Michelle: (walks into the studio and yawns) G'morning, people.

Zack: First, it's like, nine at night right now.

Reno: Second, you're late as hell.

Michelle: (pout) S'not my fault! ...Well, actually, it is. I've been too lazy to type recently. Sorry, readers. ^^' But I'm here now, so let's get started, shall we? :D Who's my lovely assistant today?

Yazoo: I am, apparently. (digs in bag and gives Michelle-sensei a letter)

Michelle: Thank you, lovely assistant. :3

Yazoo: ...

Kadaj and Loz: (snickering under their breath)

Michelle: Okay! These are from pmspikachu!

PiPikachu! Hiya pmspikachu here! I just have one word to say about this fic. Genius. Now onto the questions.

Vincent: Are you Seph's dad? Caus' I don't belive for one second that it's Hojo. Just look at the simalarities between the two of you. Your facial structures are very much alike, and you two have the exact same nose. Though Seph looks a lot like Lucrecia(sp?) as well.

Cloud:... I don't like you. At all.

Sephiroth: Can i have a hug?

That's all for now! Bye!

Michelle: Thanks! I'm glad you like it. :D

Cloud: ... (stands Vincent and Seph next to each other)

Everyone: (looking between Seph and Vincent) O.o

Zack: Dude, I can totally see them being related...

Angeal: As can I...

Genesis: Me, too...

Michelle: They do look alike, don't they? But can you give us an actual answer, Vince?

Vincent: If I had the answer, I would tell you.

Reno: Condoms were invented for a reason, Vinny.

Vincent: I know that, but everything is different in a lab.

Yuffie: Ooh, let's make them go on Oprah!


Yuffie: The Maury Show?

Vincent: No.

Yuffie: ...Jerry Springer?

Seph and Vincent: NO!

Yuffie: (pout)

Michelle: Let's move on before Yuffie gets shot or beheaded. Cloud?

Cloud: What did I do?

Zack: Aww, don't worry, Spiky, I still love ya. (glomps Cloud)

Cloud: Ugh. Why do you insist on raping me on a daily basis?

Zack: (gasp) This isn't rape! Trust me, when I rape you, you'll know. ;3

Cloud: ... -.-'

Michelle: ...Seph, give the reviewer a hug so we can move on.

Seph: Why me?

Michelle: Because the reviewer asked for it, because I said so, and because you are my slave until this fic is over. B3

Seph: ... (glares at Michelle-sensei and sighs) Alright, just one. (hugs pmspikachu) There, will that suffice?

Michelle: Quite. Thank you, Seph. :)

Everyone: O.O

Genesis: Did that fourteen year old girl really just get the mighty General Sephiroth to give a random fan a hug?

Everyone: (nod)

Angeal: ...She must be a goddess.

Reno: Or at least have some really strong devil powers!

Michelle: No goddess, no powers, just logic, charisma, and blackmail. :3

Yuffie: Ooh, so devious~!

Michelle: Why thank you. B3 The next letter on my list is one from KHGiggle, but I can't do them just yet. ^^' So I'll save hers for a later date. So, new letter! (digs in bag) Here's one from organization13girl!

Vincent:My sister entered my review before I could say no .And I am not a fangirl,please understand this!I dont have posters all over my room of you guys and squeal like an idiot when I see you in the games or movies or whatever else fangirls do.

Kadaj:*gives more chocolate*Enough said by that gesture.

Yazoo:Thank you Yazoo!

Loz:I almost forgot,if you could have ANY weapon,even one that isnt real,what weapon would you have?And it cannot be your current weapon.

Reno:I agree with my sis,be afraid you can have it back!*gives empty wallet*I have no more use for it.

Cloud:Can I have Jenova?Pwease?I will leave you alone for 7 .

Cid:Taking a wallet but not taking anything from it is not torture.*gives back wallet*Just wanted to prove my ninjer skills.

Rufus:That doesn't help at all...umm other than there where have you been?

Michelle:Yay,sister who writes awesome stories and is a theif and likes FF and this sentence has grammer issues!*hugs*

Yuffie:Si!That be epic!What do you wanna steal first and from who?

Sephy:(thats right Imma call you Sephy)Your awesome..just..your awesome and fun to fight in the games.

Michelle: YAAAAAAY! (super tackle Zack-glomps organization13girl) I have a sister! Tis epic! :D And that sentence does have grammer issues. XD

Everyone: -.-'

Tseng: Focus, Michelle-sensei. Stop glomping the daylights out of the reviewer and host your story.

Michelle: (pout) Fine.

Vincent: If that's the case, then I understand. I apologize.

Yazoo: Do fangirls really do that?

Michelle: Some of them do. They turn their room into shrines for their favorite characters and squeal when they see them in shows and movies and stuff. A couple even snuggle with body pillows with a character's picture on it. Most aren't that bad, though.

Everyone: ...shrines? O.o

Michelle: Yes, shrines. My friend JuJu thinks I have a shrine to Axel.

Reno: (cringes)

Zack: Do you?

Michelle: Nah. I just have a picture of him that SHE drew on my binder. But that's beside the point. Admit it, you totally wanna call Kadaj cute again. :)

Kadaj: Ooh, more chocolate~! (om noms the chocolate)

Yazoo: ...Why do I even try to stop him? He'll just eat it anyway.

Kadaj: Yupthat'sright, noonecantellmewhattodo, becauseI'mjustthatepic~!

Everyone: -.-'

Yazoo: You're welcome. Alert us if you find anything.

Loz: Umm...Big brother's brunette friend...

Cloud: Zack?

Loz: Nope, not him, the other one...the guy with the lion necklace.

Cloud: ...Leonhart?

Loz: Yeah, him! I wanna try his weapon. :D

Zack: (gasp) Cloud! Are you cheating on me?

Cloud: Wait, what? We aren't together.

Zack: (pout) Fine, I see how it is! (Stalks away to avoid laughing himself into a coma)

Cloud: Crap, Zack... (follows) Stop acting like a chick!

Everyone: XD

Michelle: Ooookay, back on topic. Here's your wallet, Reno. :3 (gives empty wallet)

Reno: What the hell, man! I had 1,000 gil in there!


Cloud: (Still trying to find the now hiding Zack) I'm busy at the moment, but tell her no, she can't have Jenova no matter how long she's willing to leave me alone.

Michelle: ...He said no, you can't have Jenova no matter how long you're willing to leave him alone. (sigh) no fun, are ya, Spiky?

Cloud: Nope. (goes to look for Zack in another room)

Seph: ...Where did Fair go?

Angeal: (points up)

Everyone: ... (follows his finger)

Zack: (stuck to the ceiling) Um...hiya! ^^'

Everyone: O.o

Aerith: How did you get up there?

Zack: (shrug) I found a graviga materia. :3

Michelle: Well get down!

Zack: Um...

Angeal: I don't think he knows how.

Everyone: ...

Reno: Well, then one of two things will happen. One, he'll get lucky and figure out how to get down, or two-

Zack: AGH! (falls off the ceiling and lands on Genesis)

Reno: ...the materia will wear off. -.-'

Genesis: Puppy, get off of me!

Zack: Right, sorry. ^^' (gets up and offers a hand to Genesis)

Genesis: (glares and stands up on his own)

Michelle: ...moving on. Cid, here's your wallet. (gives Cid's wallet back)

Cid: ... (looks through wallet) Damn, ya really didn't take anythin'. Thanks, kid.

Michelle: I told you, we don't steal from our allies. :) So, Rufus?

Rufus: Besides recovering, I haven't been doing anything. Tseng wouldn't let me whenever I tried. (glare)

Tseng: (rolls eyes)

Everyone: O.o

Michelle: I know I did this already, but oh well. (super glomp) Yay! :D

Everyone: -.-'

Yuffie: Hmm...ooh, let's steal Reno's hair dye! :D

Michelle: Ooh, perfect~! He'll go crazy without it!

Reno: For the last damn time, I DON'T DYE MY HAIR! D:

Yuffie: Suuuure you don't. :3

Michelle: So that just leaves Sephy. B3

Seph: (glare) Thank you, but please don't call me Sephy.

Zack: But I call you Sephy all the time!

Seph: Without my permission.

Zack: hmph!

Cloud: (sigh) I couldn't find- (sees Zack) ...Zack.

Zack: Hiya, Spiky! :D

Cloud: ...no comment.

Zack: -^^- (innocent smile)

Michelle: Well, now that our cast is back, let's continue! (goes into bag and pulls out yet another letter) Here's another from Riayna Darkheart!

Hello again!

I've come up with some questions and I hope they are at least decent.

I'm trying to amuse people here.

And get some answers.

Michelle: Wait, can I question you? If not, ignore these questions: They make all that gil and still haven't given you anything for reviving their names as stars? Seriously, you are way to kind for doing this for free. Also, can I give stuff to the characters? Example: Gifts, food, hugs, etc.

Yuffie: Do you think you can get away with stealing Sephiroth's Masamune and live? Can you try? Oh, and *hand over Phoenix Down*. Now I am not responsible for anything that may happen if you try.

Sephiroth: Sorry about the previous question. Since you aren't present in the series anymore to kill Cloud I got bored. I've been waiting for a long time, and the way Square Enix thinks I'll be waiting till I grow old and die. And how did you let Cloud kill you even once with a 7 foot long weapon? I mean, if I had that thing I'd just jab him with it every time he gets within a 7 foot distance. Your last name was never revealed in FFVII or any of the compilation. People argue over whether it was Valentine or Hojo, but can't you just say it's Crescent? That would leave the fans wondering forever, but at least you'll have a last name.

Cloud: *grins* I just had a flashback of you being emo again. Oh wait, when are you not? If you can't tell by now, I'm a Sephiroth fan. Don't worry, this is a Q&A, not Truth or Dare, so i can't (physically) harm you. Doesn't mean your mind will be safe.

Vincent the Vampire: Yes, I just called you that. No, you can't kill me. Are you hearing any voices in your head now? Can I call you Vincent the Vampire from now on? Or Vinnie the Vampire? Okay, I know it sounds funny but you'll live. Although I might die laughing. *tries to restrain laughter*

Okay, this is long enough. Hopefully there will be a next time so i can continue questioning your cast. Please don't give up on this like so many others have done with theirs! You have the support of every fangirl out there.

Michelle: It's good to know I'm supported. :3 Don't worry, i'm not gonna be giving up on this fic anytime soon. Yeah, you can give the cast stuff. And...sure, I guess I'll take questions too. I haven't asked them for payment, because being able to make friends with them is reward enough. :)

Everyone: ... (all of a sudden feeling very guilty for not giving Michelle-sensei anything)

Reno: Aw, c'mon! Stop trying to play us for fools!

Michelle: But I'm not! D:

Yuffie: Reno, would it kill ya to be nice to her?

Vincent: She does keep our fame alive...

Marlene: And she's not evil, you big meanie!

Michelle: (angry vein) YES I AM!

Yazoo: You're too nice to be evil, Michelle-sensei.

Michelle: Hmph!

Yuffie: And I already did steal masamune! In episode six~! :D

Seph: Hence why I've kept it in an undisclosed location from then on.

Yuffie: Oh please. Sticking it behind your dresser won't help it. B3

Seph: ...Excuse me. (goes to find a new hiding spot)

Everyone: O.o

Tifa: How'd you know it was there?

Yuffie: I didn't. But I do now! 8D

Everyone: ...

Seph: (returns) There, now even you cannot find it.

Yuffie: I'll find a way. ;)

Michelle: And I'll help her. But for now, just answer your questions, Seph. :3

Seph: Well...It isn't as simple as just jabbing him whenever he gets within my range. It's more finding ways to counter his attacks before making my own. And that's the name I go by.

Michelle: Sephiroth Crescent? It has a nice ring to it. :)

Genesis: He signs his name with Crescent, too.

Seph: Although, it's true, my paternal last name was never confirmed to be Hojo or Valentine. I can understand why fangirls would argue over it. But, no, I will not reveal which it is.

Yuffie: Which means he doesn't know himself. ^^

Seph: ...

Michelle: No, you can't kill her. Any comments, Cloud?

Cloud: ...I'm not emo.

Zack: Maybe the fangirls will believe that when you stop acting like one. :3

Cloud: ...

Michelle: If you want to do physical harm to him...I might accept a request or two. :3

Cloud: Hey!

Michelle: Nothing too bad, chill, Cloudy. :) You're next, Vincent.

Vincent: I can hear Chaos, if that is what you mean. And no, you may not call me Vinnie the Vampire. I get enough of that nickname from Reno. I don't want it from reviewers, too.

Reno: Aww, we give you corny nicknames because we love you, Vinnie! :3

Vincent: I don't care why you give them to me, the fact remains that I don't want them.

Reno: You're such a killjoy, Vamp Vinnie...

Vincent: ...

Michelle: I might just die laughing too. XD

Vincent: I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Michelle: Hmph! (looks at clock) Well...I got some more time. Letter number four, away~! (pulls it out) Here's one from oodball167!

Q&A's had never been my thing, but I must admit they can be rather... refreshing. From time to time, that is.

Hence my first time raising questions for an Q&A:

To Miss Gainsborough, which of Zack's hairstyle do you like more, before or after Modeoheim?

To Mr. Rhapsodos, Bukowski or Shakespeare?

To the host, Michelle, why most of fangirls likes yaoi? Is for the same reason most of us guys likes yuri?

Cordially from Acheron, oodball167.

Michelle: Ooh, such formality. :) Unnecessary here, but quite respectable. ^^ Well, Aerith? I personally like pre-Modeoheim. :3

Aerith: Hmm...post-Modeoheim. I think that incident is what made his hair so gravity defying. :)

Zack: So my hair before wasn't gravity defying? (pout)

Aerith: (giggle) It was, it's just spikier now.

Yuffie: Yup! You could impale people with it! :D

Zack: Ha, that's gruesome. XD

Michelle: Your hair should be a registered weapon, Zack. :3 Genesis' turn~!

Genesis: ...Tough to say. Most likely Shakespeare.

Michelle: Me, too. :) And that's a really good question. Why do fangirls like yaoi...?

Yuffie: Because it's hot?

Tifa: Because it's two guys?

Cissnei: Do we really need a reason?

Michelle: ...I agree with Cissnei. XD But I can't really answer, since I don't know why boys like yuri. I like it because it's sexy and different than the usual. What else can I say?

Yuffie: You can mention that there are yuri fangirls, too.

Michelle: Oh, yeah, there are. although they're not as rare as yaoi ones. I like yuri too, actually. :3 But yeah, I can't explain it any better than that. ^^' (rummages through mailbag) Next one from VictoriaValentine101!

Hello again! so I have some qestions for you.

Cloud: Do you ever get misstaken for a chocobo?

Tseng: Strage creatures! for calling fangirls that I should take out your eyes and throw them down a well! but since I feel nice today I wont, but don't think I can't change my mind.

Sephiroth: How do you get your bangs like that?

Vincent: I had a bad day today. Can I have a hug? :)

That's it. love you all!

Cloud: Uh huh. Kadaj mistook me for a chocobo in episode 5.

Seph: Didn't an actual flock mistake you as one of their own?

Cloud: Erm...

Zack: I remember that! And they mistook him for a female chocobo!

Tifa: The males tried to mate with him.

Yuffie: And the girls tried to attack him for stealing their husbands! :D

Tifa: Yuffie, chocobos don't have husbands.

Yuffie: ...oh yeah. ^^'

Michelle: ... (imagining this) ...Pfft...hahahahaha! XDDD

Cloud: -/ / /- Shut up.

Michelle: Relax, Cloudette. :3 So what's up with your hair, Seph?

Seph: What about it?

Angeal: How do you get your bangs to stick out like that?

Seph: I don't do anything, they just stay like that.

Everyone: O.o

Zack: (sneaks to bathroom)

Aerith: You don't do anything to it?

Seph: Nothing at all.

Michelle: Sheesh, why do you guys all have freaky hair? O.o

Zack: (sneaks back in with a bucket of water)

Seph: I'm not sure. And I swear, Zackary, if you throw that water on me, I won't refrain from stabbing you.

Zack: (freezes) Oh, um, this water? It wasn't for you, it was for...um...

Seph: (lightbulb moment) Give me that bucket, Zack.

Zack: what for?

Seph: (smirking) You'll see.

Zack: ... (gulps and hands the bucket over)

Seph: (takes bucket and dumps it on Genesis' head)

Everyone: O.O

Genesis: (gasp) C-c-cold! S-Seph-Sephir-Sephiroth! W-what was t-that f-f-for?

Seph: (examining Genesis' face) Huh. I always had a hunch that you wore makeup.

Everyone: (stares at Genesis' running eyeliner) O.O

Michelle: (sigh) Genesis, go dry off before you get sick. (throws a towel) And you could have asked him!

Seph: (shrug) This seemed quicker.

Michelle: Oi. Can we get back on topic now?

Tseng: Alright. I apologize, but I simply can't wrap my head around a fangirl's behavior.

Yuffie: That doesn't give you the right to criticize us, though!

Tseng: I'm not!

Everyone: Yes you are. -.-'

Tseng: ...

Vincent: And no, you may not-

Michelle: (glaring at Vincent)

Vincent: ... (sighs and gives VictoriaValentine101 a hug)

Michelle: Good boy.

Vincent: (growl)

Michelle: Well, normally I woulda ended this about three reviews ago, but since I've gone this far, might as well finish em, right? Next ones are from nightsilent!

This made my ,Night here!So...here are my questions.

Michelle-sensei:Thank you for adding my dare from the KH fic.

Sephiroth:You do realize Jenova is not your mother,right?

Cloud:Do you like Chocobos?

Aerith:Is there a particular flower you like?

Elena:You remind me of Larxene...Are you related in anyway?

Reno:Remember me?Though I doubt ,heh.

And that's about of which,Hojo,Vexen might like these top-secret documents.-waves them in front of his face before running off-

Michelle: You're welcome! :) Although, I'm sorry to say that fic has been put on hold, since I have school, plot bunnies, and six other chapter stories to deal with at the moment. ^^' Seph?

Seph: Biologically, she isn't, but genetically, she is. And that's why the whole topic of who my actual mother is has been very confusing.

Yazoo: And then the topic of who our mother is just makes it more confusing.

Yuffie: But it does make for some interesting debates within the fangirl world! :D

Seph: Very much so. But the sad part is that the fangirls actually make sense in their theories.

Tifa: Fangirls are good at making sense of things.

Michelle: Quite. :3 Next!

Cloud: Of course I like them. I used to go to my cousin's chocobo farm when I was little to take care of them.

Zack: Besides, he looks enough like one. :3

Cloud: Zack, shut up...

Zack: Hey, it's true!

Aerith: (giggling) I like roses, but lillies and daffodils are pretty, too. :)

Michelle: Roses are love, lillies are peace, and daffodils are happiness in flower language. :D

Aerith: Right. -^^-

Reno: (gasp) Elena, you're related to that bitchy blonde? O.o

Elena: Well, sort of...Larxene is the nobody of Relena Peacecraft, my cousin. So I suppose I'd be related to Larxene, too.

Everyone: O.O

Elena: ...What?

Michelle: (snicker) It seems there are a lot of FF characters that're related to KH ones. :3 Reno?

Reno: No, I don't remember you, and I'm pretty sure I don't wanna.

Michelle: Ooh, harsh, dude.

Reno: No it ain't, she's one of the reviewers from your other fic. She tortured me there, she sure as hell ain't gonna torture me here.

Michelle: She will if I let her. :3

Reno: ...you wouldn't.

Michelle: I would. B)

Reno: ...I'll shut up now. T.T

Michelle: Good boy. :D

Hojo: Hmm...It appears she's gotten her hands on my personal records. I wonder which file she took... (goes and looks) ...my failed experiment folder.

Michelle: A failed experiment folder?

Hojo: Yes, exactly. Even was rather...eager to enter the field of science, so I-

Angeal: So you took advantage of that and used him as a test subject.

Hojo: It sounds so much more devious when you say it, but yes, that would be the gist of it.

Michelle: So what's in the folder?

Hojo: Oh, mainly descriptions of the experiments and photographs of the results. One experiment changed his eye color, while another one changed his gender. The eye color effect was permanant, the genderbending, not as much. Those, coupled with several other experiments and side effects of them.

Everyone: ...

Michelle: He's gonna kill you.

Hojo: If he was going to, he would've done it when it happened.

Michelle: ...Well, that's true. Well, there's one more letter! And it's from gstol1!

gstol1 here, to give the people of the FFVII universe some questions... And if they are not answered truthfully... lets just say, I'll cut you into a million pieces. Except for anyone in Crisis Core or DoC. Anyways...

Seph: You should meet Weiss. He's awesome... would you, if you got the chance?

Genesis: Did you know, that in Crisis Core, I end up kicking the godesses butt before you even meet her?

Zack: You shouldn't have died... First, God Mode. *casts it on Zack* Second, why did you steal my Graviga materia?

From your very-sorry-for-not-updating-because-of-circumstances-I-can't-control reviewer


Michelle: Yaaay, Skife! :D (huggles gstol1) Good to see you're still alive over there. Nexus and Vincent and the rest haven't tried to overthrow you yet? And it's fine. Y'know, life happens. :3

Everyone: O.o

Angeal: You know a lot of the reviewers, don't you?

Michelle: Not exactly...Skife and I just go back and forth with random reviews on our interactive stories. :)

Everyone: Ah.

Seph: To answer, I suppose I would meet him, if I had the chance. It would be interesting to see a man with bleached hair.

Loz: His hair is white.

Yazoo: That's what he means by bleached, Loz.

Loz: ...oh. ^^'

Genesis: You did what? :(

Michelle: Does he look familiar to you, Genesis?

Genesis: ... (gasp) You were the one who assaulted me in Banora! (shiver)

Everyone: O.o

Zack: What happened to him?

Michelle: Um...Skife kicked him in the nuts with a steel toed boot. Repeatedly. But only because Sephiroth asked him to.

Everyone: ...pfft...hahahahaha! XD

Genesis: Sephiroth! You asked him to attack me? Why? D:

Seph: Revenge for when you got cross-eyed drunk and tried to give me a lap dance at the SOLDIER's club night.

Everyone: (mentally picturing it) O.O

Michelle: Wow. Way to go, Gen. (thumbs up)

Angeal: From then on, Genesis was carded whenever he got within a ten meter radius of alcohol.

Genesis: It wasn't my fault, it was the beer goggles!

Seph: Even so, SOLDIER firsts should be more dignified than that.

Genesis: Fine, I'll do it sober next time. B)

Seph: Try it and get stabbed.

Zack: (in god mode) Awesome! Thanks, dude. :D You're right, they shouldn't have killed me off. (pout) And this was yours? (pulls the materia he conveniently found out of his pocket. Sorry. I used it to hide from Cloud and ended up bellyfloping on Genesis. ^^'

Genesis: Sonething I have yet to forgive you for. I'll send you my dry cleaning bill.

Zack: (groan)

Michelle: Okay, that was super long! For those of you still reading, I thank you, and please leave me a review! :D

Kadaj: (still hyper) Pleasepleasepleeeeeease? :3

Zack: With sugar on top? :3

Reno: And a cherry from Reno? :3

Michelle: Oh, and I also wanna ask those of you who know Kingdom Hearts to read my story, Boredom. It was my first attempt at knowingly writing comedy, and I wanna know if I've failed. ^^; Thankies! G'night, my minions~! lol :3

Kadaj, Zack and Reno: (frantically waving goodbye and grinning like idiots)

Everyone: -.-'