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Title: Our Life

Penname: Kagome Hanyou

Banner: #100
Summary: Speeding, theft, hacking, B&Es, fighting, reckless endangerment…resulting in going to C.A.R.E. aka: the Cullen Adolescent Rehab Establishment. Enough said right? AU, AH, OOC, E/B-canon
Rating: NC17/M (due to talk of violence and for later purposes)

Disclaimer: Twilight is not mine; this amazing creation belongs to Stephanie Meyer.

Beta-reader: EnyaCullen4Ever
Word Count: 5,015

Now that the contest is over and I didn't place I'm returning this story to the title I had originally planned. The title and the chapter title were the only things I had to change. This was a story written but not posted yet.


Chapter 1: Sentencing

"Two accounts of underage drinking, five accounts of reckless endangerment on a motorcycle, and one account of attempted suicide…"

"I WASN'T ATTEMPTING ANYTHING, MY FOOT SLIPPED!" I shouted angrily at the man behind the tall desk.

A loud audible sigh filled the room and my whole body snapped around to look at my father. He was sitting on one of the benches in the far back of the room, his arms crossed over his chest, his eyes cold as frozen earth, as he glared at me infuriatingly. My stepmother was sitting beside him, she sat perfectly still as she listened to the judge listing off my rap sheet, a very faint smirk curling the corner of her mouth. In the last two years since my father, Charlie, had remarried, not one day passed where I had actually gotten along with my new stepmother, Tanya.

If only my mother hadn't abandoned me at ten years old, leaving me at my dad's for my usual two-week custody time then disappearing. It had been seven years now, and not one word about my mother's whereabouts or an explanation as to why she gave me up. The five years that followed were relatively normal, if not boring as hell in a small town with a population of three thousand.

"Miss Isabella Swan," the judge's deep voice snapped me from my reverie and I turned my head to focus on the aging man. "Normally, at your age I would send you to a juvenile detention center but I've taken into account your past history and incredible grades and have come to another conclusion. A police officer will escort you home where you are to pack some belongings, and then you will be taken to Seattle, to a care facility, there you will remain until you graduate." He looked at the bailiff and handed him a packet then turned his sad eyes to me again. "Inside the packet are the details of your stay at the facility and the terms of your parole. Please don't disappoint me Miss Swan, I can tell there is something good in you."

Disappoint him, why not? Everyone else in my life disappointed me. Wasn't I entitled to disappoint someone every once in a while? The only reason I had straight A's was that studying got me away from my psychotic stepmother.

I sighed dejectedly when the bailiff grabbed my arm then pulled me out of the courtroom; my father didn't look at me once. Once the bailiff had me secured in the backseat of the police issue SUV he handed me the packet then went and climbed into the driver seat, an officer sat in the passenger seat. Since there was a small courthouse in Forks, much to my surprise, the driving time to my house was less than five minutes.

Sad but true, I was honestly happy to be getting away from the house where my verbally abusive stepmother and her coy ways regarding my father resided. Why did he marry her in the first place? She was mean to me from day one of their relationship; I guess she hid it well. It had become quite obvious that Charlie would rather have his wife than his daughter when he totally snubbed me during the trial. He was probably at the diner with her right now, relieved that he was finally getting rid of me.

We reached the house and an officer escorted me into the house. I hastily ran to my room, where I extracted a large duffle from my closet and threw it on the bed then started stuffing as much clothes in it as possible. I then retrieved my backpack from my desk and shoved several books, CDs, and the last happy picture of my dad and me inside. I grabbed a few more, random things and tossed them into the duffle such as hairbrush, iPod, deodorant then zipped up the two bags. I then hollered for the officer to help me with my bags, and in a matter of a few minutes, we were loaded back into the SUV and heading down the road toward Seattle.

"Is it just me or are you actually excited to be leaving?" asked the bailiff, his voice a little on the happy, inquisitive side.

I smirked slightly and nodded at his question, if he only knew what kind of life I was escaping. Considering the drive to Seattle was going to take several, long hours, I decided to read up on the contents of the packet. I pulled out the papers and arched an eyebrow at what I saw in big, bold, red letters:


Cullen Adolescent Rehab Establishment

A center for helping teens to rebuild their lives in the fullest way and

Creating and sending out a better being than when they arrived.

-Personal one-on-one relationship with caregivers

-Customized courses to suit the individual

-Regular academic learning schedule

-Counselors on site 24/7 for the help and support of the teens

-Group activities to strengthen social interacting

-Horseback riding and tending to animal to promote responsibility

-Friendly environment

100% success rate

No one has gone home broken

Are they serious, I'm going to some troubled teen home? Oh well, it can't be any worse than what I just left right. I flipped through the pamphlet, it didn't look to bad, a huge library, small classrooms, lakeside property, surrounded by forests and the owners looked nice. A small picture of a young couple smiling printed on the back. The caption said he is a preacher's son and a doctor, she is a homemaker who couldn't have any more children, they lost their only child as an infant to SIDS and they wanted so badly to help children and teens in bad situations.

Well, that's nice of them, all things considering.

I put the pamphlet down and looked at the paperwork that had my parole stipulations on it. It was pretty basic and fairly simple as the law goes. No alcohol until I was twenty-one, no motorcycles until I was twenty-one, no vehicle until I was eighteen, keep my grades above a C average and report to my P.O. every month. Simple, right? I placed the paperwork printout on top of the stack next to me and a handwritten note shocked me.

Miss Swan,

I normally don't give notes to my cases but I wanted to explain my decision for sending you to CARE. I know your stepmother and I know what she's capable of, but the law ties my hands. Normally, I would have sent you to juvie but I felt that choice was too harsh. The owners of CARE are my friends and I know they will help in any and every way they can. Please, prove to me you can overcome this roadblock created by your parents and surpass all of the expectations that people may place on you. I'll personally call the Cullens and let them know about your case.


Judge Robert Thomas

P.S. There is always a silver lining to every storm cloud. I can't wait for you to find yours.

Wow, this judge was really going all out for me; advantage to living in a small town I guess. How was I suppose to better myself when I was bordering on broken? Maybe this facility really could work wonders and help me to function as a proper human being again? I mean, there was a 100% success rate; it can't get any better than that.

This drive was going to be long and I had run out of reading material, since my bag was in the back so I opted for a nap. I rested my head against the seat and watched out the window at the terrain that whizzed by, increasing the miles between me and my stepmother and unfortunately my father that thought his wife could do no wrong, HA!

I woke up several hours later to the crunching of gravel beneath the tires and the rather bumpy movement of the car. I slowly opened my sleepy eyes and gazed out the windshield. My eyes widened and I sat up straight as I stared at the facility that came into view. I tucked the dyed red steak of hair that had fallen in my face while I slept behind my ear so I could get a better look. We rounded a corner covered in trees and an open fenced field with several horses running around next to a small lake came in to view. On the other side of the field was a huge, cream colored, two-story, ranch style home almost hidden in the trees. The pamphlet didn't do this place justice. This was a mansion, and I thought it was going to be a complex, concrete walls, barbwire, and security guards.

The SUV stopped in front of the main door and I continued to gape at the impressive residence, the place I will be staying at for the next several years. Internally I was doing a crazy, happy dance while my outside appearance seemed awed and silent. I heard my two companions exit the car and I remained where I was, still in too much shock to move. I then heard people talking and the gentle and kind voice of a woman, followed by a little giggle in the same voice, I couldn't help but turn to look.

What greeted my eyes was the same couple from the pamphlet, both wearing casual apparel and huge smiles. The woman tilted her head slightly in my direction and her expression seemed to light up more than it was already when she saw me in the car. Great, another hopeful person I can disappoint. It seemed as if even when I wasn't trying to disappoint others, I end up doing just that.

I slowly exited the car, taking in the rustic and earthy smells around me. It reminded me of Forks yet it was woodsier, no pavement smell to deter the scent of nature. I stiffened when I saw the woman turn from the men deep in conversation and walk toward me, the same smile on her face as before.

"Isabella? I'm Esme." Her voice was sweet, kind and motherly, the way I remember my mother's voice being when I was nine, before she changed. She offered her hand out to me, smiling warmly, waiting patiently. I hesitated for a minute, sizing her up, attempting to gauge if her actions were genuine. I slowly extended my hand and she took mine eagerly, her hazel eyes dancing warmly. "I know you're nervous and scared but think of this place as home. Let's take your bags to your room, alright."

I stared at her in disbelief then nodded warily. She was treating me like a niece who had just come home for the holidays and I was far from that description. I stared at her stunned, when she placed her fingers to her lips and let out an ear-piercing whistle, getting the men's attention. She nodded slightly toward the SUV and the officer quickly approached the car and opened the hatch. He took my bags out of the back and waited to be led the way.

"I'll get the paper work done while you're giving Isabella the tour," stated the blond haired man as he walked passed him.

Esme hurriedly walked toward the front door and I nearly had to run to keep up with her. Once inside, I was shocked again. The rustic theme continued throughout the interior as well, natural hard wood floors, handmade quilts on the white walls. To my left was an entryway into the living room, straight head was a hallway that most likely led to the kitchen and to my right was the stairs. It looked like a normal country home and it was amazingly comfortable.

I followed Esme up the stairs as she showed me where the boys and girls bathrooms where then we continued down the hallway and she continued talking cheerfully. "We have five other residences here at the moment; I hope you'll become friends with at least one of them if not all. You're lucky to arrive here on a Friday, which gives you all weekend to be acquainted and familiarize around here before you start classes on Monday. We'll have a schedule ready for you soon." Not once did her voice waver, it become apparent to me that this woman was a completely happy go lucky person.

She stopped at the end of the hallway and slowly opened the door before us. "This will be your room Isabella," she smiled then ushered into the room. I was shocked. The room was a bright sky blue color with a dark blue carpet, there was a window seat to my left, opposite the twin bed with blue and gold bedding. A dresser and bookcase was on the far wall, positioned between the closet doors. "I'll leave you to get settled. The other will be returning from class within the hour." She placed a gentle hand on my shoulder for a moment then headed out of the room, closing the door behind her.

The officer must have placed the bags on the floor while I was looking around. I sighed and crossed my arms as I gazed around my new bedroom. This place and that woman were going to make it very difficult to rebel. I sighed again then retrieved my bags from by the wall and placed them on the bed. It took me no time at all to empty my bags and I then shoved them under the bed.

After making the room as comfortable as possible with my meager belongings, I ventured out of the bedroom and down the hallway and stairs. I kept a watchful eye open as I slowly explored the building. I walked into the living room and noticed a big flat-screen television but nobody was present so I continued through the room through the glass French doors that led to the dining room, still nobody.

I heard muted giggling and walked under the archway that took me to the kitchen, but the laughter was coming from the open back door off the kitchen, so I slowly walked toward it. Something tall, dark and hard slammed into me, knocking me to the tile floor backwards.

"Hey, watch it," snapped a masculine voice irritably.

I shook my head, my senses stunned by the sudden impact and allure of the voice. My head shot up to see the retreating form of a tall male with coppery unruly hair draped in a long black trench coat. The form walked through the kitchen and disappeared around the corner, his feet thumping up the stairs.

In the next moment, Esme was helping me to my feet, apologizing for 'Edward's' behavior then she took off after him. Edward, huh…what a jerk. I stiffened and bit my lip when the room filled with two other tall males and two females, one shorter than I was.

"Oh, how cute! I love your hair." The small childlike girl with wild black hair and blue eyes danced over to me with a chipper voice and proceeded to play with the reddish streak of hair on my left side. "Is it natural?" I shook my head no; this pint-sized girl scared me. "I'm Alice…well actually Mary Alice but I prefer Alice."

She continued to bounce up and down as one of the males escorted her away. "Alright darling, let the girl breathe." There was an undeniable southern drawl to his voice as he kindly spoke to the small girl. She whined as he led her away.

I stared in shock after the bouncing girl that the tall blond male led her away into the living room. The other girl, a tall, leggy blonde-haired girl, brushed past me without so much as a nod and ventured up the stairs.

The last person in the room was the other male. He was tall with short dark hair and a huge smile that reached from one brown eye to the other. He stepped toward me and extended his hand. "I'm Emmett. What's your name?"

"Isabella," I said shyly, this bear of a man intimidated me and I took his offered hand hesitantly.

"Whatcha in for?" He asked calmly, as if he was inquiring about the weather.

"Um…" I glanced around the room timidly before answering him. "Reckless endangerment on my motorcycle and a little underage drinking…"

He laughed loudly, confusing me. "That's a new one. We all have a different reason for being here. I fought too much and they diagnosed me with ADHD. They caught Alice shoplifting clothes and makeup repeatedly. Jasper hacked into a main branch of banks and disabled their security for a week. Rose has had too many speeding tickets for her age. And Edward, he ran away from an orphanage at thirteen and got caught for breaking and entering."

His forthcoming nature shocked me. I was a little surprise by everyone's reasons for being here, and they were all the same. Esme bustling into the kitchen and frantically rushing around interrupted us from talking further.

"Dinner will be ready in an hour. Emmett dear, why don't you take Isabella into the living room and you can all get acquainted." Emmett nodded in agreement and ushered me from Esme's workspace.

I panicked when Alice bound up to me again the second I entered the room. "Oh Bella, you have to let me do your hair…it's so soft…I love hair…"

Bella? No one had ever called me that before. It was somewhat shocking that she had immediately given me a nickname and she didn't even know me.

"Alice, down girl!" scolded Emmett from behind me and she graced him with her extended tongue.

"Um, I'm just going to go to my room until dinner." I hastened out of the living room, leaving a whining Alice behind.

A sigh of relief escaped me the moment I closed my bedroom door. What kind of hell had judge Thomas sent me to? Was this a cruel joke on his part? Maybe I was a science experiment. Put the delinquent in to a perfect house, with perfect caregivers, with other delinquents that appeared perfect. HA!

There was a knock at the door and I automatically assumed someone had come up to get me for dinner, I learned my assumption was wrong the moment I opened the door. Piercing emerald green eyes stared intently down at me; I froze in place as he gazed fixedly at me. The mess of coppery brown locks contrasted nicely with his all black attire, his trench coat was missing now.

I held my breath as he opened his mouth to speak. "I was told to apologize for earlier…so, I'm sorry," he said coldly, callously and rudely.

The tone of his voice irked me. I could tell he didn't mean a word he said. I felt my blood start to boil as he stared down at me with his sharp green eyes, boredom etched into each one. I glared at him as intently as he was staring at me.

"Well, do me a favor and don't do me any!" I slammed the door on him, surprising even myself because I had never slammed a door on anybody before.

There was something about the green-eyed delinquent, that irked even my finer qualities and I didn't know what it was. If his sentence was the same as mine, I had a feeling we would be running into each other again, and I doubt any of them would be very pleasant.

I threw myself down on the bed and screamed into my pillow. Why was it that everyone here was so nice to me but Edward wasn't?

Little less than an hour later, Alice bounded into my room after a half knock on the door. "Bella, time for dinner!" She ran in and jumped onto my bed, landing on her knees and nearly bouncing me off the bed. I glared at her and the obnoxious girl cringed away from me.

Grudgingly, I followed Alice out of my room and down to the dining room. The moment I walked into the dining room I was wrapped in a pair of strong arms and dragged toward the table then plopped me down in a seat with a loud thud. I glared menacingly at the bear sized boy as he walked around the table and fell into his own chair. He shrugged and grinned sheepishly.

Alice took the seat next to me and started to prattle on about something regarding the stuff she was doing this weekend, I ignored her and watched as the table slowly filled with food and people. The tall blond girl called Rosalie brought food to the table along with Esme as the rest of the men filed to the table. Jasper sat straight across from Alice, Carlisle sat at the head of the table next to me and Edward sat right across from me and shot me a death glare.

Was he always like that? I was starting to think he didn't have a nice bone in his body and his middle name was mean. Sheets of paper was placed on the table next to my plate and I glanced up to the person that placed them there.

"Here are your class schedule and your weekly routine," Carlisle smiled kindly then reached for the bowl of salad in front of him, leaving me to look over my new schedule.

Naturally, I looked it over. The class sessions were normal, with two – hour and a half long classes, then lunch followed by another two – hour and a half long classes before our day was done with learning. After classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I had free time but on Tuesdays and Thursdays I had counseling sessions. I sighed at the idea of having to see a shrink. I then flipped to the other page that showed what events were available on what day and which activities were recommended for me. My eyes widened as I saw my name listed on Monday next to mealtime duty, I then saw that everyone else here was listed on a different day.

I looked up at Esme with eyes that resembled a deer in the headlights. "What's this mealtime duty thing and why am I listed?"

Esme giggled softly then handed the mashed potatoes to Rosalie. "It goes along with the socializing and responsibility régime of the program. Each person has a set day during the week that he or she has to make breakfast and dinner, and that individual draws the name of their helper from a box and every week they're helper is different depending on the drawing. Carlisle and I make breakfast and dinner on Sunday as a way of resetting for the week. The persons who made the meals the day before has clean up the following day and lunches are provided by the school system."

Talk about annoying. I'm a chef and a maid for Charlie and Tanya and now I'm a chef and a maid here as well. My chin dropped to my chest and I attempted to calm myself. I exhaled a slow breath just in time to talk the bowl of salad from Alice.

Dinner proceeded fairly normally, well from what I've seen of normal meals from TV shows. Either everyone talked about his or her classes, his or her therapy or what he or she planned to do this weekend. I remained silent as I ate and looked over the available activities for this weekend. Let's see, I could go to the lake, horseback riding, games, or sports. Not too many options really.

"Would you like to have a makeover this weekend?" Alice asked excitedly.

"Absolutely not, I'm fine with how I look, thank you very much!" Alice started pouting at my immediate refusal and I continued to ignore her.

There is no way anyone was going to poke and prod at me to make me look all sorts of girly. Edward scoffed from the other side of the table and I instantly glared at him and he stared back, he didn't glare or hold any malice in his eyes, but there was a hint of play and a dash of curiosity – both adjectives didn't sit right with me.

After a few minutes of intense staring, Edward asked to be excused and upon getting the okay, he took his dishes to the kitchen then disappeared up stairs. What was it about him that seemed to rub me the wrong way? Yet, I had this overwhelming urge to make him like me. I followed Edward's example and asked to be excused before taking my empty plate to the kitchen then I stormed up the stairs and straight to the room across from mine.

I stood before Edward's door and took several deep breaths before finally knocking on his door. I heard a groan and straightened to my full height then squared my shoulders and prepared myself to face the irritating troll. The door swung open quickly and upon seeing me his eyes narrowed to slits.

"Oh great, what do you want?" Edward rolled his eyes then leaned against the doorframe and crossed his arms over his chest in irritation.

His sensual voice washed over me but his words stung. What was it about him that both intrigued me and yet pissed me off to no end? I fisted my hands and almost pounded them onto my hips as my brown eyes bored into his seas of emerald green.

"What is your problem? First you practically run me over in the kitchen, then you're constantly rude and mean and your always glaring at me like I just kicked your puppy and laughed in your face about it. Seriously, what is your malfunction with me?" I snapped and hissed my words at him and the whole time he stared evilly at me. His piercing gaze made me feel three inches tall – just call me Thumbelina.

"Do you really want to know?" his voice turned sinister and cold and I hesitantly nodded my head. Much to my surprise, he leaned in and put his face close to mine before he whispered his answer. "I don't like girls with flowing mahogany brown hair and rich dark chocolate eyes. Bah bye," he then took a single step backwards then closed the door on my face.

I stared at the white stained door that was a mere six inches away from my face, stunned. Slowly, I turned and stumbled into my own room and shut the door. When I had asked him what his problem was, what he told me was the last thing I would have expected. I slumped down on my bed and stared off into space as I made a poor attempt at doing the math in my head. He didn't even know me so why was he classing me with all the other brunette women he's know…Wait, why the hell do I even care?

After sneaking out of my room and down the hall to the designated girl's bathroom, I quickly brushed my teeth then ran back to my room. I slipped into my nighttime sweats that doubled as pajamas then climbed into bed after shutting off the light and grabbed my book off the bedside table after turning on the night lamp.

No matter how hard I tried to focus on the words on the page before me, my brain just wouldn't recognize the letters. My mind kept dwelling on the cruel and spiteful words Edward had just said directly to me.

'I don't like girls with flowing mahogany brown hair and rich dark chocolate eyes…'

'I don't like girls with flowing mahogany brown hair and rich dark chocolate eyes…'

The one thing I hate about dreams is the fact that you have no control what so ever regarding who and what is in the dream. That is why my dream last night was in reality a nightmare. I was both shocked and disgusted when Edward barged into my room, sat down on my bed then he leaned over and started to explore my mouth with his. It was incredible. My lips molded to his and I tasted a trace of mint, most likely from his toothpaste. For someone who had told me just a few hours ago that he didn't like girls with my traits, he was sure kissing me into oblivion. He then kissed my forehead and left through the door without so much as a word or an explanation.

My eyes slowly flitted open and I stared dumbfounded up at the ceiling. There is just something really wrong about having your first real kiss during a dream, when it isn't even real, and why the hell was I dreaming of kissing someone I had just met. Statistically, if I was to dream about anyone it should be Jake, I did spend most of my time with him down in La Push, but he was like my little brother – so no.

Yet, here I was, in a new home with new people taking new classes and on my first night here, I have a romantic dream about one of my housemates, and here's the kicker – he hates me. Why couldn't Charlie just kick me out like other annoyed parents? Then I could have stayed with Angela, she's offered a helping hand to me several times when Charlie and Tanya had drove me too far. However, no, Charlie had to make sure I would never come back and disrupt his life again. I wished he would see Tanya for what she really was and we could go back to the way things were before Tanya invaded our lives.

Now that I was away from Tanya things should get better, of course now, I have Edward to deal with. Talk about a win-lose situation. Wonder how long I'll have to wait to find my silver lining?

Chapter End Notes:

This will eventually become a full-length story, don't ask me when, I have several other writing projects going at the moment. Next chapter will be about Bella's first weekend at CARE. What trouble could she possibly find…or will it find her?

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