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City Girls and Small Town Boys

01: Defiant

Kaoru Kamiya is not appropriately dressed for this middle-of-nowhere, public school. She shouldn't be wearing tons of jewelry and pounds of makeup; she certainly shouldn't be wearing knee-high boots with a five-inch heel and she most definitely shouldn't be wearing a dress that barely falls mid-thigh.

She looks like she would fit into a hole-in-the-wall nightclub in the city, about to step on stage and sing in a glam-grunge band, not a Calculus class.

She doesn't pay attention to the whispers around her; she wonders if it's just because her clothes stand out: expensive, too black, glamorous, or if it's because they know why she's here.

Not that these hicks know why she's really here, but they have a vague idea. No doubt her mother bitched enough about her coming to live with her.

She grabs a seat in the back and crosses her legs and slouches in her chair, somehow managing to look classy. When her Calculus teacher enters the classroom and notices Kaoru, her lips purse into a thin white line.

Someone needs lip enhancement, big time.

"Kaoru Kamiya?"

Kaoru looks up, not bothering to be respectful.

"I don't know how things are done in the big city, but here we have a dress code."

Kaoru rolls her eyes. "I thought the whole perk of public school was not having a dress code."

"We have certain rules of propriety."

Kaoru glares at the woman. Call her a bitch, call her anything, but don't insinuate her being a slut.

"If you're telling me that I'm not dressed appropriately, then why don't you tell off Miss Tits next to me."

The girl in question, wearing a low cut top that does show quite a bit of cleavage, huffs in indignation.

"Do you really want to start your first day in the principal's office?"

"It's a lot nicer than this classroom," Kaoru says nonchalantly, standing up and heading towards the door.

When she hears that unmistakable sound of someone trying to keep his laughter at bay, she whips her head around to see a boy with bright red hair in the back row, his amber eyes alight with humor, a smirk on his face.

At least someone is aware that they're sitting in old-fashioned table-desks with pealing wallpaper. Oh, and that their teacher is a bitch.

"Kenshin, would you like to join her?" the teacher inquired in a tone that indicated that this isn't the first time this boy has caused a disturbance.


She rolls her eyes as she exits the classroom; that whole "bad boy" thing is such a cliché.

Especially after keeping company with real bad boys.

She struts down the empty halls feeling like this is a really bad fucking nightmare. But she can't go back to the city, no matter how much she wants to. Not after what happened.

The main office is empty, save for her elderly principal and a rather attractive secretary; they're clearly flirting as his eyes flicker from her chest to her eyes while she giggles and pretends to blush.

Kaoru internally grins as she adjusts her little black dress, making sure she looks perfect (not that she never does). There's no way she's going to be changing her outfit today, or any day for that matter.

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