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Vampire's can't sleep, it was a well known fact through out the whole world. But what human's didn't know is that vampire's could sometimes dream.

Well, dream is a very loose term. You see sometimes a vampire can get pulled into a person's dream. It's not known how it can happen, it's not known why it happens. It just happens. Sometimes it only happens once, sometimes a vampire can be sucked into a person's dream everyday.

A vampire can't tell when it happens. To them what they're doing at that very moment doesn't stop. Their world blends with the human's dream world.

Sometimes it's horrific, sometimes it's peaceful. There have been recordings of vampire wanting to go back into this dream world because it was a world they wanted so much. But one thing is for sure, no human ever remembers a vampire. No matter what happens in the dream.

Jasper lazed on his wide bed, eyes closed, but never asleep.

It was raining outside. Water poured down the windows like waves and though the family was out hunting he couldn't bring himself to join.

It was a gut feeling he had. He didn't have them often but when he did, it was always right. A feeling told him to stay inside. That something will happen, something serious.

Amber eyes snapped open and stared at the ceiling. While this feeling of his told him to stay out, it never tells him when something was going to happen. So it was just a waiting game, to see what would happen.

He ran a pale hand through his honey blonde curls and sat up with a wince. Sometimes he really did feel dead.

True, he was a vampire and he was by all rights supposed to be dead.

But feeling dead and being dead where different. His partner, another vampire named Alice, was so alive with energy. He wasn't. He felt empty, like his life had no meaning.

If he was a mortal he might have tried to kill himself by now because he simply didn't feel anything.

But it was worse then that, he was an empath. As a mortal he would feel emptiness. And that would be it. As in empath, however, he was filled with others emotions.

He couldn't believe there where people out there who wanted the power he had.

He felt like there was nothing worst then having fake emotions, fake feelings, fake thoughts that where stirred by these feelings.

To feel nervous for a test he aced many times over. To have lust for a person he would never be attracted to.

But the happiness was the worst. It filled him up, giving him a false sense of hope. It was fake and whenever that person walked right away they took their happiness with them.

And it hurt.

Alice tried to make it better, she really did. But she just didn't get it.

He stood and took a glance to the window when something dawned on him. It wasn't his window. Jasper looked around frantically. There was no bed, no dresser, no music collection. None of his stuff, none of his smell.

It was different, painfully so. He was clearly in a front room. Horrible striped wallpaper covered the walls from top to bottom. Beige furniture with tiny flower print made for an eyesore.

Rose color curtains hung at the sides of a large window showing him the pouring rain outside.

And the smell, oh god the smell. It had a sharpness, like some one cleaned with bleach and didn't air it out right. The was a mix of sweat and food, years worth that made it have a unique smell all on its own.

But then there was something else. A strange smell, that just filled him up and took over. It was wonderful. It was soft and addicting. It reminded him of his time before he was a vampire. Before he was turned, a life he rarely remembered. And what he did was only through memories that where rare.

But it smelled right. Like it was made for him and he found himself sniffing the air for it. He didn't have to sniff very long however, or look because a small giggle was heard behind him.

He turned to spot a small boy laying across the love seat. Jasper wondered how he missed him while looking around the room.

He was tiny, and the clothes on him didn't help mattered. Wearing a overly large grey sweat shit that showed small, slim shoulders and black shorts that went down to his ankles.

He had messy stark black hair that stuck up everywhere but for some reason just looked right on him. And he peered up at Jasper with starling green eyes that demanded attention through long lashes. Soft pink lips were set into a small amused smile that was quickly replaced by a blank look.

They stared at each other for a full minute before Jasper spoke, breaking the ice, "Hello."


It was so quiet that if it wasn't for the fact he was a vampire he might not have heard it.

"Where am I?"

"I don't know."

The kid didn't even know where he lived. But judging his accent it was somewhere in the UK. Great.

He took a step forward and the child seemed to flinch away almost. He shrugged it off, he would flinch too if he where younger and there seemed to be a stranger in his home.

"What's your name?"

"I don't know."

Jasper looked at the kid in confusion, "You don't know."

The boy hugged his knees to his chest, "My family calls me freak…," he trailed off uneasily.

Jasper felt something stir inside of him. Anger and something else, somehow deeper. Deeper then anything else. To call a child a freak. He has been called many things in his lifetime. Harsh things, when people found out he was a vampire and he killed them. But children on the other hand…

"Your family…," Jasper trailed off looking around. He found a picture that held a photo of a long faced woman, over weight man and child. The small child in front of him was no where in any of the photos hanging on the wall.

"Do they hit you?"

The small child shook his head. Good they didn't hit him, but for a reason he felt like it was only a matter of time.

Jasper looked at the child who was looking up at him again, the same blank look he gave to so many other people. It dawned on Jasper that he couldn't feel what the child was feeling. And this worried and confused him.

Was this kid broken? Did he feel emptiness like he did?

The child was staring at him and when Jasper looked at him he ducked his head and blushed muttering an apology. Jasper scowled.

"You don't need to apologize," he looked at the kid and sighed, "look, Darlin', you know you can't let them do that to you."

'Darlin' looked up at him sharply and Jasper shrugged off the look.

"You can tell people about what they do to you, tell a teacher or a cop…" he trailed off not really knowing how to help the child, "or you can even tell them your going to tell on them if they don't stop," he added. He wondered if he should have added the last part who knows if the people here had anger problems.

'Darlin's lip's twitched into a small smile.

"Darlin'?" He asked.

A picture of a woman calling him that very same nickname ran through his mind. A woman with golden skin and honey hair that went down to her waist. He remembered faint southern drawl on her words. He assumed that it was his mother, but he wasn't sure.

"I think that's what my mother called me when I was your age," Jasper said. He walked over and took a seat on the matching recliner that was next to the love seat.

"You think?" 'Darlin' asked.

Jasper hesitated for a moment, briefly wondering why he was willing to talk this much to a child whom he would never see again. "I can't remember my mother," he admitted.

A look of sadness showed on 'Darlin's face, as well as a hint of understanding. "I don't remember my mom either. I wish I did. All I remember is a bad man…," he trailed looking around frantically as soon as he uttered the words.

"What are you doing?" Jasper asked.

"Whenever I think of the bad man in my other dreams he shows up. There's a green light and he has a bad laugh," he said with a whimper.

Jasper froze. This was a dream? He heard of something like this before. Sometimes vampires get sucked into dreams. But wouldn't it make more sense for someone in the states to dream and have him in it? Why this boy? He pondered for a minute before he noticed he was being stared at.

"I scared the man away," he said lamely. It was the only thing he could think of to tell a kid. What was he supposed to say? The boy gave him a wide smile and he felt something inside of him stir again.

Suddenly the whole house seemed to shake and Jasper stood fully alert. The boy, however, just groaned.

"Time to get up," he said sadly.

"Well," Jasper said dryly," this is a rude awakening. Remember what I said. Tell someone. Okay Darlin'?" He said quickly as he noticed everything seemed to be faded in and out rather fast.

The boy nodded his head, Jasper noticed 'Darlin' was becoming rather transparent and he could see some of his room through the walls.

The boy stood and leaped at him, wrapping his tiny arms around his thigh and something inside of him lurched at the contact. At the feel and the sudden smell that just took over his senses.

"Goodbye Jasper!" He said, he looked up with a smile, his green eyes where bright, alert, perfect.

"Wait," he gasped out suddenly without meaning too, "Darlin' –" he cut himself off. Why was he asking this boy to wait?

His questions, however, where short lived as he felt his knees go weak and give out. He crumpled to the floor.

The stark white carpet met his gaze. The smells of his all too familiar bedroom reached his nose. Including one other one.

He looked up and noticed the worried look on Alice's face. His mind was racing. He felt something when 'Darlin' wrapped his arms around him and he couldn't get over that feeling. He felt alive. Something he hadn't felt in years.

"Oh my god, Jasper! Are you okay?"

Her cries alerted the family as the all packed into his room at warp speed one by one. Emmet came forward and held his hand out, Jasper grab it and hauled himself up.

"What happened?" Carlisle asked watching as Jasper sat on the bed.

"I dunno…," Alice trailed off, her tone frantic," one minute he's not here and the next he just slowly appears. And he was talking to someone."

"Who?" Carlisle asked walking over and kneeling down to giving Jasper a once over to make sure he was alright.

"Someone named 'Darlin'," she muttered. Her tone carried jealously with it. And the rest of the group controlled their wince. Even though they looked and acted like it at time they weren't true mates. There where people out their that where, it was just a matter of finding them and everyone knew it.

"Carlisle," Jasper spoke up suddenly, looking at bit uncomfortable with the attention on him, "we need to talk."

The leader of the group nodded his head before walking out. Jasper stood and followed him, thoughts of the child in his head.

"What...," Jasper looked at Edward who looked confused. He scowled at the bronze haired vampire for looking at his thoughts.

"I don't know either," Jasper muttered before pushing past to follow Carlisle.

The room was quiet for a minute before Alice looked at Edward, "What did you see?" Her tone was a mix of frantic and jealous. A combination Edward didn't feel was right to share a new secret with.

"I'm not saying," he muttered before leaving to go to his room. Emmet, Rosaline, and Esme looked at Alice before walking out of the room. The three of them had their soul mates and Edward was just fine being alone for the time being. This was something Alice and Jasper had to figure out for themselves.

Alice watched the three leave and pouted. She knew Jasper and her weren't meant to be but she didn't want to be alone. She was so used to seeing everything that happened days in advance that she didn't like not knowing what was happening. She wanted to know what was going to happen to her and Jasper.

For some reason she felt dread in the pit of her stomach and she didn't know why.