Abbie squeezed her eyes tight shut as a pair of strong arms wrapped around her throbbing body, pain filled sobs escaping her parted lips as her chest grew tighter, the icy air nipping at her bare arms and exposed side.
"Don't you dare go leaving me!" she heard a familiar voice shout as she was pulled onto her back and forced her eyes to open slightly, just in time to see Dean staring back at her with sea green eyes that glistened with tears of panic.

"Dean..." she forced out before taking a deep wheezing breath, a flicker of a smile dancing on her lips for a moment before retreating when feelings of both relief and distress washed over her like freezing water. He pulled her closer.
"Dean...I'm so sorry"

"It's ok. I'm gonna make it ok."
Dean brushed a hand over her icy cheek and through her knotted red hair.
"Call 991!" He shouted at Bobby and Sam when he heard her pained breathing and saw the thin trickle of blood on her shirt from obvious ripped stitching, but his gaze was pulled back to Abigail's paling face when she gripped his shirt with a trembling hand.


"No? What do you mean no? Your breathing...We need to get you to hospital."

"No. I'm...a monster", she forced a strangled breath into her lungs between every few words, knowing it wouldn't be long till she was drawing her last breath. She had a gut feeling about it, chalking it up to a hunter's instinct.
"I almost...killed someone...I...I can't live...can't live like this."

"No. No, I won't let you just give up."

She fought to keep her eyes open as she felt Dean take her numbed hand in his own, gripping it tightly.
"It's not...your call."

He looked away from her and bit his lip, trying desperately to think of something to say, some way to persuade her not to give up on the chance of a normal life. She felt him shift as he pulled off his leather jacket and laid it across her in a futile attempt to warm her up and shield her from the rain.
"I'll see you in a year, Dean" she swallowed.
He looked down at her puzzled, shifting his arms around her frail body so that her head was resting in the crook of one elbow.
"You really think...there's a place upstairs for me? After...what I did...?"
He knew what she meant. She meant that she'd be going to hell.
"Why...why doesn't it bother you?"

"All hearts beat the same, Abbie."

Another flicker of a smile crept in at the corner of her lips.

"What am I meant to do?" Dean's voice broke as his jaw tightened, gripping onto the nearly 25-year-old girl infront of him and merely seeing a shadow of her 14 year old self.

Abbie's lungs felt as thought they were collapsing, which after her fall was likely, as she choked through another burning heave of icy air, gripping firmly onto Dean's shirt when a cough racked her fragile body. Regaining composure, she watched silent tears spill over Dean's sparkling eyes, squeezing her hand for reassurance.
" to me...Stay..."

"What the hell am I supposed to talk about?"

She answered with a tiny worn out smile that said, 'You already know'.
Without even thinking, Dean leant slowly down and pressed his lips against that cute, dying smile, knowing it would tell her everything he couldn't possibly explain with words. It seemed to do the trick when he pulled away and she cuddled into his warmth.

"I remember, back when we were only kids, and you were wearing this...this little bright red dress. You'd dyed your hair blonde back then. You were about 14...15, I couldn't have been more than 17 and you weren't a little kid anymore. And when I saw you dancing around your bedroom in that dress, the room got a whole lot brighter and I didn't know why."
Dean shakily began telling the story of one of his most guarded memories, erasing the fact Bobby and Sam were watching them both in awe from his consciousness.

"You were all I thought about that summer, me and you in your bedroom at the back of Bobby's house. Just sat there watching the sun bounce off the tops of cars. And you told me about your family. And I told you...I told you I was there for you...and...and I took your hand. You sat there on your bed so silent, just watching the world gripped onto my hand so tight. The way you did when you were just a little kid in pigtails. You remember that Abbie? Abigail...?" He asked, looking down at her leather jacket covered body, squeezing her hand like she'd once squeezed his.

Her eyes were closed, and her body almost motionless as she curled into his torso but her ragged breath was still emitting gentle puffs of white swirling vapor that danced in the shadows of the night as the clock edged ever closer to the early hours of morning. All her energy seemed to be taken in a strengthless nod. She was giving up, Dean could feel her breathing slowing down. His Abbie was fading away and he was going to let her. The wind blew fiercely down the alley, sweeping through her hair as it passed, the rain falling heavier so that Sam had difficulty seeing what were raindrops and what were tears running down Dean's face.

"Then there was that time when you'd been playing in the yard and you tripped. You were so young and you cut all your knee. You came running into the house with tears all down your little face, blood dripping down your leg. I hugged you 'til you stopped crying, and you made me hold your hand while Bobby bandaged your leg. You remember that? Every time you got hurt after that you made me hold your hand. I was the first person you came to. I wasn't there for a lot of the time, but I'm here now. I'm right here, and I won't let go of your hand. Just like when we were kids, ok?"

Dean drew a shuddering breath through gritted teeth and licked his bottom lip in concentration.
"Please don't leave me", he choked out.

Abbie concentrated hard, squeezing his hand with the little energy she had left, just to let him know that she was still there. Noises seemed to get louder; the pounding of each raindrop as it hit the ground. She could just about feel Dean's hand, gripping onto hers. Dean choked out a stifled sob and carried on in a shaky voice.

The alley seemed to disappear, and bright lights flashed for a second before fading. Taking a pain free breath Abigail smiled, opening her eyes to see her old room. It seemed to glow as warm summer sunlight flooded in from the open window. Positioning herself infront of the full length mirror Bobby had bought for her, she looked herself up and down with shining sapphire eyes. Her hair was golden, glistening in the light as it contrasted with the knee-length red dress. The door creaked open and she grinned to see Dean stood there, his eyes holding a kind of hope and love she couldn't recall seeing before. She couldn't remember how she'd got there, or what day it was, or where she'd just been. But she knew that she was happy.

Dean's strong arms wrapped around her before he leaned forward to delicately kiss her reddened gloss covered lips, brushing her golden hair, which hung in soft ringlets, from her cheek. There they danced to no music, just to the rhythm of the steady beating of their hearts. Dean gripped onto her hand and raised it above their heads as he slowly spun her in their own personal dance routine, ear-to-ear grins etched on both of their faces. She turned, her blonde hair catching the rays of the summer sun.
A flash of gold, and she was gone.

The End.