Disclaimer: Oddly, I don't own Bones. I know, shocking... Then again, this episode would have ended much differently if I owned Bones. It would have ended with B&B, and Hannah falling off a cliff.

"Maybe you just need a couple days off."

Just to make sure you're okay. In case next time I'm not there to pull you away from the car.

"I'm alright now. Except I- I made a mistake."

"I told you my opinion, I think you got it right."

You get everything right- you're brilliant.

"Not everything. She died with regrets."

"Come on, Bones- everybody has regrets."

So many regrets- I shouldn't have pushed you, I shouldn't have gotten you drunk that night, I shouldn't have let you get away from me. I shouldn't have told you I'd move on.

"I heard her, you know? Micah says that all we get are these dim, staticy messages from the universe."

"Who's this Micah guy?"

"The night watchman. But he attends a lot of lectures. But the point is, she never gave him a chance."


Now I'm confused...

"No, the helicopter pilot. He offered himself to her, but she never gave him a chance. That was her regret. I got the signal, Booth. I don't want to have any regrets."

Oh. Ooooh... did she really have to do this in a car? Why couldn't she have waited to say that until it was safe for me to kiss her, pull her against me and never let go?


"I'm... I'm with someone, Bones. And Hannah- she's not a consolation prize."

Even though she is. Anyone and everyone is a consolation prize, once I couldn't have you.

"I love her."

I'll never love her as much as I loved- as I love you.

"The last thing I want to do is hurt you,

The first truth.

"But you know, those are the facts."

The facts are; I'm with Hannah. I love her. I told her I loved her. And I can't just leave her, even for you. Because- I'm a good person.

Damn, why do I have to be a good person?

"I understand. I missed my chance. My whole world turned upside down. I can adjust."

"I did."

Words spoken quietly, because if I said them any louder, you would hear the lie echoing through the air.

"Yes, you did."

No I didn't.

"Do you want me to, uh- call someone, to be with you?"

God, someone needs to be with you. And I can't. I can't stay with you when Hannah's at home, waiting for me.

"No, thanks. I'm fine- alone."

I don't want you to be alone. I wish you didn't have to be alone.

But I have to live with my regrets.