Uh, yeah, I'm not even too sure what this is exactly. Basically I just closed my eyes and starting typing haha. Based off of Drop Dead Fred (obviously or it wouldn't be in this category.) Anywho, I don't own anything related to said movie it is, however, an amazing movie. :D I'm not even sure what film company it was from... But yeah, I have no ownership! Yay for not having ownership!

I am sick.
According to my peers and those who are older I am sick.
A classic case of insanity, just another patient to look sympathetically at even though they don't actually care.
You may wonder, why exactly am I sick?
You may say I seem completely aware of myself and my surroundings.
You would be correct if it weren't for one simple snag, for you see I have an imaginary friend.
An imaginary lover.
He always knows how I feel, what I want to feel, what my dreams are, what makes me laugh, what makes me cry.
Only he knows the inner workings of my complicated mind.
They call me crazy, he calls me love.
They want me to grow up, he couldn't imagine me any different.
How do I explain that I would rather love someone only I can see than those of flesh and blood?
To me he is real, every touch, every whisper; everything to me is real about him.
The soul in his sea blue eyes, the manic style of his short, ginger hair.
How can the outside realm compete with the only person who ever understood?

They offer a bit of help, a doctor who could make me all better.
Give me loads of medication and get rid of my friend once an for all.
Why can't it be my choice?
Why can't I just continue to love him?
Why don't they understand how much I need him?
All my life he has been there for me, where have they been?
Looking at me with disdain, while wishing I would grow out of childish fantasy.
To them I am in the realm between, the one in-between being a child and an adult.
Far to childish to be in love, but far to much a adult to believe in the imaginary.
How can they understand the imaginary?
They can't.
But I do.
Every action I receive from him is one of love and care, far to real to be just a figment of my mind.
While all they do is stare, wondering why?
All those emotions in their minds I feel too.
I, however, have one more emotion that they can't possibly feel.
For I am in love with my imaginary friend and I am happy.