Title: Transformers III The Day That Never Comes

Genre: Action/Drama/Romance

Rating: T for mild language, some strong violence, some crude and sexual humor.

Summary: With a chaotic end approaching, choices must be made that may end one war and will start a new one. Problem is, how will Earth be able to accept their possible fate?


An Ancient Legend

Before the war that ravaged our ancient world of Cybertron, there was a legend passed around through many generations of Cybertronians; Autobots and Decepticons alike. It was a story of how a great entinty had created two separate life forms that would travel the out reaches of the Universe, creating life upon young planets. They were merely sparks of life, placed into metallic bodies so that it would be easier for them to travel through the cold reaches of space.

The life forms were eventually known as the Light and Dark Gods; creators of the Cybertronian world. It was not known how these strange beings became known as gods, other than that they had created our race of people out of metal from their own bodies. Or at least one of them did. The Light God of Cybertron; known as Primus, was the creator of all Cybertronian life. He used the very metal from his body to create people of his image, while his dark brother, Lord Unicron served mostly as his Guardian. He would keep watch for any kind of threat there might have been, while watching as Primus created life.

And in secret, he loathed Primus' gift from the higher Entities. He believed that if they created life, they could use to control everything. Even their own creations. He believed it was in their right to control their creations' minds and wills. And that was one thing that Primus did not believe in as Unicron had. He believed giving his creations their own free wills. And thus, he programmed each life form he created from his very own being to have their own thoughts and choices of what they would do. He gave them that freedom, starting with twelve life forms.

However, knowing that he would not be able to stay among his own creations because he had done what he seeked out to do, he created two very special devices with the hope to give them to his creations. He had chosen the first Twelve Cybertronians to serve as the leaders over his people, to guide them and lead them into a bright future. He created the All Spark and the Matrix of Leadership, devices that would help his creations to live in harmony and peace. With the All Spark, it was to be used to create more life while Primus would not be around to do so. And with the Matrix of Leadership, it would give the Twelve Original Transformers the power to make the right decisions. But only if they chose to use it wisely.

Lord Unicron, however, had felt a lust for power. He desired the two artifacts of power that his rightous brother had created but he would not face Primus right off. Instead, he came up with the idea to create his own Original Transformer. He created the Thirteenth Original Transformer; whose name was lost to all history. Primus agreed to allow Unicron's own creation to join the Council of Thirteen, where they would lead the Cybertronian world into a peaceful future. It wasn't long before Primus had built a world for his people to even live on.

Before the world of Cybertron was even finished, Unicron became impatient and desired the artifacts of power immediately so he could destroy Primus. He had his Thirteenth Transformer try and steal the All Spark and the Matrix of Leadership while the other Twelve were helping Primus build their new world.

Primus, unfortunately for Unicron, saw the impending attack before it happened and used what power he had left to stop his brother and his Transformer from taking the artifacts. He fought with both of them with his Twelve supporting him until they succeeded. The Light God of Cybtertron demanded to know why Unicron had tried to betray him and take his people's source of energy. But the answer was not settling.

Wanting to protect his creations, Primus did the one thing that he would have never thought he would ever do. He had been pushed to banish Unicron and his creation to the deepest part of space where they would be imprisoned.

It was some time after that, the Mighty Light God, Primus disappeared.

Only the remaining Twelve Originals knew what became of their precious God. They had sworn to never tell what became of him, out of fear that Unicron would break out of his imprisonment and try to find where Primus was being kept. They knew that the Dark Lord would do anything to destroy his righteous brother out of rage for his banishment. They hide the secret of Primus for years to come and never got the chance to tell the latest of their Decendents where Primus really was.

And no one still knows what really became of Primus. That was why it was called a Legend.


The Oldest Living Cybertronian