Dean looked at Conner sitting in his height chair and smiled. Conner was playing with his toys and just being content. He wasn't a fussy baby at all, as long as he was awake and Dean or Carmen…or even the nanny was there he would be doing his own thing. Dean read through the paper looking for any possible men that could feed his family. He had to go out hunting, they were low on hearts and Conner ate a lot…he was a growing boy after all.

Dean looked up at the doorway sensing Carmen awake but something was off. He could sense it in her. As she walked through the doorway he noticed how pale she looked.

"Carmen," he said getting up worry written all over his face. He walked up to her and she had her arms wrapped around herself.

"So cold," she said shaking and Dean felt her skin, it felt like she was on fire..

"Baby you're burning up."

She looked up into his worried eyes, "I probably caught a bug…that last guy probably didn't agree with me."

Conner was chewing on his teething ring as he stared at his mother and father.

"I'm not leaving you here while you're like this," said Dean as she rested her head on his chest and he wrapped his arms around her. It felt like she was burning a hole through his clothes she was that hot.

"You have to, we're running really low on supplies Dean."

"You can't take care of Conner feeling this way and he's too young to hunt." He looked over at his son and smiled seeing him just chewing away with his one little sharp tooth.

"I'll call the nanny."

"You sure?"

"Yes, Dean…you need to get supplies and I'll…I'll just take a shower maybe it'll help."

Dean sighed in defeat and rubbed his hands down her face and ran his fingers through her hair. He kissed her forehead then her lips tenderly, "If you need me, you know what to do."

She smiled at him, "I love you."

He caressed her cheek with his hand causing her to close her eyes, "I love you."

"Goo gaaa gaa," said Conner pointing at them.

Dean smiled as he walked up to him, "I love you too little man. You be nice to mama she's not feeling well and when she calls the nanny…don't bite her, you hear me."

"FFFFFF," he giggled and slapped Dean's hand a few times. Dean kissed his head and stood straight up looking at Carmen leaning against the counter.

"Be careful," she said.

"I will…I won't be long."

She watched him go off and heard the front door close. "Gaaa goo," said Conner and Carmen smiled at him.

"Daddy will be back."

After calling the nanny to come over and take care of Conner, Carmen went into her bathroom and turned on the water. As the tub began to fill with warm water, Carmen stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself, "What is going on with you today?" she asked herself. Something was not right. This feeling was new to her. She just wanted to get better and fast.

She sank into the tub and leaned her head back and tried to relax. She thought about Dean and wondered if he was safe. She wanted him to hurry and get back to her. She took a deep breath as he continued to cross her mind. Every time she breathed in it was like he was next to her. The smell of whiskey and leather filled the room and she smiled.

"Dean." She whispered to herself. He hand began to slowly travel down her body as she moaned quietly. She needed him to get back to her.

When her hand reached between her legs, Carmen's eyes snapped open and she pulled back. She was surprised at how sensitive she was. Just as simple touch almost sent her straight or orgasm. "Oh no!" she thought. She knew what was going on with her now. She was in heat. "Dean!" she called out.

Dean was deep in the wood almost fifty miles away from the house. He had just ripped the heart from a man that has just killed an older couple in the home for drug money. In Dean's eyes this guy got what was coming to him. He placed the heart in the cooler next to the other and suddenly he was hit with a scent. A scent that was very familiar to him. It was the scent of lavender and it was stronger than ever before. "Carmen." He said. As the smell hit his nose his cock instantly began to harden. He had to get to her and fast. He grabbed the cooler and took off back to the house.

Carmen wrapped her robe around her body and walked into her bedroom and locked the door. The heat was beginning to get more intense. She needed Dean and she needed him now. "Please hurry Dean." She said. Just then she heard something coming from the back yard and walked over to the window. She smelt an awful smell. It was the smell of dead animals and garbage. When she looked out the window she saw two men standing there and she knew they must have picked up on her scent.

Carmen couldn't control herself. The need for Dean grew stronger and stronger by the second. With her back against the wall she gently slipped her hand into her robe and her panties. When she slid her finger father down and between her lips she discovered she was dripping. Her body had got excited just from the thought of Dean pounding into her pussy. Carmen slowly explored herself with her fingertips. It made her feel so naughty and dirty, but she liked it. She propped one leg up on the window seal so it was more open and ran two fingers softly up and down, spreading the wetness making herself feel all warm and relaxed.

Dean got back to the house and as soon as he got closer he smelt something. It wasn't the lavender smell that brought him back. It was something worse. He looked around and suddenly saw two other werewolves approach him. He knew why they were here. They must have smelled Carmen. To bad they only way they were leaving was in pieces.

Just as Carmen was about to slip one finger inside herself, she heard growling coming from the yard followed by a smell she knew all too well, "Dean" she said and looked out the window. She saw him fighting both men. His shirt was ripped open and his muscles were bulging. "Oh god" she said and slipped the finger deep inside herself as she pictured Dean on top of her.

With little effort, Dean ripped the heart from the first werewolf and took a bite before tossing it aside. Blood was dripping from his face as he made eye contact with the last one. No one was getting anywhere near his mate. She belonged to him and there was no one that was going to get between them. He didn't care who he had to kill. "I am going to rip you apart." Dean growled.

"I don't think so. I am going to kill you and then go inside and rip open that sweat smelling thing you got hidden upstairs. I'm going to make her scream." She grinned. That was all it took for Dean to charge after him.

As Carmen watching Dean rip the other werewolf apart with ease, she pumped her fingers inside of her fiercely as she clawed down the wall with the other hand. "Oh God Dean!" she moaned. Each time he slashed into the man she felt herself getting closer and closer. Just as he ripped the heart from the body, she felt herself clamp down around her fingers and she came screaming his name, begging him to come inside and take her.

Dean ran into the house and went straight into his lover's room. The door was locked but that wasn't going to stop him. He kicked it in and Carmen stood there her with nothing on but a robe. "What took you so long?" she asked just before she ran and jumped into his arms. Dean was taken by surprise at her strength but he just went with it. Carmen pushed him onto the bed and he hit it hard. She smiled at him as she ripped off his jeans and tossed them aside.

Carmen made her way up his body and took hold of his cock, "Mmmm…..So big and hard. You don't know how many times I've thought of this moment."

"I'm all yours my love. Take what you need from me. I am giving you my everything just as you once gave me in my time of need and desire." Dean said as he licked his lips.

I was hoping you would say that." She smiled. The two instantly started ripping the remaining clothes from their bodies and Dean had her pinned beneath him, the tip of his cock at her warm entrance. Carmen reached and held the base of his shaft, holding it to her. Dean looked deeply into her eyes. "I love you!" he said.

"The fuck me!" She growled. "Show me who I belong to Dean. Take me as your own."

Dean pushed forward and sank his cock all the way inside her. Carmen arched her back and moaned as she felt his hardness bury to the hilt. They kissed deeply, tongues sparring. Her arms were around his neck as her body molded to his.

With there lips still together, Dean began to thrust into her, sliding his long shaft back and forth, in and out. Carmen moved against him in response and the never broke their kiss. She hooked her legs around the backs of his knees as her hands moved down to cup my ass. "Oh God!" she screamed, "Harder!" she begged, pulled him towards her, trying to get him even deeper. Her breath came more rapidly and her moves against him sharper and more urgent. She was building towards orgasm and Dean could feel it.

Dean got up on his knees so he could watch as his cock moved in and out between her swollen pussy lips. It was an incredibly erotic sight. All of a sudden she arched her back and screamed, wrapping her hands around him and pulling him frantically back to her lips. Her kissing was ferocious as she came, arching her back and working her hips for all they were worth to fuck him. Dean could feel her juices coating his inner thighs.

Even thought Carmen was still quivering from her orgasm, she didn't want to stop. She wrapped her legs around Dean's waist and started thrusting her hips against his cock. He didn't need to do anything, but he couldn't control himself. When she scratched down his chest to the point blood surfaced he lost it and started fucking her hard. "Fuck Carmen. Oh God baby!" He slid in and out of her well-lubricated pussy, his shaft feeling the movement and becoming even harder. He went up on extended arms again, freeing her to move even more excitedly, and letting him watch as his dick pummeled her. They fucked hard and long, matching strokes.

"Dean…I need you to come with me. Please baby! I need to feel you!" she pleaded with him.

Dean pounded and pounded away until he was sure she was going to be walking funny for a week. When he felt her clamp down on him again, he felt his balls tighten and seconds later they were both screaming each others names as they went higher than they ever have before. No wonder they were the perfect match.

Half hours later they still lay in each others arms. Carmen had gotten just what she need and was more than satisfied. "How was the hunt?" she was as he ran her finger tips over the wounds on his chest.

"Mission accomplished. We should be well fed for a month or so and those dirt bag are frying in hell as we speak." He said as he kissed her the top of her head.

"Good. Do you think more werewolves will come after me if I was to go into heat again? I fear for Conner. I couldn't control myself."

"I noticed." Dean grinned, "But if more come then they to will meet the same fate as the others. No one will ever touch you or our son. That is a promise I can make to you. I am forever here with you my love. You have my heart."

"I love you Dean."

"And I love you more than anything Carmen." Dean said and held her for the rest of the night.

Sam sat at Bobby's desk looking over every murder in the last few weeks trying to see if Dean was anywhere to be found. He knew he would have to feed sooner or later. Just when he thought hope was fading, he came across an article. "Bobby, get in here!" Sam called out.

"Did you find something?"

"I think so. In the last week five bodies have been found within fifty miles of each other. All with their hearts ripped from their chest."

"Do you think it could be Dean?"

"The first one was found only three hundred miles from here. I say it is worth a shot. How is the new cure coming?"

"We won't know until we test it. Let's go find your brother." Bobby said. They loaded up the car and head out to bring Dean back and try once again to turn him back into the man he once was.

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