Here we are with another little snippet that probably isn't going to see anymore added to it by me. Although, to be honest, of the snippets I've posted so far, this one has the best chance of actually being continued, though if it does it won't be for quite a long while.

So here's the deal: While writing parts for 'Freak, Creep, Psychopath' a few months ago, I got to thinking of how I might go about turning Team 7 into a trio of badasses, without actually turning them into completely different characters. I pondered for a while, and this is what I came up with. Enjoy.


Synergy (AKA: Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts)

A Naruto Fic

By Legendary Legacy

Standard Disclaimer still applies.



"Hey Sasuke."

It has the power to lead to some odd situations.

"What, loser?"

A lot of strange ideas for fighting it.

"You know that fireball jutsu you used against Kakashi-sensei during our test?"

Team 7 was currently waiting for the arrival of their forty-minutes-and-counting-late teacher.

"What about it?"

And Uzumaki Naruto was bored.

"Teach me how to do it!"

Uchiha Sasuke was also bored.


But not that bored.

"Aw, come on! Why not?"

"I can think of much more productive ways to completely waste my time," he answered, as disinterested as ever.

"It's not a waste of time for me!" Naruto argued, always up for learning cool new jutsus.

Sakura, who was bored enough to have nearly fallen asleep before the conversation started, spoke up in irritation. "Naruto, stop bothering Sasuke-kun."

"But Sakura-chan!" the blonde cried pitiably. "We're a team now, so it only makes sense that we teach each other everything we know. Because of... teamwork and stuff, like Kakashi-sensei talked about, you know?"

Hey, it was as good an excuse as any to give, so long as it meant he became more awesome.

Sakura actually found it hard to argue with that, and she certainly wouldn't mind learning some new tricks from Sasuke herself. Not that she was going to agree with Naruto out loud, of course. "It would probably still be a waste of time to try teaching you, anyway."

Naruto drooped.

"And it's only 'teamwork' if we're all getting something out of it," Sasuke informed him. "And I doubt you have any jutsu that are worth learning in exchange for mine."

Naruto perked back up immediately. "Not true! I know Kage Bunshin, don't I? And that's like a hundred times better than the normal academy Bunshin!" He smirked wickedly as another idea hit him. "Or maybe I could teach you my Oiroke no Jutsu-"

A sudden burst of pain on the top of his head brought that statement to an abrupt end. He turned back to Sakura, who was seething and holding up a tightly clenched fist.

"What was that for?" he demanded, rubbing his smarting head.

"Sasuke-kun doesn't want to learn your perverted jutsu, Naruto!"

"Hey, Oiroke may be the best jutsu ever!" he protested loudly. "I knocked out the Hokage twice with it!"

"That still doesn't make it-"


Both Naruto and Sakura's heads snapped around to stare at Sasuke, the former shocked and the latter scandalized.

"W-w-what?" Sakura whimpered.

"You...really want to learn Oiroke no Jutsu?" Naruto asked incredulously.

Sasuke's face twitched fiercely. "No, you moron; Kage Bunshin! You teach me the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu and I'll teach you the Goukakyu no Jutsu."

Naruto blinked in surprise, then grinned widely. "You mean it?"

Sasuke shrugged. "Sure." After all, he would be the one coming out the winner in this little exchange. The Grand Fireball was a basic fire jutsu that all Uchiha learned at a young age (even if it did take longer for some to learn it than others). But the only other person he knew personally to use Kage Bunshin was Itachi, which meant it was surely a very high-level technique. That didn't explain how a loser like Naruto could know it, but if the dead-last was going to give his secrets away so cheaply, then he certainly wasn't going to complain.

Besides, it wasn't like he was learning anything worthwhile from their sensei. In the two weeks since they'd become a team all they'd done was basic training exercises and grunt-level labor disguised as ninja missions. Who the hell hires shinobi to paint a fence, for God's sake?

For his part, whether Naruto realized that he was getting the raw end of the deal or not wasn't a big concern of his. He'd been pestering Kakashi since becoming their sensei to teach him more techniques, which the masked man had been less than forthcoming with.

Besides, he'd dreamed of being able to breath fire and shoot lightning from his eyes and other such things ever since first deciding to become a ninja. Oh, and then there was the possibility of combining it with clones! Just imagine having two hundred Naruto's all breathing giant fireballs at the same time.

The Hokage might as well start packing his shit right now, because Naruto would be moving in by the end of the week!

"Alright, let's do it then!" Then, glancing at Sakura, an idea hit him and he quickly added, "And we should both teach them to Sakura-chan, too. Then she can teach us whatever jutsu she knows that neither of us do!"

Sakura's shock at his words were clearly evident. She honestly did feel Naruto trying to learn anything from or teach anything to Sasuke-kun would be a waste of time considering the amount of time it normally took Naruto to fully grasp anything new that the academy teachers taught, nor did she have high expectations for his ability to properly share his knowledge with them for the same reason. She would have bet money that Sasuke would feel the same way, but it would seem that the allure of Kage Bunshin would win out over common sense.

Not that she wouldn't mind learning a new jutsu or two herself, seeing as how she...didn't really know any outside the standard academy techniques that everyone knew. Which meant that even Naruto knew more jutsus than she did! Oh God, now she was really depressed.


"Huh? Oh yeah, sure. That's...that's fine with me."

"You have a jutsu you can teach us, then?" Sasuke asked, sounding a bit skeptical.

"Oh yes!" She assured him. "Of course I do!" Or, at least, she would by tomorrow, because she planned on going straight home after the day's mission and digging through every scroll she'd collected over the years until she found one worth sharing, even if it took all night.

"All right then, let's do this thing!" Naruto shouted with gleeful enthusiasm. "Sasuke, you go first."

"Why should I go first?" he demanded, still feeling rather suspicious of Naruto's motives.

"'Cause this whole thing was my idea, and I'm the one who asked you first," the blonde rationalized.

Seeing Sasuke looking ready to argue, Sakura spoke up first. "Why don't the both of you explain how your jutsus work? Then you can practice at the same time, and If I understand how they're supposed to work, then maybe I can help you fix any problems you might have with performing them."

The boys looked at her, then at each other. Sasuke sighed. "Fine."

"All right, then! Sasuke, you explain yours first," Naruto said, causing Sasuke to growl irritably.


When Kakashi arrived in the field fifteen minutes later, he almost fell over. Without being noticed, he Shunshined into a tree and out of sight. Peeking through the foliage, he pulled his head protector up and looked with his Sharingan, just to make sure he wasn't seeing things.

Were his adorable little students actually... being proactive, as opposed to sitting around on their thumbs waiting for him to show up?

Were they helping each other, sharing their knowledge, working together... like an actual team, as opposed to bickering and only thinking about themselves?


He looked again, where Naruto had just formed several Kage Bunshins, then dispelled them and began gesticulating wildly as Sasuke and Sakura watched intently, Sakura nodding slightly while Sasuke scowled.

Kakashi had to chuckle: he was pretty sure neither Sasuke nor Sakura would have the chakra reserves necessary to perform a Kage Bunshin just yet, but who was he to step in the way of such team building progress?

Pulling his little orange book from his vest pocket, he leaned back against the tree trunk. He could stand to be a half hour later today.



And that's that. Team 7 decides to start sharing their knowledge amongst each other. Though it starts out as purely selfish reasoning on all their parts, before long they're learning to trust and respect one another, and soon they're not only teaching and helping each other to perfect their skills, they're becoming true friends and learning to work like a well-oiled machine.

What happens next? Don't know; maybe you do? Either way, 'til next time.