Authors Note: After getting a request from Sam Rigg's about a one shot with Dean as a werewolf, as we were writing it a story came to mind. We hope you all enjoy and thank you Sam Rigg's for the best story idea! This was so fun to write! Please everyone review!

Dean held the bloody cloth to his arm and sighed heavily. He looked at Sam with a frown, "Give it up Sam, there is no cure," he said and looked down at the bite mark on his arm, "If there was we would know about it."

"No!" said Sam, almost yelling. He was scared he was going to lose his brother. He was going to lose his brother to darkness, to evil, to the things him and his family had hunted for years…to a werewolf. "I am going to find a cure, even if it takes me forever."

"Oh yeah Sam? And while you are doing that how are you going to stop me from killing innocent people?"

"Enough Dean! You won't! I know you won't! You have a heart, it's not cold like these monsters!"

"It's gonna be! Just get the damn silver bullets and shoot me before it's too late!"

"NO!" Sam grabbed his jacket and turned to Dean, "I'm going to get help. Bobby has to help with this. I'll be back just…stay here. Alright?"

Dean just waved him away and Sam frowned walking out the door. Dean lifted the cloth and made a face as he threw the cloth in the waste basket. He took his flannel off and walked into the bathroom. He looked in the mirror and noticed, even though he had shaved today, the stubble was clearly visible on his strong jaw. He looked at his arm and saw the bite mark and it wasn't as bad as he thought. But that's when he also noticed his bicep, it was a little bigger than usual, stronger looking. He swallowed hard and lifted up his shirt, his muscles were stronger looking. He could feel it through his body. He looked up into the mirror panicked. How was he going to survive this?

Sweat began to drip down the side of his temple, he was feeling hot. Not just the outside of his body but the inside too. He felt like he was boiling. Something was definitely not right about this. Is this how the werewolf changes? No, this isn't. He read up, he learned from his father about the changes of werewolves, something wasn't right. What if it wasn't a werewolf that they went after and attacked him? What if it was something else?

Dean turned the sink on and splashed some cool water on his face. He walked into the main room and turned the air on full blast. He needed to cool down. He stood in front of the vent and let the cool air hit him but it wasn't helping much. It was cooling his skin down but his body was still boiling. He ran a hand through his hair that was wet from the water and sweat. He walked over to the window and pulled it open. He felt the cool winter air of Chicago hit him. He sighed and walked over to the bed and sat down.

He moved towards the headboard and closed his eyes and that's when he noticed again…something wasn't right. He looked down at the lap of his jeans and noticed he had a boner.

"What the fuck?" he asked himself out loud. "Now is not the time big man!"

He closed his eyes and tried to think of anything but sex. Baseball, hunting, guns, knives, demons…a dark haired brunette wearing nothing and sitting on a bed beckoning him to go to her.

"Whoa!" he said opening his eyes, "This is not working…fine, we'll do this the other way."

Dean grabbed the remote and ordered a porn movie. He got comfortable and unsnapped the button of his jeans and pulled the zipper down. He moved his hand into his boxers and began to stroke himself watching the two girls kissing, touching each other. Dean's eyes strained to focus on the goal at hand. He was turning into a werewolf and was jerking off to lesbian porn! Ok, the mailman came into the movie so it wasn't too lesbian. As Dean watched, he noticed it wasn't working, he wanted…no needed something more and that's when he realized what was going on with him. Dean Winchester was in heat!

"Son of a bitch!" he growled and that's when a scent caught his attention. It was a lavender scent. He continued to sniff through the air and closed his eyes. The scent was turning him on even more. He groaned and opened his eyes, he needed to know where that scent was coming from. He took his hand out of his boxers and zipped up.

He grabbed his jacket and walked out of the room. The scent grew stronger once he was outside. As he followed it, he bumped into people on the sidewalk, he ran threw on coming traffic, the need to find the scent was going to kill him but he didn't care. As it grew stronger the need grew inside him too, he began to run. He jumped over high fences and threw the dark park which he could see quite clear with his new eyes. But nothing was getting in his way of finding that scent. It was all he could think about.

Once he found the source he stopped and looked up at the apartment building in front of him. It took him a while to find the right room but he found her. It was her. The one he saw in his minds eye beckoning him to her. She was brushing her hair wearing nothing but a silk robe. Dean stood by the tree and slightly hid from sight as he stared up at her. His nails dug into the tree with his need screaming at him to go up there and get her. He felt ashamed watching her but his human side was slowly leaving him bringing him closer to the animal inside. He watched her robe fall freely leaving her naked. Dean looked away but looked back up watching her pull on a nightie and panties. He looked around him to see if anyone had seen, if they had he was going to rip their heads off. She was his.

"Mine?" Dean asked himself, his human side arguing and fighting to stay up, "No…I can't let this happen." He looked away from her and tried to make himself go back to the motel room and wait for Sam to either kill him or cure him. But his animal instincts kicked in again catching her scent and he turned back around to find her lights off. "Turn around Dean, go back." But he just stared at the window. Her lavender scent wrapped around him pulling him deeper into her, into him, the animal.

Before Dean knew it, he pulled down the fire escape quietly. He walked up it, to her window, on the fifth floor. He looked in, found her. She was lying on her back sleeping, her dark hair was spread across the pillow, the sheet was up to her waist, and he watched her chest heave up and down with her slow even breaths.

Dean swallowed hard and licked his lips watching her. Her body seemed to glow for him. He could hear her blood pumping through her veins, he could smell her, so close to tasting her. He wanted her, he needed her.

He opened the window quietly and slow then went through. He closed it behind him and walked to the foot of her bed staring at her. He watched her move her head to the left and sigh in her sleep. He could hear her heart pumping, it was pumping at the same rhythm as his. The animal inside him took over and he realized who she was, the perfect mate for him.

Carmen turned on her side and let out another soft moan as the smell of whiskey and leather filled the room. She heard heavy breathing that was not hers coming from near by and her eyes fluttered open. When she turned her head over her shoulder to see if perhaps she had left the window open, she saw a tall, mysterious man standing beside her bed. She opened her mouth to scream help but it was covered quickly by his sweating palm, "Shh," he told her as his eyes scanned over her body with lust in his eyes.

When Carmen looked into those dark green she felt a calm come over her. She was drawn to him and she didn't know why. The smell of him alone sent chills up her spine. Dean uncovered her mouth slowly and Carmen got up on her knees as she looked at him, "Who are you?"

"Someone who was made for you my pet." Dean replied. He pushed her hair off her shoulder and her scent filled the room even more, "I need you." He whispered to her.

Carmen closed her eyes as he ran his hand down her arm. She couldn't believe the way she was feeling. It was like she had no control what so ever and part of her liked the feeling of helplessness. Before she could think about her response words that she never thought she would ever say to a man came flooding out of her mouth in one breath. "Take me." She said as she pulled her nightie over her head.

Dean licked his lips as he pushed her back down onto her back. As much as he wanted to take her hard right then he first wanted to worship this body in front of him. This was now his body.

Carmen laid on the bed motionless as Dean's hands moved over her. "Your body is perfect for me." He said in a husky voice. He removed his shirt and crawled on top of her. He left small kissed on her right cheek, then her left, everywhere on her face but her lips. She wanted his perfect lips on her but he wouldn't give them to her. He made his way down her neck, shoulder, and finally to her chest. His fingers traced over the top of her bra and Carmen's breath began to quicken.

Dean slowly pulled the cup down and her perfect breast was there for the taking. He lowered his head and slowly took her right nipple into his mouth. He licked it all around and sucked gently as Carman moaned quietly. The sounds coming from her were making this hard on Dean but he was determined to keep the little control he had left. He continued down her slim body as he kissed and felt every curve of her until he reached the top of her lace panties and the lavender sent was calling him. He needed to taste her.

He got on his knees and slid her panties slowly down her legs as he watched her chest move up in down at a fast pace. He knew that he could do whatever he wanted with her. She was giving herself to him. Once they were off of her, Dean brought then up to his face and sniffed in her scent yet again, "You smell intoxicating Carmen."

"Th-Thank you." She sighed out as the need for him grew stronger.

Starting at her ankle, Dean kissed his was up to her center and parted her legs as he rubbed them with his hands. "I hope you taste as good as you smell and I think you well."

"Maybe you should find out." She twitched on her bed. Her wet heat was begging to be licked by him.

His mouth was now right at her lips, her scent so very close, that incredibly sexy taste so very close. Dean was so hard by just the smell alone. His mouth softly blew warm breaths against her aching pussy. Two of his fingers found their way into her wetness, sliding just inside so effortlessly. Each finger then parting, opening her lovely pussy lips. "Please…Please!"

As he heard her moans, he ran his tongue up and down her opening and all the way up to her now aching clit. Dean gently sucked once before he then began flicking gently back and forth. "Oh….Oh God!" Carmen moaned. She tasted better than she smelt and Dean was in heaven.

Continuing to slide his fingers in and out, he found her your G-spot as he continued to lap at her clit. He pushed his finger into her, finding that spot once again that made her squirm so nicely.

Dean felt her tighten around his fingers and her hips began to thrust against his hand and mouth. He continued to lick, deeply, and dartingly across her lips. Carmen came so hard as if she hadn't came before. Dean licked every drop she released onto his tongue as if he was at a buffet. There was no turning back now. Once he had that first taste he had to have her all.

Dean had taken off his jeans and boxers and moved up her body ripping her bra off her. He finally leaned down and kissed her. She moaned into his mouth, her hands snaked their way through his hair. She moved her hands over his broad shoulders and muscular back and chest feeling the heat that was coming from his skin, "Your skin…it's so warm."

Dean ran a hand through her hair, "It's my desire for you my pet," he whispered to her. The hand in her hair rested now on her chin and lifted her head to look him in the eyes. What she saw scared and aroused her. They were animal like. She felt like they were staring into her soul. She let out a small sigh staring into them. What she was feeling scared her but she couldn't back down. Something about this…man or whatever he was aroused her, made her need him.

"What is your name?" she asked her thumb traced over his strong jaw and his lips, when he opened his mouth she saw fangs. It startled her at first but she looked into her eyes knowing he wasn't going to hurt her. Her thumb traced the one fang and it punctured a little of her skin causing a drop of blood to run down her thumb and into his mouth.

Dean groaned tasting her scent now and parted her legs with his knee. "Dean," he said biting her thumb gently and she closed her eyes feeling his hard cock getting closer to her.

She licked her lips opening them back up and staring into his dark green eyes, "Carmen."

She gasped feeling his cock move into her and she held onto him. She closed her eyes at the feeling, she shivered against him not knowing what to expect. She was a virgin and she was letting this…werewolf take her higher then she's ever been.

Dean felt her barrier and wrapped his arms around her holding her tightly before he pushed through it, breaking it. She squealed in pain biting her bottom lip and a tear coming out of the corner of her eye.

"Give me your pain," he said kissing the tear away then kissing her lips, "Bite me, scratch me…do whatever you need for the pain to go away. It won't hurt me."

Dean was trying to control himself for her but the animal instinct was kicking in again. He needed her and he needed her now.

As he moved out of her Carmen relaxed but when he moved back in she dug her nails in his back and bit his shoulder. She cried out as he moved within her.

"Relax, Carmen," he said and she looked up at him her head now resting on the pillow, "just relax."

Dean continued to move taking her higher as the pain slowly went away. Her scent grew more as he took her higher. She moaned and gripped the pillow beneath her. Her tight heat was bringing Dean closer to the edge. He moved faster and when she moaned his name, "Dean," his eyes veered with hunger and every bit of animal came out of him.

Her moans turned into pants as he moved fast in and out of her. Carmen had never felt pleasure like this before. Dean held her leg and pulled it high on his waist and she moaned louder. Her nails dug into his back, his hand held onto her thigh hard leaving bruises from his rough hold on her.

They both felt their climax coming and moved faster against each other, "Dean…claim me as yours…bite me."

Dean looked into her eyes, unsure of what to do. He didn't want to hurt her but his animal instinct was telling him to bite her, turn her into what he is. His human side was gone and all he knew was to take her as his.

As their orgasms burst like a dam Dean bit her shoulder. She screamed cumming hard and in pain from the bite. She whimpered as Dean groaned into her skin, tasting her blood, the gooey nectar that was screaming her scent to him. He pumped his seed inside her and kissed the wound. She whimpered a little more and Dean lifted his head to look at her. She was passing out and Dean didn't know what to do. He was an animal, a monster, one of the things that he hunted, that Sam hunted. He looked at Carmen he had to keep her safe from the hunters. He ran his hand down her chest to her stomach and rubbed it slightly, he had to keep his family safe.

Dean bent down and kissed her stomach before getting up and grabbing his clothes. He pulled them on and placed the cover over her. He looked at the bite mark on her neck slowly healing already, "I'll find you wherever you go." With that he walked to the window and jumped out.

A few hours passed and Carmen woke to the sound of thunder crashing and turned to her side, "Dean?" she said and looked around the room but she was alone. She was beginning to think it was all a dream until she winced as she felt the pain coming from her center as well as her shoulder. She sat up in the bed and saw her nightie on her floor and the window wide open. She smiled to herself as she rubbed a hand over her wound.

Dean walked back into the motel to see Sam sitting on the edge of the bed. As soon as he saw Dean he jumped up, "Where have you been?"

"Nowhere." Dean answered. He knew Sam wouldn't understand.

"Dean tell me? What did you do?"


"Well Bobby is looking for a cure and he is going to call me back. We just have to wait here until…"

"I don't want it." Dean said.

"What did you say?" Sam asked, "Because it sounded like you said you didn't want it."

"I did. Sammy I found her."

"Found who Dean? What are you talking about?"

"My mate Sammy. I found my perfect mate."

Sam saw the look in Dean's eyes and became worried, "Don't do it Dean. I am begging you not to do it. You don't know what you are getting into."

Dean just smiled, "It's too late Sam. I already claimed her."