It was a beautiful morning on Destiny Islands. Ven was sitting down at the kitchen as cheerful as ever. Why you may ask? In front of him stood a huge platter of waffles topped with whipped cream and berries on top, all drowsed in delicious blueberry syrup. He gawked at his master piece in awe. It took him forever to make it this perfect breakfast. And now he'll finally get to eat it.

Riku blinked sitting across the long table. He came in the kitchen to make some breakfast, and since it was so early he thought he would be the first one up. Apparently he was wrong, seeing Ven sitting there quietly, doing nothing but just...stare at the tower of waffles.

"That's a lot of waffles..." Riku commented.

Ven didn't answer, but just continued to stare at the huge plate of waffles. He was beginning to drool now. It was then that Terra came into the room, whistling cheerily at this glorious morning. As he walked into the kitchen his whistling slowly came to an annoying blowing of air and spit. He eyed the plate of waffles in front of Ven.

"YOU MADE ALL THE WAFFLES?" he exclaimed.

Ven blinked unmoving, smiling creepily at the waffles. "Yesssssss. I diiiiid~"

Terra took deep breathes to calm himself down. This morning he was planning on making some waffles... but apparently Ventus made them all. He sighed taking a seat beside Riku. The three were silent again, and Ven just continued to stare at his waffles. Terra spoken up,

"You know you could have asked if we wanted some.."

It was then that Ven came back to reality, his face transformed into one of horror."Nu uhhhh! If I made you waffles I won't get any!"

Riku blinked before facing Terra, slightly smirking. "Terra, would you like a waffle?"

"THERE IS NO MORE WAFFLES!" Ven shouted hoping pointing at Riku accusingly, his eye even twitched a bit. He grabbed his plate of delicious Eggo waffles and pulled it closer to his seat."I HAVE THEM ALL!"

"Relax, it's just an example" Riku replied calmly, staring at Ven before switching his gaze at Terra. Terra smiled and raised a finger politely as if to make a point.

"Why yes, Riku." He rubbed his chin in thought, "In fact, I would like TWO waffles-"

"YOU CAN'T- YOU- HAV-" Ven started to hyperventilate, gasping his chest as if he was in pain. Terra and Riku stared at him slightly confused before he shouting again. "you want TWO OF THEM!"

"So if Terra has two waffles.." Riku paused taking a deep breath, not knowing how Ven would take the forthcoming statement. "And I have two waffles... That'll leave you with just EIGHT waffles."

Ven starred at the two of them dumbfounded. Terra and Riku starred back in anticipation. Just when they thought they reached him, Ven took a deep breath. He rubbed his temples as if he had a headache and began to speak very slowly, so the two can TRY and understand the logic of what he's tying to tell them.

"I. Don't. Want. EIGHT waffles- I WANT TWELVE!" Ven barked, slamming his fists on the table. "I WANT TWELVE OF THEM!"

"Look!" Riku shouted. His eye began to twitch, as he was finally losing his patience with the blonde. "If you can seriously eat ALL them waffles I will PERSONALLY drive you to the store and buy you more waffles!"

Ven stared at them blankly again. Riku glared back at the boy and Terra only blinked. Then Ven's face showed emotion again, this time he seemed confused and...sad.

"I Just... I just can't see why YOU GUYS get all the waffles..."

Terra slapped his head, "You'll still have more waffles than Riku and me combined-"

"They're mine!" Ventus stated firmly, glaring at the two. It was Riku and Terra who were dumbfounded this time. Ven slammed his fist on the table. "I found them in the freezer, and put 'em. On. My. Plate!"

All three of them were silent now, Ven blinked.

"You guys are being selfish."