length into her, pulled out almost completely and then thrust in again. Over and over I did this at a leisurely pace, enjoying the connection of our bodies and the sound of her moaning and sighing my name. She began to move her hips faster, encouraging me to quicken my pace, and I obliged. And when her body began to quiver, I took that as my cue to pound the ever-lovin' shit out of her, until she was screaming my name as she claimed her release. With a few more pumps, I claimed mine thrusting as deeply into her as I could.

And because sometimes I can be an ass and I just can't resist, I kissed her softly, looked her in the eye, and asked her "How was that for you, Madame President?"

Turns out she can fling me into trees even from a prone position, without even lifting a finger. God, I love this woman.