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Timeline: The seventh anniversary of the Cell Games (called, 'Mr. Satan Day' now). The Tenkachi Budouki hasn't been held yet, The Great Saiyaman is still running around, Videl knows that Gohan's the Great Saiyaman, but she doesn't know how to fly yet.

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May. Just the sound of that word made him sick. Seven years ago, the month of May was a living hell for Son Gohan. Facing killer androids, training to the brink of death, losing control, and losing his father…Those events all happened to him in one horrifying month. May.

Sure, others lost loved ones because of Cell, but they came back to life. Son Goku didn't.

Gohan missed his father, but he knew it was his fault that he was dead. If he hadn't been blinded by pride. If he hadn't let his Saiya-jin instincts take control…Son Goku would still be here.

His mother, Bulma, and the other Z senshi told him that it wasn't his fault. That Goku did it for the good of us all. He didn't believe them. Deep down, they blamed him and he knew it.

It was because of him that the Earth was deprived of its long time hero. It was because of him that many people lost a best friend. It was because of him that his mother was lonely. And it was because of him that Goten had to grow up without a father.

"It's been seven years, but I still can't forgive myself…" the demi saiya-jin sighed. He looked up into the cloudless sky. "But I hope you've forgiven me, Dad."


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