Harry Potter: Wizard; Kamen Rider

Summary: Before Harry begins his new life at Hogwarts, he was kidnapped by an agent of an organization from another world with devious plans for the Boy-Who-Lived. The good news: He got rescued before the final stages of the plan. The bad news: The initial stages were already implemented, making Harry no longer human. But, with help and training from his rescuers and their allies, the first Kamen Rider of the Wizarding World (and the Muggle's world alongside) is born!

Chapter 1

It was already midnight, yet Harry Potter was still not asleep. He was going through his new books, which he found to be absolutely amazing. It had only been a few days ago when he was told about his true identity: a wizard. After the trip to Diagon Alley with Hagrid, he had been counting the days to his date of departure to Hogwarts.

He didn't know that his life is about to deal with another major change.

As his eyelids started to get heavier, he decided to call it a day. He was about to turn off the lights when suddenly a large explosion came from downstairs.

Harry quickly rushed out of his room, followed by the Dursleys and Vernon's swearing.


Vernon never finished his sentence as a group of people dressed in what Harry thought was badly made skeleton costumes rushed towards them, with blades in their hands. They quickly placed the blades near Harry's and Dursleys' necks, making sure that no one dare to scream. Soon after, a tall man appeared from the stairs. He was wearing a white lab coat, with a black and red cape attached to the back.

"Take the skinny one alive. Kill the rest and hurry up!" He commanded.

"YIIII!" the "skeleton men" replied in unison. Harry suddenly felt something hard hitting him from behind. The last thing he heard before losing consciousness was the piercing scream of his relatives.

Harry woke up with his body aching all over. He tried to get up, but soon found himself restrained on a platform of some sort.

"Ah, you have woken earlier than expected. The operation must have been more successful than I thought."

Harry turned his head to his right and saw the tall man.


"You are chosen to be one of the best lieutenants for the glorious Neo-Shocker." The man interrupted. "With your uniqueness as what you call a wizard, and the wondrous alterations by me, Professor Shinigami, you will be the greatest warrior ever existed!

"Alterations? What do you mean by that? And where's Dudley and the others?" Harry questioned. The pain seems to be getting worse.

"Oh, I see you are quite eager. Very good." Prof. Shinigami replied casually with a grin. "As for those needless ones, why do you care? They never treated you well anyway."

Harry wanted to say something, but his headache got worse. He somehow knew he will pass out again when another explosion occurred. The last words he heard before everything went dark were "Final Attack Ride! DECADE!"