"Hello people of America and maybe beyond, for those of you who don't already know me, I'm Michelle-sensei!" I say eagerly into the microphone. "I'd like to announce my new fanfic! But since I'm lazy, and since it was Reno's idea and not mine, I'll have him announce it!" Reno walks onto stage and grabs the microphone from me.

"Yo people of the internet! Reno Sinclair here to justify my friend's laziness!" He says, jabbing a thumb at me. "This was all her idea I swear, but I'm telling all a you that she don't own Final Fantasy VII. She don't even own the actual game! OR Advent Children, OR Dirge of Cerberus, OR Crisis Core, OR-Ack!" I kick Reno in the side to get him to shut up. He falls to the floor and I sit on him to keep him down.

"I didn't ask ya for all that, Reno. Anyways, since I am very bored and wanna try something new," Reno scoffs beneath me and I step on his head. "Well, new to me at least, I decided to do a Final Fantasy VII Q and A!"

"…What's a Q and A?" Reno asks. I roll my eyes.

"It means question and answer, for any of you that're having a "stupid as Reno" moment." Reno makes a "hmph" sound. I jab him in the side. "You ask the characters of Final Fantasy VII anything you want, and they'll answer it honestly! For example, Reno, is your hair naturally that color?" I hold the microphone to him. He turns his head to talk into it.

"Yes!" I conk him on the head with the microphone. "Ouuuuch…" He moans, rubbing where the impact was.

"I said honestly!" Reno rolled his eyes and I sigh. "Well, just ask anyone whatever may be probing your minds and I'll make them answer some way or another, alrighty? Bye guys! Say bye to the people, Reno."

"Bye to the people!"