Author's Note: Hello all readers, I'm sure you are here because of Tangled. I really do love Disney's version, and want to explore the possibilities of taking the typical Disney happy endings and twisting it into something more darker, more sinister and something that the original writers of Rapunzel, the Grimm Brothers will approve.

If you have not read the original darker version, I strongly advise you to because in the later chapters, I will be adapting almost similar tragic endings from it. A word of caution, this fic will be rated M in later chapters for torture. And yes, there will be a death in it. This story starts after Mother Gothel falls off the tower and disintegrates into dust.

Disclaimer: Tangled and all related characters belong to Walt Disney Pictures, original story belongs to the Brothers Grimm.

Chapter 1: Prologue

Flower gleam and glow

The wind stirred again, rustling the leaves of the forest. Crickets and birds resumed their chatter as woodland creatures unfroze and hurried away. The scream, oh that terrible sound, had travelled all the way down the stone tower nestled deep in the heart of the forest and ended abruptly when the flailing body collided with earth.

Let your power shine

Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. The wicked old witch was no more. All that remained among the pile of grey dust was her black velvet cloak and her crimson gown. From afar, it looked like a puddle of blood, staining the green earth. But there was no body, for Mother Gothel is nothing but dust.

Make the clock reverse, bring back what once was mine

Tiny woodland creatures had approached the pile, sniffing it curiously, and drawing back in fear. The pile smelt of death and decay, with evil radiating from every stitch on the robes. The wind blew again, this time, sending the dust into the air, across the meadow. Blowing it everywhere, scattering the dust anywhere.

Heal what has been hurt

Gentle hands picking up the cloth, followed by a murmur and a sob. Pressing the crimson gown worn by the witch to her bosom, she whispered a small goodbye and placed the clothes neatly at the foot of the tower. A speck of dust found it's way onto the lace trimming on her lavender gown as the two figures rode away on the white stallion, and far, far away from the forest.

Change the fates design

Another speck of little dust, carried by the wind, found its way to a clump of green thorny thicket, hidden in the dark shade of the forest. No man had ever explored this part of the forest before, for the dark shade was almost invisible to the naked eye, hidden and protected by the dense, thorny plantation for decades. Something was gleaming like the sun inside, a strong but warm golden light. Slowly, the dust settled on the dazzling petal and the glow pulsed. Once. Twice.

Save what has been lost

The brilliant light radiated through the clump of green shrubbery and bare brambles, as the wind grew stronger and stronger. Trees bended to the winds will as the gust swept up every speck of dust in the forest, in the air and towards the golden flower. Leaves were scattered and the animals cowered in fear. When the howling wind died down, the glow dissipated into thin air. There was a figure, huddled among the darkness of the fauna.

Bring back what once was mine

She took a deep breath and opened her eyes. Pulling her trembling hands towards her vision, she smiled at the perfect skin. Pale, creamy and flawless.

"What once was mineā€¦" Mother Gothel rasped softly and straightened up from her crouch.

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