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Truth 'bout Cats & Dogs
chapter 2

The little puppy, Jou, was glad the other got away, but he never thought he'd be his replacement.

He had just run away from the pack.. So he that that maybe.. Just maybe.. The feline would shelter him.. He understood the fact that he was so very small and he won't be able to survive on his own. Now he had no chance and a broken leg.

His self-pitying thoughts were cut by his father walking up to him. The huge dog leaned down to his level and seethed behind dangerously sharp teeth

"Protecting a feline, eh?"

"I-" his son started but was cut off, and caught off guard. His father's teeth sank in his throat, seeping blood to his lungs. The blood he breathed in didn't suffocate him fully, most of his blood was gushing out, only little drops hacked his lunges. His windpipe wasn't thankfully. A moment later –or so he though, he lost track of time-, he was dangling in the air, the big dog shook him violently. Then, he was thrown to the leafy ground, his father stepping hard on his barely managing throat.. He was pained so much he couldn't scream.. Suddenly it was all over, like it has never happened.. But the pain proved it was very real.. His father was gone, though

From his place on the ground he could hear his father talking to someone, his voice getting further as he spoke.

"I lost him, he went that way" his father's voice was faking sadness.. No one would believe him, right?

The sounds of the other dogs started to fade.. He sighed mentally, he'll have to get their attention.. He tried to bark them back, but no sound would come out of his mouth.. His father's point struck home, he dropped his head down and sobbed silently..

He's done for.. He'd die.. He'll defiantly die.. Blood loss, hunger, cold, fright or attacks.. He'd die either way.


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