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Cause she's bittersweet, she knocks me off of my feet. And I can't help myself, I don't want anyone else. She's a mystery. She's too much for me. But I keep coming back for more. She's just the girl I'm looking for.

The first day Riza Hawkeye ever met Roy Mustang, it was in the hallway. She was rushing to her next class and seemed to bump into him. As she apologised, he suddenly tried to hit on her. Completely disgusted, she left him there with no reply. From that day on, Riza had hated him, but Roy had completely fallen for her.

"What's everyone doing this Friday?" Roy asked one fine Wednesday lunch.

"You mean on Valentine's day?" Al asked.

"Yep." He replied.

"I'm going with my girlfriend." Hughes said.

"Yeah, me too." Ed said.

"Same here!" Havoc replied.

"Wait. Just wondering again, how many of you got girlfriends?" Roy asked as four out of his four friends raised their hand up. Only Al and Ling didn't raise their hands up, which made him feel the tiniest bit happier.

"Well that's enlightening. Are you gonna do anything on Valentine's Day Al?" Roy asked.

"Oh… Yeah! I am. I'm going to study with Mei. We have a test on Monday." He replied.

"Kay. How 'bout you Yao? Don't you have a date? I thought that every single girl wants you."

"Nah. He doesn't have a date. Cause other than you Mustang, someone else got rejected multiple times by the girl he likes." Ed explained with a smirk.

"Shut up! It's just cause all those girls are always around me when I try to ask!" Ling whined.

"So wait." Havoc said. "Who'd squinty fall for?"

"Umm… Oh yeah. Over there, sitting next to the girls, LanFan." Al said as he pointed to a distant table across the hallway where the girls sat.

"Wait. He fell for LanFan!" Roy said with a smirk.

"Wait!" Ling snapped. "No I didn't. HOW THE HELL WOULD YOU KNOW WHO I LIKED!"

"It's pretty simple." Al said. "I mean, you always stare at her. And I see you always trying to talk to her but getting rejected."

"Yeah." Ed said, nearly laughing. "The guy who can pretty much get anything he wants can't get the girl he likes."

"That's quite ironic." Hughes said. "At least you're not alone this Friday Mustang."

"Hey wait!" Ling said. "Stop jumping to all these conclusions! By the time of this Friday, I will get LanFan to go out on a date with me. You can bet on it!"

"Ok. I'll bet $10 that he won't get her." Havoc said.

"I bet $20!" Ed said.

"I bet $30 that he will!" Hughes said, as all of them looked at him in utter shock. "We do need a little bit more love now do we? I mean, they can't beat me and my Gracia as the cutest pair but…"

"Anyways…" Roy said, turning away from his friend. "Can someone help me with my problem?"

"Oh. You mean the problem with you and Riza?" Al asked.

"YES!" Roy said.

"Give up Mustang." Ed said. "We all know that she hates you and will until hell freezes over. Every time you even try to talk to her, you get shot down. Don't push your luck this year"

"Why with the motivational words." Roy said sarcastically. "But still. I'm not giving up on her! I mean, Hughes is right! We do need a little nit more love!"

Though he looked very patriotic, everyone thought him as a fool. A fool in love. But somehow, things seemed different this year. Maybe, just maybe, he might get the girl of his dreams.

"Hey Riza!" Winry said as she tried to get her friend's attention. "It seems that you not-much-of-a-secret admirer is coming!"

"Shut up! I don't wanna see him!" she replied angrily.

"Too bad… cuse here he is right now. Hi Ed, Al, Havoc, Hughes, Ling and Roy."

"Hey girls. What's up?" Havoc asked.

"Nothing much really…" Rebecca replied tiredly.

"So what are you girls doing on Valentine's Day?" Hughes asked as he sat next to Gracia.

"I'm going out with Ed… right?" Winry asked, which seemed directed to Ed.

"Oh yeah. Sure. Got everything all planned." Ed replied hastily.

"I'm going out with Havoc." replied Rebecca.

"I'm studying with Al." Mei replied.

"How about you LanFan?" Al asked, wanting Ling to hear what she has to say.

"Oh." she said quietly, looking up from the book she was reading. "Not really sure yet... Probably just the usual, studying and all that. I'm don't really wanna go out, unless someone I like asks me."

"Okay…" Ling said as LanFan glared at him for being there.

"How about you Riza." Winry asked. "What're you going to do?"

"Me." she replied, seeming not to pay attention to what was happening. "Not going out. Duh. And if someone tries to ask, they already know the answer." She saw as Roy seemed to look more depressed after what she said and suddenly felt better. She always got tired of him always trying to be nice and ask her out. "Does he ever give up?" she thought to herself.

riiiiiiiiiing, riiiiiiiiiing

"Saved by the bell." she thought as she stood up from the table.

"Would you like me to come with you to class?" Roy asked, giving his arm out.

"Give up Roy." Rebecca said as she next to Riza. "You'll never get the girl."

"She's right." Riza said, not giving him one look. "Just give up and get lost."

She seemed so high and mighty as she walked in front of him. It was so beautiful as she smiled when she talked to her friends. What he just wondered, was why he fell for a girl like her? Someone who hates him so bad, it's like hell's touch when he's near her. But still, he knew that this Friday, he would do something to get her. After all these years, he would finally get just the girl.

Yay! First chapter finished. If you guys haven't guessed already, this is based on the song Just the Girl by the Click Five. Just saying, I don't own rights to the song or FMA. Hope you liked it! I'll try and update soon... (if I don't have writer's block)

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