Jasper stared out the window of his room with one of the most painful loos he ever had. It was raining outside, pouring, and Jasper thought that the God's themselves where crying.

He felt Alice step into his room but said nothing at all.

Edward was off doing something with Bella at the moment and everyone else had their own things to do.

And there he was inside moping. But he couldn't help himself.

He missed Harry.


Jasper nearly snarled at Edward and he felt a strong hand grasp his shoulder. He didn't need to look to know it was Emmet that was holding him back.

"You did what?"

"I left her," Edward said stiffly, "it was for her own good, she wouldn't get hurt this way."

Jasper felt his anger reach its peak and he broke out of Emmet's hold and with a burst of speed came close to Edward and punched him with everything he could.

Edward went flying through the house and Jasper ignored all of the gasping around him. He stalked over to Edward who was still on his back and growled. He broke a table, a couch and a few other things he didn't care about no doubt he was going to get a talking to later about it.

He pulled Edward up by his shirt and growled at him.

"You think leaving your mate out in the woods is protecting her? You think that is the right thing to do then so be it. Don't have a hissy fit when she falls in love with one of those mutts then. You have no idea what its like to actually not be able to protect your mate. To not know if they're in danger or not. At least you found your's here out of all places, mine is half way around the world. And you know what any connection that I had with him vanished, gone. So suck it up and shut up. Be a man for once."

Jasper dropped Edward to the ground and the slience in the room almost made him flinch. He felt everyone's emotions. It was mostly guilt and sorry feelings from the rest of their family at him loosing the same connection that meant so much to him. Edward was mad that he got put in his place but he also felt the understanding coming from. He got the message across now it was up to Edward to do what he wanted with it.

He stalked out of the house into the rain, he was hungry and he needed to eat now.


School wasn't the same, Jasper thought to himself, not the same without the feeling of warmth that he always had when he knew he would talk to Harry once more.

Now he had to deal with teenagers. Of course he shouldn't say much, of course he was turned when he was a teenager so he still had some traits of being one. Other then that he was a full adult stuck in a body of a teenager and he didn't know how long he could take it now.

It didn't matter to him before but now everything he didn't care about befor was getting on his nerves. The feelings of jealously, lust, clouded the hallways like some sort of cheap purfume and if he could he would have gagged on it.

Lunch was taking to long to get here and he didn't think he could deal with being stared at, not today. The bell rung and Jasper made a break for the classroom door.

It was almost like a maze, avoiding people he didn't want to touch. Getting touched by people that wanted him. He just wanted to leave, with the front door of the school in sight Jasper felt his nerves start to jitter. He had to leave he couldn't stay today.

He walked outside and let out a human sigh. He didn't think he could care about much anymore.

Not caring if his family wondered where he was he left.


Jasper laid on hardwood floor of the kitchen, he was able to sweat he knew he could have been covered in it. Something happened to Harry, something painful. And he didn't know what.

He saw the looks his family gave him, felt how sorry they where. Of course he told them all what was going on with Harry.

They assumed that he died.

Jasper wasn't so easily swayed.



He didn't bother to answer as Esme walked into his doorway. He felt her feelings of unsure and to make her better he leaned toward her. He was laying on his bed, doing nothing. This is what he has been doing for the past week or so. Nothing.

"I'm starting to worry, I can understand if you don't want to go to school but please go outside and eat. Please."

He ignored her.


"Jasper you're going to school today."

Jasper looked over at Alice with a rasied brow.

"I mean it, Jasper something good is going to happen today. If you're not going to do it for youself at least do it for me?"

Alice knew Jasper couldn't say no to her so he got out of bed and got dressed for the day.


The looks he got when he came back to school after being gone for two weeks made him want to leave again.

He didn't get what was supposed to happen today, he went through all of the same motions as before, nothing new was happening.

As a vampire he knew he shouldn't care what people thought of him. He'll still be young while they slowly die anyway but he knew it would hurt his family if he just stayed inside all day.

Finally the last bell of the day went off and Jasper gathered his stuff.

The walk outside was fast enough now he just had to wait for his siblings.

"Hello, do you know an Alice?"

Jasper turned to see a young girl with light blonde hair and bottle cap earrings. He dress was sort of a little weird but he saw Alice wear somethings that where more odd then that. He eyes where a silver blue color and she had a far away look on her face.

"Yes...," Jasper said slowly not sure how to answer her.

"Oh good, you see I'm her mate. Every since coming here I've had a lot of memories of us."

Jasper's brows reached his hairline. Alice would get another seer as a mate.


Jasper turned to watch his ex brace the girl with love that he never saw before and he found himself being a little jealous. The others looked a bit confused.

Bella even more so, since he had that 'talk' with Edward he was taking much better care of her now and she was now part of their little group at school.

Alice gave the smaller girl a kiss on the cheek, he eyes filled with promises of love and forever and Jasper felt his heart sink.

Luna turned to Jasper and giggled, "Don't be down, I walked here Harry is getting the car."

Jasper stared at Luna in utter shock, "What did you -"

A loud honk was heard as a dark green truck pulled up. A young man stepped out of the truck, raven black hair, pale skin, and he turned to look at Jasper.

Amber met green, and it was all over.

Jasper took the biggest steps of his whole vampire life and wrapped his arms around Harry as tight as he could without harming him and he felt Harry do the same.

"I thought you where dead," Jasper whispered to him, he knew his family could hear but he didn't care.

"And leave you behind? Never."

Jasper pulled away from Harry only to pull him back for a kiss like no other.

He wasn't letting his mate go this time, that was for sure. He was going to do everything he could to protect him. If Harry could die then come back to life to be with him then Jasper would go to the ends of the earth for him.

"I love you," Jasper said as he pulled away again.

Harry gave him a soft smile, "I know. I love you too."