Author's notes: I have a feeling I read someone else's fic where Hatter decided to try and change the wikipedia page about Wonderland. This isn't meant to be me ripping that fic off, it's just that that thought had me in stitches for about ten minutes, and it seemed like something he would do. This is meant to be more of a homage than thievery


Panic was starting to settle in Alice's chest now. She had gone to stand in line to buy them both ice-creams. Hatter had never tried it before, and since it was a nice warm day, and they were enjoying a fun day out of Alice introducing him to the wonders of the animals of her world he had read about, but never seen for himself. The Zoo made for a brilliant date, though they both shied away from the word. Neither of them felt quite comfortable with the phrases thrown around far too often like boyfriend and girlfriend and dating and such. They didn't really fit into a category like that. They had been through something indescribable, and the relationship couldn't really be described with such names.

The zoo wasn't all that busy. School wouldn't break up for another few weeks yet, so it was relatively quiet. The queue didn't take long, but when she turned around, two cones in hand -strawberry for her, chocolate for him, as she thought he might like it- and he wasn't sitting where he had been when she had gotten in line. She looked everywhere, searching every face. After ten minutes, worry was taking hold. A thousand thoughts flashed through her mind at once. Had something happened related to Wonderland? Flashes of suits dragging away a half conscious Hatter. Mad March chasing him for his life. Or had he left her? Old fear resurfaced, even as she tried to keep it down. She knew she was being silly, that she shouldn't let herself worry like this over something that could potentially be nothing. But still she searched, and the ice-creams started to melt over her shaking fingers.

Her ears pricked up, however, a few moments later.

"Could Miss Alice Hamilton please come to the flamingo enclosure? Miss Hamilton to the flamingo enclosure, thank you."

No matter what, Alice would forever deny claims that it was her Hatter that was broadcast, not only over the news, but also over the internet, being carried around by a panicked flamingo, shouting something about finding the off button. Funnily enough, neither did she ever take him to the Zoo again.


She spent that night trying to explain what exactly the internet was, and for the next three weeks spent far too much of her time trying to drag him away from the computer screen, and to stop him from changing the Wikipedia page about Alice in Wonderland.