I haven't really been in the yule tide spirit this year, so I just decided to do some Christmas-y one shots just cuz. Some will be very short. M/M Slash, of course. Language, adult situations, perversion, fluff, maybe a hint or two of angst (shrugs). I wanna see what I can get done before Christmas. I dunno if there will be sex or not. I've rated it 'M' just in case I decide to.. The majority of these will be Jeff/Edge, of course. And will center around my adorkable Adam, of course. ;) The first one is a backwards ass take on 'A Christmas Carol'. It had to be fit into one drabble, so it's not quite epic.

Christmas Shots; 2010
Chapter one/ 'A Sorta Christmas Carol'
Rated; M-ish/ L, (adult situations, perversions, talks of sex, a bit of a twitchy/dramatic Addy, Mor in a shower)
Pairing; Implied Jay/Adam, Jay/Morrison, Jeri/Adam, Jay/Jeri, & Jeff/Adam.
Set-up; Adam's apparently been a naughty boy this year & is visited by 3 spirits. It's not really what he expected...

Adam Copeland sighed as the clock started chiming. Tonight had been hell. Literally. Adam never saw himself as a modern day Scrooge, but apparently he had been bad enough this year to be haunted by three 'spirits' (all in the form of his friends) and not the kind of 'spirits' he wanted to be haunted by either.

The first had been Randy Orton, who showed him his Christmas past. Randy only showed him a lonely Christmas of just him and his mom when he was younger before he had even met Jay. It had been a rough year and they didn't have much, but his mom still managed to make sure 'Santa Claus' got him that soccer ball and hockey stick he so wanted. "So what?" Adam had argued. His childhood was rough, but he persevered. He rose above and now he had whatever he wanted and made sure his mom had whatever she wanted. He definitely could not be considered a Scrooge on that account.

The next thing Randy showed Adam was a night in his and Jay's old college dorm. Adam had gulped and twitched all through the live memories of losing his virginity to his best friend in the small twin-sized bed. Randy only laughed at the blushing blonde, acting like a horny teenager himself as he watched Adam writhe and moan like a slut in heat underneath Jay. Seeing the blonde's hair be a mess and his ass sticking up in the air as his back arched and Jay fucked the holy shit out of him. They had just been drunk and horny that night and what the hell! Randy would pay dearly for that, Adam decided. He'd find something dark and hard in his stocking, alright. And it wouldn't be coal or chocolate, he'd tell him that.

Next was Jay Reso, who was plotting the same thing that was so-not-coal related as it concerned Randy Orton. Adam was happy he had an ally in the get-Randy-for-showing-private-shit department. For the Christmas Present thing, Jay showed Adam John Morrison taking a shower.

"How does this relate to me and being a Scrooge?" Adam had asked in irritation.

Jay just shrugged. "Oh, it doesn't really." He said, letting his eyes feast on the brunette's wet skin and those suds that washed away under the steamy water. "I figured if I had the power to show anything for one night, then I didn't wanna waste it on you. I wanted to sneak a peek at this." Jay smirked, still drooling. He groaned as Morrie dropped the soap and bent over to retrieve it. His lean legs spread out and his firm round bottom just right there all naked and wet and ready to be taken.

Adam's mouth had dropped. "Some friend you are!" He huffed, slapping Jay on the arm.

"Ow!" Jay complained, rubbing where he'd been smacked. "See? That's why I'm showing you this. You've been nothing but a total brat this year."

Adam's left eye twitched. "Because I've been a brat, you're showing me John Morrison taking a shower?" He squeaked.

Jay wet his lips as he watched Johnny running his soapy hands all over his torso, moving them down to rub over his crotch. Jay shuddered and took a deep breath. "Yes. That's exactly why." He cleared his throat. "Eh, I could have showed you worse things. Like the time you hooked up with Chris Jericho.."

"Or you could show me the times you hooked up with Chris Jericho." Adam smirked, folding his arms.

"Yeah, see? This is much better." Jay snapped his fingers and a bag of popcorn appeared in his other hand. Jay grabbed a handful out before offering some to Adam. "So stop being a little bitch and let's watch." He grumbled before cramming his mouth full.

Now it was time for the final ghost. Adam didn't remember 'A Christmas Carol' as good, probably perhaps because it had been a long time since he'd watched or read it. And even though he was pretty sure he had nothing to worry about (even though he still didn't know what he had done so wrong to warrant this even happening to him!) since the other two 'ghosts' were pretty fucked up and so-not like the story by Charles Dickens. Adam still felt dread about the last 'ghost'. That ghost was the Ghost of Christmas Future, Yet to Come, whatever... That ghost was generally like death in the story, if Adam remembered right, telling Scrooge that unless he changed his ways, he'd die alone and be totally unmourned. But so far for Adam, tonight had just been sex.. and more sex..

Adam sighed as the clock finished striking down and the room went kind of darkish and there appeared the Ghost of Christmas Future. Adam shivered as he saw the looming figure in a black robe with the hood pulled up over its head and red menacing eyes peering out from the black emptiness of the hood. The figure moaned loudly and pointed towards Adam with the hand that wasn't holding the sythe.

Adam let out a rather girl-ish yelp and ducked behind his bed. Covering his mouth with a squeak that he'd be teased for if Jay or Randy had heard it.

"Ad-am.." The figure moaned, drawing out his name.

Adam peered up. "Pl-please.. uh.. Spirit.. leave me alone.."

The Grim Reaper-ish Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come slowly raised his hands up and took down his hood before shaking out his green and blue hair.

Adam narrowed his eyes. "Jeff!" He growled. His foolish fear replaced by irritation as Jeff smiled widely at him. Adam got up and collected whatever manhood he may have had left (which he was positive wasn't much) and stalked over toward Jeff Hardy. "Oh-no. I've had enough of this! I don't give a damn what you think you have to show me from my so-called 'Christmas Future', I am NOT going anywhere with you! I'm done." Adam protested, waving his arms about as Jeff stared at him in slight amusement. "I get it." Adam began to pace. "I've been a bad boy. I repent and change my ways!" He stopped and nodded wildly, long blond hair shaking about. Eyes wide and feral. Adam blinked, his lips twitching at the ends. "I'll be all magmercifient from now on, but.. you can forget it! You're not taking me nowhere." Adam folded his arms stubbornly.

Jeff just shrugged and removed his robe. Peeling it apart in front before letting it slip down his shoulders and flutter to his feet. "That's all well and all, Adam. But I'm not here to take you anywhere." Jeff smirked, raising his shirt above his head in front of the confusion-ridden blonde before reaching for his belt. "I'm just here to take you."

First, I realize magmercifient isn't a word.. I just had Adam make up a word in his distress. Also I realize 'A Christmas Carol' went absolutely nothing like this, lol. I love that classic Christmas tale, but I didn't wanna rewrite it. I just wanted it to be sorta silly. And actually, it's been a long time since I even saw anything to do w/ 'A Christmas Carol'... Uhm, oh-well.. Merry X-Mas, everyone? Haha!