Arashi: Another Boogie/Grim request for Darkangel048. I have a feeling this is going to be a short one anyways.

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Santa kiss the Grim Reaper

Summary-Boogie dresses up as Santa Claus gets the perk of Kissing Grim under the mistletoe but caught by Billy. A simple joy both have for the holiday season.

Sneering at the Reaper Boogie makes Grim walk back wards either of them noticing the Mistletoe above them. A few people stop their chatter watching the scene with smiles or blank expressions rather curious to how the act will be play out. Some begin to root for Boogie silently knowing he been pining after Grim ever since he saw him again.

"Boogie bug off." Grim snaps at the creature feeling rather strange seeing Boogie in the Santa Claus outfit.

He'll won't quite admit he does look quite dashing in the red suit. He shakes his head squeaking when Boogie pins him against the wall whispering. "Where is my present Grimmy?"

"Didn't get you one. I didn't know what to get you." Grim answers miserably feeling bad.

Boogie shrugs it off when someone shouts out. "Lookie here Boogie and Grim standing under the mistletoe!"

Grim glance up paling more while Boogie look them could feel a smile touching his lips. He has an idea forming in his mind. Will it work? He hope so. He whispers to Grim. "I know what a perfect gift be."

Grim confuse by the sudden question responds in the same tone just as one of his charges begins to look around for something to drink. "What is it?"

"A kiss," Boogie replies his breath fanning over the reaper's face sending tingles all over his body.

He lightly kiss the reaper softly wanting to continue further. He lightly licks the bottom lip smirking in the kiss feeling the other gasp. He taste the cavern coaxing the sweet tongue to join his. He easily dominates the kiss. Either of them pays attention to their audience only feeling the emotions within themselves and nothing else.

Walking in the room, Billy's mouth opens asking childishly, "Why is Santa Claus kissing Grim? Wait Santa kissing Grim?AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

The child screams in fright causing the spell to break and Grim blush darkly. He pulls away rather embarrass walking away from Boogie. Boogie scowls glaring at the screaming boy. That brat had to ruin his chance. He follows Grim outside the house the party is taking place standing under the dark sky with snow falling.

"We should put our differences to one side if we continue searching what's there already." Boogie answers staring at the sky tugging the coat closer to him.

Grim nods shivering answering him, teeth chattering. "That be great."

Boogie takes off the coat wrapping Grim in it ignoring the cold as both enjoy the snow outside while someone smack the boy to shut up. Grim smirks imaging it be his other charge, Mandy. Boogie glance back shrugging not wanting to get part of it.

"Merry Christmas Grimmy." Boogie tells the reaper kissing his cheek.

"Merry Christmas as well Boogie." Grim whispers shyly turning pink feeling his heart racing.

Arashi: A bit shorter then I originally plan but its fine. Just pure fluff in this fic. Somehow I could imagine Billy freak out. *sweat drops* Please read and review.