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                                                Chapter 15: Cornered

Fusions weren't only combinations of the two people's power, but of their personalities too. Combining Gohan and Mirai wasn't a very a good idea. The two of them were too similar, in ki and emotions to fuse properly. True, the small difference in the ki had caused this Trohan to turn out evil, but even if the ki levels had been similar, 'good' Trohan would have leaned slightly towards the evil side of things anyway.

That was simply because Gohan and Mirai's personalities weren't complete opposites, like Goku and Vegeta's were. All the major emotions-such as Gohan's unpredictable anger and Mirai's quick temper-that surfaced when the two demi saiya-jins fought were often on the negative side.

It was like playing with magnets. Positive and negative poles attract, while negative and negative poles repelled each other; Goku and Vegeta were opposites and Gohan and Mirai Trunks were the negatives. Instead of getting the reaction of repulsion when they fused the two younger saiya-jins instead formed a 'bad' fusion. A type of fusion that wouldn't do what he's told and always see some benefit in doing things that hurt others.

If, for an example, two Gokus somehow managed to fuse together, they'd form a simple minded, good doer that was everybody's friend. And, if two Vegeta's fused…then…well…we'd all be doomed.

In short, a Trohan fused correctly (ki levels the same) is a bad ass and a Trohan fused incorrectly (ki levels not the same) is an evil bad ass.

Trohan looked carelessly around the ruined theater and smirked. If two good fusions had caused this type of damage, imagine what chaos he could cause. Trohan hadn't even touched on a fraction of his power in his normal form and he was quite sure in super saiya-jin form he'd be a force to be reckoned with.

"Now, where did my little friend Vegeta get to?" Trohan spoke out loud, his head turning in the direction of where Vegeta's ki was. "Still bothering with Frieza? He probably hasn't realized Cell is dead yet. Oh well, that's not my problem, is it? Now…" Trohan looked over to the skyscrapers in the distance. "where did those half breeds get to? I know their mothers fled, but where did they think they'd actually be safe at?" Trohan scanned the nearby area before he locked down on a few familiar kis. "Ah…In another city are they? Clever women…I better go find them before they decide to move again. But first," Trohan's black eyes gleamed in anticipation. "these structures need leveling…"

Son Goten groaned and cracked in eye open. He was sitting in his mother's lap and they were in a…park? But how did he get here? The last thing he remembered was starting the fusion dance again and a bright light. And where were Trunks and Gohan?

"Goten! You're awake!" Chi-Chi cried happily, smiling at her younger son. "How do you feel?"

"…I don't know…" Goten moaned as he sat up and rubbed his head. "Where are we Mom? What happened to Cell?"

"Don't you remember, Goten?" Chi-Chi asked puzzled. "Cell knocked both you and Trunks out and your brother told us to get out of Satan City. Videl let us fly in her jet copter and we landed in this park. It's only a few blocks away from Capsule Corp, I believe."

"Why didn't we just go there then?" Goten asked curiously, blinking his eyes in confusion.

"It would have been to obvious incase…well…incase your father and Vegeta lost to Cell," Chi-Chi said quietly. "If nothing happens in about an hour, we'll go to Capsule Corp, all right?"

 "OK," Goten replied still unsure about the whole situation. He was about to ask his mother another question when his ki senses went off in alarm. His eyes widened in horror and he began to tremble. A few feet away, Trunks' eyes snapped open and he sat up with a start.

"Trunks? What's happened…?" Bulma asked.

"Goten! Did you…Did you feel that?!" Trunks demanded, getting up and his best friend followed the suit. "All that negative ki…It has to be something if you can feel it while your sleeping!"

"A-And millions of them disappeared!" Goten added fearfully. Bulma and Chi-Chi looked at each other questioningly and Videl looked confused. "All at once! It was horrible!"

"I-I know…I've never felt anything like it…" Trunks said. "But, the weird thing is…Cell didn't kill all those people!"

"What?!" Videl cried, surprising the boys. "People are dying?!"

"I can't pick out a clear ki, it's defiantly not Cell, but somebody…somebody completely destroyed Satan City and everybody in it!"

"…Y-You're not serious…" Bulma whispered, her voice trembling very slightly. "What about Vegeta…? And Mirai…?"

"I can't find Mirai and I-I don't know about Dad," Trunks replied. "I can't pick his ki out from all the confusion either…"

"Y-You mean they c-could be…?" Bulma trailed off, her face turning a pale white. She let out a soft sob before burying her face in her hands. Chi-Chi put a comforting arm around her shoulders.

"Are Gohan and Goku…all right?" Chi-Chi asked calmly.

"I dunno Mom," Goten replied truthfully, his face going as pale as Bulma's. "I really don't know…"


The door to the Kame House burst open and Piccolo came running through it, surprising all the occupants.

"Piccolo? What are you doing here?" Muten Roshi asked suspiciously.

Kuririn gulped and stood up. "You felt it too, Piccolo? All those kis a few minutes ago…?"

"Yes!" Piccolo exclaimed wildly. "You and robot-girl over here have to get going now! Something bad has happened and we're going to need everyone we can get mobilized!"

"You mean something worse than Cell coming back?" Oolong asked, dropping his soda can on the floor and the contents spilled out.

"Much worse. You've undoubtedly felt the three new kis, correct?"

"Yes," Juuhachigou responded. "You couldn't miss them."

"They were fusions, as Dende told me. One was made up of Goten and Chibi Trunks, another of Goku and Vegeta, and the last one was Mirai Trunks and Gohan." Piccolo explained hurriedly. "As irony would have it, Trohan's the strongest one and he's also the evil one of the lot. To make things worse, Dende isn't sure if he'll unfuse and return to being Gohan and Mirai."

"So you're basically saying we're in some deep shit now, right?" Oolong replied, his face turning a rather nasty shade of gray. "Well, it's been good knowing you guys…"

"You're sure about this Piccolo?" Muten Roshi asked, raising a skeptical eyebrow. "Dende's good at pulling our legs."

"No, he's right. There's no other reason why a million kis would suddenly just disappear like that." Kuririn said heavily. He looked at his wife. "You coming Juuhachi?"

"Of course," Juuhachigou said, she got up and then said to Marron "You be a good girl for Muten Roshi. Mommy will be back in a little bit."

"Good," Piccolo said, nodding his head in approval. "Dende's contacted Yamcha, Tenshinhan, and Chaotzu already. We're all going to hopefully meet up with Vegeta before Trohan gets to him."

"Well, I can already see one fatal flaw in that plan," a mocking voice said from behind Piccolo. "To get to Vegeta, you're going to have to get through me."

Piccolo whirled around-the other people in the house looking over his shoulder expectantly-to see a shadowed figure leaning against the doorway. Piccolo's stomach plummeted the instant he saw him and Kuririn's face went dead white when he registered the figure's ki. The figure let out an audible snicker before he straightened up and walked into the light.

It was Trohan.

His blue eyes lazily glanced over the few people in the house and his lips began to form into a sneer. He took another step into the house and Piccolo and Kuririn instantly took defensive stances. Oolong let out a squeal and hid beneath the armchair, while Juuhachigou pushed Marron behind her.

"Honestly, Piccolo," Trohan said, glancing at the Namekian. "Do you think you'll actually stand a chance against me? You were just telling Kuririn and the android how strong I was and now you want to face me? That's rather funny, don't you think?"

"How'd you get here so fast?" Piccolo growled, holding none of his malice back. Just because Gohan and Mirai made up this thing, didn't mean he had to be nice to him. "Satan City is over a million miles away from here."

"A little on the dense side aren't we?" Trohan asked. He walked over the couch and laid back on it. He put his hands behind his head and propped his feet up on the arm rest. "I am at least a hundred times stronger than you in my normal form, so that must mean I'm a hundred times faster than you, doesn't it?"

He waited for an answer, but when no one said anything, he continued. "I thought for sure you'd know that, especially with your connections with the green brat upstairs. Oh, don't worry too much," Piccolo's snarl had deepened at the mention of Dende. "I haven't gotten to him yet. He'll get what's coming to him once I'm finished with you and the others."

"F-Finished…?!" Kuririn mumbled in shock.

"Yes, finished. But in may not be in the bloody, brutal manner that you think I'm suggesting." Trohan replied, his eyes glinting. "I have a compromise for you."

"A compromise?" Piccolo repeated, his voice full of distrust. "Such as what, fusion?"

Trohan frowned darkly at that name. Piccolo had hit a small nerve.

"It's elementary, sensei," he said, sarcasm dripping from the last word.

"I'm not your sensei, you bastard,"

Trohan waved his hand dismissively. " As I was saying, it's a simple matter. A basic survival skill is to not mess with things bigger and better than you. So I'm offering you this; You don't go after the others I don't go after you. You don't warn Vegeta and the other saiya-jins, I don't hurt you. You don't fight me I don't blow up the Earth. You don't bug me, I don't bug you."

"That's morbid," Juuhachigou growled. "And not to mention some form a blackmail."

"Ah, but my dear tin girl. We don't want anything…unexpected happening to your little girl, do we?"

"Touch Marron and I swear…"

"I wouldn't dream of it," Trohan said putting his hands up in defense. He got off the couch and took a step towards Piccolo. "Is it a deal, then? Or do you need a longer time to think about it?"

"You already know the answer, Trohan," Piccolo retorted.

Trohan shrugged and said, "All right then."

To everyone's surprise he walked away from Piccolo and out the door. The wind roared for a moment outside and then he was off and away from the Kame House. Kuririn breathed a sigh of relief and lowered his defensive stance while Oolong came out from under the chair.

"He's gone?! Just like that?!" Muten Roshi exclaimed, his brow furrowing.

"Whoo boy! I sure thought my fat was in the fire then! Good job, Kuririn! You saved the day again!" Oolong added.

Piccolo and Juuhachigou still hadn't relaxed from their positions. Both were scanning the area and found that Trohan was still quite near them.

"He's not gone," Juuhachigou said seriously. Faces fell all across the room. "He's about a mile away."

"He's just floating there. What the hell is he going to…" Piccolo started before a brief, urgent thought ran through all their heads;

'Get out now!'


The rest of Piccolo's warning was lost as the Kame House exploded. The glass shattered and the support beams snapped from the force. They quickly started on fire and came crashing down on the people inside, trapping them if they had survived. Within a few short minutes, Kame Island was a fireball.

A mile away, Trohan watched, the fire reflecting in a wicked way. He slowly dropped his hand back down to his side and said, "If my little talk didn't persuade you, certainly this must have."

"Oh no…Piccolo!" Dende cried in horror, watching the scene unfold before his eyes. He had tried to warn his mentor, but by the time both of them had caught onto what Trohan was doing, it had been too late. Dende bowed his head in sorrow. "I failed Piccolo, I'm sorry…"

Videl's head snapped up as she heard the leaves rustle near by. She looked around widely, as if expecting Cell would pop out of the bushes, and when she realized no one was there, she looked back down in the grass.

'Great, now I'm getting paranoid,' she thought, rolling her eyes.

Suddenly, a twig snapped and everyone looked up to see none other than Vegeta walk into the clearing. He was still in super saiya-jin and a wound on his left arm was bleeding heavily. He looked unnerved and slightly exhausted.

"Dad!" Trunks exclaimed.

"Vegeta!" Bulma cried. She got to her feet to look at his wound. "You're alive! What happened to Satan City?"

"Of course I'm alive," Vegeta rebuked, but in a soft tone. "Trohan destroyed Satan City and Cell. I barely got out alive. Dende warned me, another thing that that brat's useful." He noticed the look in Chi-Chi's eyes and continued, "Kakarrot had to go back to Other World. The Kaio's got rid of the rule that allowed him on Earth, to try and get Cell and Frieza back."

"Who's Trohan?" Goten asked, curiously.

"The fusion of Mirai and Gohan. I left him to get rid of Cell, but he obviously did more than that." Vegeta said, folding his arms over his chest. "When Dende warned me he said…he said that Trohan was the evil fusion."

A stunned silence washed over the small group as the tried to comprehend this thought.

"How…? How could a fusion that's part Gohan turn out to be evil?" Videl asked softly. "He's such a goody-two shoes all the time!"

Chi-Chi didn't even let the insult about her son phase her. All she managed to squeak out was, "Evil? My baby…?" before she fainted.

"Mom!" Goten cried, kneeling down at Chi-Chi's side. He glared at Vegeta. "Dende lies all the time, Vegeta! You know how he always likes to pick on Gohan! I bet he's lying again! My brother would never form something that would turn out evil!"

"But Goten," Trunks said, torn between agreeing with his father and his best friend. "we felt all those little kis disappear and then that negative ki appeared!"

"That doesn't mean it was Gohan's fusion, Trunks! It could've been Cell before Trohan killed him!"

"No." Vegeta said simply. "That negative ki we all felt was too strong to be Cell, even after he absorbed Gogeta's powers. It had to be a fusion, and Trohan is the only one left."

"But Gohan wouldn't…! I know he wouldn't! I know my brother!" Goten protested.

"Yeah, but do you know Trohan?" Trunks asked. "Fusions are different from the people that make them up. When we were Gotenks, we were a lot stronger than we would be separately and his personality was different from both of ours, right? So you know Gohan, but you really don't know Trohan. That's because he's not all Gohan, he's Mirai me too."

Goten bit his lip and looked at his mother's form.

"OK…" he replied hesitantly. "Suppose Trohan really is as strong as we think he is. How are we going to stop him? Without hurting Gohan and Mirai?"

"You see, that's the beauty of the thing," A cold voice answered directly above them. "You can't stop me."

Silhouetted against the stars and lights from Western Capitol, his eyes narrowed and burning, was Trohan.

Vegeta visibly tensed and stood in front of Bulma. Goten and Trunks' eyes widened and Goten stood even closer to his mother's form. Videl stood up in shock, knowing that sitting was a very vulnerable positition.

"Really now, are you all that surprised to see me?" Trohan asked as he descended towards the ground. "I thought you'd be expecting me, after all…"

Goten took a shaky breath as Trohan surveyed the few people in the clearing. Vegeta and Trunks were right. This person could never be his brother, let alone be related to any of the Sons. He had a cruel look on his face and his ki alone reeked of death and destruction.

"We weren't," Vegeta responded with the same level of hostility in his voice that Piccolo had. "I had imagined you'd want to kill a few more humans before getting to us."

"You are partially correct, Vegeta. I expect I killed a few of those warriors on Kame Island, if not severely injured them when I blew the house up," Trohan said, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. "I suppose your friend Dende has already told you about that incident already, so I will not elaborate on the matter."

"What do you want with us?" Vegeta asked, ignoring the comment about Kame Island.

"Getting straight to the point, aren't we?" Trohan said in amused tone that made Videl blanch. "Well, I just want to have some fun with the so called 'strongest' warriors the Earth can give before I blow the planet to smithereens."

"You're going to blow up the Earth?!" Trunks repeated, horror-struck.

"You must be the other Trunks…" Trohan realized in an offhanded way. His eyes glazed over a second before the snapped back to their normal dark blue. "Yes, of course blow it up. What else would I do? Protect the planet like you three? You make me laugh…"

"And you make me sick," Vegeta snarled as he began to power up. Following the suit Trunks hopped into super saiya-jin form while Goten repeated the act hesitantly.

"Oh? So you want to fight then?" Trohan asked in an entertained tone. "I should take the time to warn you that this is going to be a terribly one sided battle. My bet is that you will all last at least a minute, if not a few seconds more. But let's first get rid of the access baggage, shall we?"

Vegeta didn't have time to ponder what Trohan was doing before his hand was up and pointing at Bulma. He powered up slightly and shot his ki (not a blast or beam, just ki) at her. Bulma went flying backwards and into the trees with such force that one of them snapped in half. She landed-unconscious-about a 200 yards away from the spot she had just been standing in.

"MOM!!!" Trunks yelled in alarm. He whipped his head around at Trohan. "You bastard!!!"

"Name calling is not the best way to get on my good side," Trohan advised, turning his lethal gaze onto the two small saiya-jins. "Not like I have a good side in the first place."

Without waiting for Vegeta or Goten, Trunks charged at the fusion. Trohan playfully dodged all his punches and kicks until Trunks actually landed a hard punch to his cheek. Trohan's amused smile disappeared and his infamous frown appeared immediately. The little brat had hit him.

Lacking his usual patience, Trohan swatted Trunks aside with as much force as he could muster. When Trohan's fist connected with Trunks' head, there was a loud 'crack' that could only mean he had broken the boy's jaw or-as Trohan hoped-his neck. Alas, he didn't have time to figure out which bone was broken because Trunks' body had gone flying, probably across the city, and both Vegeta and Goten were now attacking him.

Usually, two on one was quite unfair on the person alone, but, again, this is Trohan. He easily got Goten out of the way, knocking the boy into the head and sending him soaring in the general direction of Capsule Corp. Vegeta took a bit longer and the older saiya-jin managed to land a lot of his attacks, his experience slightly outweighing Trohan's strength.

Vegeta was testing Trohan's patience. If there was one thing the two warriors shared in common was the fact that when someone pissed them off, they stayed pissed. Trohan had to use most of his self-control not to kill Vegeta. He wanted to toy with the saiya-jin a bit more before sending him to meet Goku in the after life.

Trohan's endurance soon wore out and he hit Vegeta even harder than he had hit Trunks. Before the elder saiya-jin could recover, Trohan threw a powerful ki blast at him, the force of it knocking Vegeta back into the thick of the trees. Trohan knew he'd be coming back, but not before checking up on the little brats. Which left him time for one more victim…

Videl had watched this scene play out in numbing horror. How could Gohan be a part of that monster? She barely knew Mirai, but still! They were hurting the people that they cared about most! It was madness!

Videl threw herself on the ground when Trohan fired the ki blast at Vegeta. There was a roar, Vegeta yelled, and then a disturbing silence followed. Videl lifted her head up after the dust settled to find that she was alone with the monster. His back was turned to her and he seemed to be pondering something.

Videl looked at Chi-Chi's unconscious form, trying to form a quick plan. Trohan didn't seem to want to touch anyone who was out cold, probably something to do with his stupid, morbid honor code she mused grimly. So maybe if she pretended to be unconscious, Trohan would leave her alone momentarily and she could…

Too late.

Trohan was turning and looking straight at her. He had a horrible gleam in his eyes that Videl tried to decipher. When he took a step towards her, she realized it almost instantly.

'Shit!! H-He's going to kill me!!' Videl thought in dismay. She scrambled to her feet and started to run away, towards the trees. She was close to an old oak when Trohan phased in in front of her, blocking her exit.

"Where do you think you're going, Ms. Satan?" he asked crossing his arms over his chest in a superior manner. Videl took a step back. "Not trying to get away from me, are you?"

"Maybe. What's it to you?" Videl replied, internally cursing her big mouth. Gohan had told her once that she would regret mouthing off someday. Stupid, know-it all. She'd have to smack him good next time she saw him. If she saw him again, that was.

"You must know by now that no one escapes from me, alive," Trohan answer, confirming Videl's doubt about what he was going to do next.

If he had said something after that, Videl wasn't listening. While he had been threatening Vegeta, she had just processed the words, not the voice. But now, when he was a foot away from her she could clearly hear his teasing tone. Yet, there was something else, something she couldn't pick out…

Of course! It was Gohan's voice! That subtle hint reminded her of what Trohan was. He may have seemed like an unbeatable foe to the others, however, he was now just a fusion to her. He was a combination and that meant that Gohan must still be inside him somewhere! She could tell that both he and Mirai weren't in control, but he was still there! If she could reach him, maybe he'd be able to fight Trohan and come back!

"Gohan!!" She yelled, interrupting Trohan's slight rant. "I know you're in there, Gohan!!"

"What…?" Trohan muttered. She was calling out to Gohan? What would she accomplish by doing that? He was unable to hear her anyways.

"Gohan, listen to me!! This monster's hurting your friends!!" Videl ignored Trohan. "He hurt your little brother and Trunks! He's going to kill them if you don't do something!! You've got to stop him, Gohan! He's going to kill everyone on the planet…!"

"Enough!!" Trohan roared, pushing Videl to the ground. She landed hard and felt her right arm snap loudly. She bit her lip from crying out in pain. She knew she could take harder hits and that wasn't even Trohan's best.

She looked up as he stepped closer. From the light of the stars and buildings, Videl could tell he did not look calm and collected like he had only moments before. He was agitated and Videl noted with some pride that she had gotten under his skin.

"There is no Gohan here! He's gone!" Trohan snarled, a gruesome look on his face. "You can't bring him back, girl, so don't even try!"

"Yes I can!!" Videl yelled. "You can't fool me!! Gohan's in you and I know it!!"

"Too bad he's there instead of out here to save you!!" Trohan roared, sticking his hand out in front of Videl's face. He opened his palm and a blue ki ball formed in it. It was only a few inches away, yet Videl could still feel the intense heat from it. Trohan must've seen her horrified look for he smirked evilly at her.

"Say hello to Son Goku for me in Other World, would you?"


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