This story is completely experimental. I've taken much of artistic freedom here, twisting the Majora's Mask plot and adding characters that were originally absent.

Yet again I feel the need to add an OC, since there is not one decent female in the Zelda games, only damsels in distress.

However, I promise this OC will be nothing like Arien, and this Dark will differ from the one in 'Reborn'.

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"Prince Dark! There's a Hylian messenger asking for you." A soldier called out, slightly panting.

"For the hundredth time, tell that desperate woman I'm not going to marry her!" the prince growled angrily, and continued to pace in a fast tempo, forcing the soldier to run after him.

"It's…regarding something else." The soldier said in a quite voice, unwilling to upset his master.

The prince stopped his march, his long maroon gown waving behind him. He sighed deeply. "Where is he?" he inquired in a reluctant tone.

"He's in the royal hall." The soldier replied, regaining his breathe. The prince looked at the soldier with narrowed eyes, crimson slits that made the poor lad shiver.

"Dismissed." He said with a blank expression and the soldier saluted and took off. Dark was not a tyrant, but he was a rigorous commander. He demanded from his soldiers the exact same things he demanded from his self and he was a man of exceptional self discipline. His soldiers respected him more than they feared him, and he skillfully walked on the thin line between being an admired commander and a stern ruler.

He turned to the right and walked in the wide corridors of the castle, his legs leading him to the royal hall while his mind was fully occupied with many other things. A comprehensive military exercise was scheduled to the beginning of the following week and he was troubled with the many difficulties that aroused in executing such large scale operation. But when he entered the royal hall he cleared his head and gave his entire attention to the seemingly nervous messenger.

"How can I help you?" Dark asked with a tight smile, carrying himself representatively.

"Termina requested urgent aid from Hyrule. The matter they are dealing with… should concern you as well." The messenger said hesitatingly, avoiding the prince's curious eyes. "A representative is invited to a council meeting at Hyrule Castle, tomorrow."

"I see." The prince uttered morbidly, "Our delegate will attend this meeting." He promised and the messenger nodded shortly, bowed down and left the room. He sighed again; this day did not seem to go so well, and if he was correct with his estimations, it would only get worse.

A few moments later he knocked on heavy metal doors, waiting for a reply.

"Who is it?" a voice roared from behind the doors, so loud and low it made them shake.

"It's me, father." He replied in a softer tone than he usually used, and immediately came the answer, inviting him in. He walked into the spacious room, and a quick scan revealed his father sitting on the porch, reading a book.

"You've been extremely occupied lately with the military exercise lately." His father said a hint of disappointment in his voice. "What brings you here in this time of the day?" the man asked, lifting his eyes from the book to look at him.

"Bad news." Dark said tiredly, looking back into the yellow eyes that gazed at him, "A Hylian messenger arrived. Termina is asking for help."

"It was predictable." His father remarked, closing the book and placing it on the table, "The moon is closer than ever."

"Who should I send to represent us?" The prince asked for guidance.

"This matter is of great importance. I wouldn't leave it to the Hylian's incapable hands. You must go there yourself." The older man stated, caressing his red beard.

Dark sighed again. Indeed, this day was getting worse. "Then I should cancel the exercise." He said coldly, trying to mask his frustration.

His father stood up, almost seven feet of pure muscle and the vivaciousness of an adolescent. The prince looked at his father with awe and admiration; he was the best king this land could hope for. The king placed his hand on Dark's shoulder and looked at him thoughtfully.

"Hard times are soon to come. I trust you with the fate of this kingdom." The king said, gripping Dark's shoulder tighter.

"I will not disappoint you father." The prince promised, but his heart was not free of doubts.

The king attempted at smiling, but the result was far from pleasant; his aggressive features grimaced ungracefully, like a predator spotting his prey. "Well, prepare for your journey. I will handle the military exercise."

The prince smiled weakly, thanked his father and left the porch, marching to his wing. The following day would be long and tiring. He tried to avoid as much as possible diplomatic obligations, and preferred to deal with military issues and internal conflicts. Unfortunately, his father's sharp eyes noticed this tendency of his, and the king forced the young prince to delve into politics and gain diplomatic experience. More than he hated the pretence and the spurious, ridiculous formalities, he strongly distrusted Hylian people. And going to Hyrule Castle tomorrow caused him great discomfort. But it was the prince's job, and he would never disappoint his father.