LadyDragonsblood, chp 43, it's alright. I've been driving myself crazy with the holidays. Thank you dearly. Chp 44, every year I say the decorations & Shots will be started in November.. it never happens, lol. A lot of these are for memories. I inspired some of my own. Chp 45, I do manage to get my gifts done in the November- early December range. Used to drive around to look at lights as a kid. LEDs or inflatables didn't exist then either. We did have some lights that sang Rudolph. Chp 46, that RAW made me giggle quite a lot. Chp 47, I remember an ex of my mom's had a Santa one back in like 2002 when they weren't that huge. I hated the sound it made to be blown up. Right now they're really popular over here & I see them in a lot of yards, they make them in just about everything, even for Halloween. I don't or won't have them in my yard though. It reminded me of a good song title.. Thank you, sweetheart. Glad you've enjoyed these & Merry Christmas. takers dark lover, chp 46 & 47, thank you.

Christmas Shots; 2013
Chapter forty-eight/ 'Miztletoe'
Rated; M/ L (lots of boy/boy kissing)
Pairing; Mainly Jiz, Slatian, Gunk..
Set-up; At a party Miz is tired of watching Chris flirt & ignore him.. so he gets the perfect idea to entertain himself by collecting kisses under the mistletoe.

Mike Mizanin watched his boyfriend through narrowed blue eyes. Chris was talking to the little brunette that Punk brought around.. he didn't even look old enough to be at the party and yet he was older than Miz. He guessed they were discussing music or something, both smiling and laughing. He watched Chris touch his shoulder, flirting perhaps.. Jeff told him that men were just like that around Gerard. Straight men, gay men, married men, taken men, manly girls.. They all had to touch him and smile and look at him like they wanted him on all fours..

Not that Miz really blamed them, and he didn't blame Chris, he just felt left out and alone at the party. Punk walked up at this time and wrapped an arm around Gerard's shoulders, Jeri backed off a bit but their conversation kept going. Those three could talk music and shit forever..

Miz had wandered over once more and tried to get Chris' attention, but the blond kinda waved him off, so he gave up.. Chris couldn't stop flirting or ignoring him to have any fun with him.. So Mike decided he would have fun by himself, spotting the mistletoe hanging in a doorway and smirking. He knew what kind of fun he'd have.


Mike stood watching the doorway. The party he had left in the other room wasn't really rowdy, but inhibitions were being loosened at least. He had found this nice little room empty for now and hid along the wall, ready to strike as soon as someone stepped under the sprig of mistletoe hanging in the doorway. If Chris was going to drink and flirt with everything in sight, Miz was going to too. He had always thought about doing this at a Christmas party, waiting till it was in good swing and people were slightly tipsy and seeing how many kisses under mistletoe he could collect.

He just had to wait. He saw a shadow looming, but the big booming voice belonged to JBL. Ew, no. Go away.

Layfield didn't come in to his relief and a few seconds later a messy head of brown hair popped in. Who it belonged to couldn't have been more perfect.

"Phil? You in here?" Gerard stepped on inside and Miz saw his chance. He moved before he could leave, grabbing his head and tugging it close. He had to lean down a bit due to the height difference.

Gerard's eyes widened as Miz crushed his mouth against his, kissing him hungrily. Gerard's lips were soft and when he relaxed and kissed back, Mike had to admit it was one of the best kisses he had had. He tasted like coffee and sugar and that small mewl sound that came from his throat made Mike wish he had it in him to take it further than kissing.. Well, maybe a foursome could be arranged. Chris liked Phil and Gerard, and Mike liked Phil and Gerard..

He broke the kiss after a few fleeting pecks to those lop-sided lips and pulled back. "Uh.. mistletoe.." He pointed up, smiling sheepishly.

Gerard appeared dazed, mouth half open and eyes narrowed into lazy slits. "Have you seen Phil? Punk?"

"No, dude. Sorry."

Gerard nodded hazily and wandered away. And when Adam wandered in, Mike had him up against the wall, capturing and devouring that perfectly, naturally pouted mouth. He tasted of chocolate and a hint of peppermint. Miz tugged his head back by his hair, sucking and tugging at his bottom lip with his teeth before letting go.

The taller blonde was stunned for a moment, but shook it off and glared. "Dammit, Mizanin, you're supposed to do it under the mistletoe!" He pointed over to the doorway.

They had apparently stepped out from under it when Mike grabbed him and pushed him against the wall. Whoops. He shrugged and left the blonde to find another unoccupied room. He found it in the kitchen, making sure the mistletoe was in the doorway and waiting. It took longer this time, but finally someone staggered in.

It was Heath Slater, still yammering as he walked through the threshold. "I'll get it, Daddy.. you want Coke or-" He was cut off as two hands grabbed his head and a pair of lips pressed against his own. Whatever question of protest or surprise was muffled by the lips and swallowed up by their owner.

Miz slid a tongue past Heath's lips, tasting the redhead. He too kinda tasted like candy cane and his full mouth was warm and inviting. He pulled back when someone cleared their throat, Heath's eyes wide and blinking. Jay Reso stood with his arms crossed, glowering questioningly at him. It should've been a little awkward, seeing how Jay was Chris' ex from awhile back.. but eh.

Mike shrugged and grabbed Jay's face, jerking him close roughly and planting a hard forceful sloppy kiss on the irritated blond. He was kinda convinced that Canadians just fucking tasted the best of all.

Jay shoved Miz away from him. "What the hell?"

Heath pointed up. "Mistletoe, Daddy.. Or maybe we should say Miztletoe.." He giggled.

Jay rolled his eyes. "Beat it, Mizanin."

Miz scoffed. "You're no fun. How do you put up with this guy?" He jerked a thumb toward Jay, taking his leave.

"My Daddy's fun.." Heath retorted.

Jay licked his lips. "Well, gotta admit it wasn't bad. I'll kill him if he ever does it again though.."

Heath giggled, moving closer to Jay and pawing at his chest. "Rawr.."

For the next half hour, Miz laid in wait for unsuspecting guys to pass underneath a doorway. He had pounced on a confused Fandango, making sure to ravish the dancer's hair as he ran his hands through it. Dolph Ziggler more-or-less got him, kissing him a little too messily and leaving him wondering if he should count it.. He did and took a break to freshen his breath again just in case. Cody Rhodes did not care and just left with a shit-eating smirk. Miz didn't want to get Randy Orton, he was afraid that beard would hurt him.


Punk walked back up to Chris, opened bottle of Pepsi in his hand. "Do you know what your boyfriend's been doing all night, Jeri..?"

Chris sighed. "It's hard telling with him. He's been all pouty."

"He's being a ho ho ho.. kissing every pretty boy in sight." Phil smirked, holding the plastic bottle up to his lips. He took a drink.

"He what?" Jericho squeaked. "Oh, that bitch.."

Adam snorted. "To his credit, he was doing it under mistletoe.."

Chris groaned and rubbed his eyes with his thumb and middle finger. "I don't believe him.."


Miz stood waiting back in the doorway of the empty room. No one had come in and his lips had needed a break. He kept his victims select, not interested in smooching just anyone. He had saw John Morrison for a brief second and pondered if he should just pass him up if the opportunity presented itself. He had sort of dumped Mor before he got with Jericho.. They hadn't been working out, Mor didn't seem interested anymore.. they just drifted apart. He was afraid it'd cause too many old wounds to be opened up and didn't need it.. Besides, he thinks Johnny was there to see Orton.

Mike was about to abandon his wait when a hand wrapped around his tie and yanked him close and a hot, wet mouth crashed against his own, kissing him possessively. He knew that mouth anywhere and kissed back fervently, clutching to their shirt as they shoved him against the wall.

Chris pulled back, a pretty little scowl on his pursed lips. Mike had to admit he was quite hott when he was mad and shuddered.

"Miiikey.. you got some 'splaining to do.." Jericho said, pulling the dirty-blond away.

Well, what could he say? "It was under the mistletoe.."

I thought I was clever with the title.. I had to write something to use it. I usually have a lot of three/foursomes in my head that I never write.. Chris quoted Ricky Ricardo from I Love Lucy at the end for anyone who doesn't get it. Well, that's it for this year. Thank you to everyone who read, reviewed, etc. I hope everyone enjoyed them. Merry ChrizMiz, everyone! Or um, Merry Christmas!