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Chapter 2: Who Is The Fairest of Them All?

(Eugene, Rapunzel, Maximus and Pascal – Somewhere in the forest.)

"You sure you're okay?" Rapunzel asked as she turned around towards Eugene for the hundredth million time. She had forced him to ride upon Maximus while she led the white stallion by foot. He didn't want to be on that horse. No, Rapunzel should be riding instead. He wanted to walk by her side like how a gentleman should do, like how the legendary Flynn Rider would do. It's all because of that green frog's fault. Eugene shot an accusing look at the chameleon.

They had been arguing on who was to ride on the horse and who was to walk. It was almost a two-day trip back to the village and Rapunzel had won the debate, all he got was a squashed ego and lizard tongue in his ear. Twice.

"You know…maybe we should take turns. It's your turn to ride this good horsey while I walk." He started again, casting a hopeful look at the girl by his side.

"You got hurt, so you shouldn't be even walking. "

Pascal croaked in agreement and opened its mouth in warning. Coiling its tongue, Pascal narrowed his eyes at that bushy-chin human.

Want me to do that again?

"Fine. I hurt all over. Ouch…" He grumbled and crossed his hands over his chest, glaring at the green thing nestled between Max's ears. Rapunzel turned towards him and gave him a wide smile before focusing back on the grassy path, reins in her hands. Maximus tossed his head and snorted loudly in amusement. If a horse could laugh, Max would be laughing his tail off right now. Oh, that human with the furry chin always crack him up.

Stealing this chance, Eugene leaned over and stuck a finger before the chameleon.

" You…little…horrible frog! " He hissed softly, and suddenly, in a split second, a thin, warm wet, long thing found its way into his left nostril. Oh gods, it was slimy, it was gooey…it was a….


(Mother Gothel – In the Tower)

"Oh woe is me…" Gothel moaned as she slumped into her favourite armchair. The trek towards the tower was long and dreadful. She had found her gown at the foot of the tower, and dressed back into it without a care in the world. Gothel had stood stark naked under the light of the full moon, praying to Hecate for youth and beauty…that was until, she discovered the magic of the golden flower. Raising a delicate hand dramatically to her forehead, she groaned to herself again. Staring dejectedly to the large pile of severed brown hair, she clenched her teeth and sat up straight in her chair.

"Rapunzel knows best, huh?" She hissed and snatched up a loose lock. Trailing her finger down, down, down the length she caressed it gently, rubbing it across her face. The scent of fresh flowers and earth filled her lungs as she wrapped the lush lock around her hands.

"Rapunzel is so clever now…" She said and stood up from her seat. Padding across the room, and stepping carefully over the huge pile of hair, she picked up the broken mirror and stood it upright. Broken, twisted images filled the reflective glass as Gothel wrapped the lock of hair around her neck.

"Rapunzel doesn't want to stay with mama…" She crooned at the many reflection of hers. She marvelled at her youthful complexion, and thick curly hair. "You really shouldn't have done that, my dear…" She whispered to the images on the broken pieces.

Gothel raised a finger, and ran it gently down the jagged edges of the broken glass, tracing the shattered cracks on the glass . Dust spilled instead of crimson blood, and melded back to her flesh again.

"Fascinating…" She whispered, a sly grin twitched on her lips.

She fingered the smooth brown tresses coiled around her neck as a thought crossed her mind. It was absurd, but worth the try.

Looping the hair across her neck, she faced the mirror and yanked.

Her muscles burned as she pulled on both ends of the thick hair, air was choked off as she gasped like a fish out of water. The hair was like a strong rope, it acted like a noose as Gothel watched in fascination as she strangled herself. Her air supply was cut off, and her lungs burned. Her eyes bulged from their sockets as veins stood out prominently on her face. Her face was white now, her lips turning blue.

Can't breathe….can't breathe!

Suddenly, her neck exploded into a shower of dust as the hair slipped through it seamlessly. Bit by bit, the dust specks fell back to place and merged into solid flesh. Gothel dropped the hair to the floor as a smile twitched on her lips. Raising her hands towards her neck, she smoothed the creamy skin gently. There was no mark at all. Not a single wound. But she was not going to deny it. It hurt like a bitch when she did that.

A demented laugh escaped from her lips as she dropped the lock of hair back to the ground.

"Because, Rapunzel…" She whispered to herself, as she turned towards the opening of the tower and stared at the thick green forests and clear blue skies ahead.

"Mother knows best..."

(Eugene, Rapunzel, Maximus and Pascal – Somewhere in the forest.)

Night had fallen swiftly and the gang huddled around the little campfire they built. Eugene popped a blackberry into his mouth and munched on it slowly, wincing as the sour juice invaded his mouth.

"Sorry…" Rapunzel said and bit her lower lip sheepishly. "That's all we can find." She turned and ran her fingers absently through the mane of the slumbering white stallion she was leaning on, as Pascal nestled contentedly between her feet.

"Oh, it's fine. I can live without meat for a day…" Eugene laughed and scrunched his face, popping another berry into his mouth. The young lady smiled and brushed a hand over her bare neck, an unconscious motion she always made when she had her long hair… It felt strange, her hair felt so light. She could move anywhere and not get it snagged against something. But she still, missed the long golden locks. It was like her little protective blanket.

"Hey. You alright?"

Rapunzel snapped up from her thoughts and smiled at her companion.

"Oh, it's nothing. Just, you know, thinking of things…" She stammered, trying to sound nonchalant.

"Uh huh… Really?" Eugene raised an eyebrow. That girl was a horrible liar.

Rapunzel sighed and hugged her knees towards her chest.

"It's just that…I don't know. Mother has always been my…mother all this time. For eighteen years, she raised me and loved me. And now, I am running off to meet a stranger…" She said softly, staring into the hypnotizing flicker of the orange flames.

"She only wanted your hair and trapped you in a tower your whole life."

Rapunzel sighed and tucked a stray strand of brown hair behind her ear. It jutted out again, joining the other locks of sheared off hair, messily framing her face.

"It was for my own good. Oh, Eugene. You think she may be bad, but I loved her… And she loves me. " She whispered miserably and leaned her chin on her knees. Suddenly strong hands found their way across her shoulders and hugged her gently towards a warm body.

"No, Rapunzel." Eugene said, his hands lifting the girl's chin gently towards him. "You'll have a new home, a big castle to run about. You'll have your real parents back. I'm sure they will love you more than her… And," He paused and ran his hand through her new hair. He wouldn't admit it, but he missed that long beautiful, magical hair of hers. Trailing his fingers down the curve of her cheek, he smiled softly.

"You'll always have me."

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