Ding, Dong!

The bell rung through the corridors and the living room, flowing all the way to Patricia Martin's room, loudly. The blonde was under her covers and shifted half-awake, wondering if she just heard someone ringing her doorbell or if she was still dreaming.

Ding, Dong!

It wasn't a dream after all. Patty mumbled something on her pillow and covered her head with the blanket even more, like that would block out the sound, or at least make the unexpected visitor leave. Who the hell could it be at that time? Probably some guy wanting to do research. Or maybe a client from her cosplay café wanting to talk to her in person. Geez, what a stalker.

Nothing happened for a couple of minutes, so Patty relaxed her tense shoulders and came back to snore on her comfy pillow.

Ding, Dong, Ding, Dong, Ding, Dong!

The noise made her flinch. She rapidly pushed the blanked away and sat up straight, frowning and murmuring incomprehensible words. She looked at her clock. Her eyes widened.

"Six in the morning…? What the…"

Diiiiiiiing, Doooooooong…

"I'm coming, I'm coming! Stop it already!" Yelled Patty, getting out of her bed and putting on her slippers.

She walked dizzily through the corridor, like someone who just had a hangover. Her blonde hair was messy and her expression was the pure description of annoyance. The American cursed under her breath on her mother language while reaching for the door.

"Look," She said, opening it. "I don't know who you are, but I'm not interested in—"

"PATTY!" A sudden body glomped her, making both of them fall. Patty needed a moment to realize what was happening, since her brain wasn't working properly. There was something heavy on top of her, which wouldn't stop hugging her tightly. This something heavy had a huge mass of blonde hair and smelled… Familiar?

"Annie…?" Patty managed to say. The person giggled and finally got off of her. The American breathed deeply.

"I knew you were here!" Said the person in English, excitedly. Patty got up and stared at the girl standing next to her. Once her brain finally interpreted the entire situation, her jaw dropped.

"Annie? Wha… What are you doing here?" Asked Patty dumbfounded.

"I came for a visit, silly! What? Don't tell me you already forgot that you had a sister back home!" Answered Annie. Patty couldn't believe in what she was seeing.

"But… How… I mean, who…"

"Dad, duh. I didn't come alone. Mom is here too. They're in a hotel not so far from here."

Mom and dad came to Japan? And they didn't even tell me?

"I see…" Patty nodded. She then remembered that she was supposed to be sleeping right now since her shift at the cosplay café would start in an hour. And that night, she couldn't help watching an anime marathon on TV till 4:00am. It was going to be a long day.

"Wow, what happened to you? Your hair is all messed up." Annie interrupted Patty's thoughts. She turned to face her sister.

"Huh…? Oh, I was sleeping. It's six in the morning, you know." Answered her, trying to make herself a little more presentable.

"Oh, right." Annie rubbed the back of her head, sheepishly, "Sorry about that. The jet lag is huge, and I just woke up from the trip. I mean, coming to Japan is a totally new experience!"

One thing no one could deny: Annie Martin was definitely Patricia Martin's sister. They were both so much alike, concerning both attitude and physical appearance. The only thing they didn't share was the hobbies. While Patty was obsessed over anime and Japanese goods in general, Annie was in love with TV series, cute guys and songs that her older sister honestly wouldn't hesitate in breaking her iPod if they popped up. But besides that, they got along pretty well.

"New experience, huh…" Patty yawned and looked over at her clock. She had to be ready in half and hour and, knowing her sister, she'd want to share with her every single thing that has happened in the USA while she was gone. Patty had to think of some excuse before Annie opened her mouth.

"Oh, I have to tell you this!..."

Too late.

Without thinking, Patty looked around and found a small edible Koizumi doll that she'd bought yesterday in Akihabara. She never meant to eat it, but the situation was serious.

Forgive me, Johnny Yong Bosch!

Patty spun around, grabbed the doll and shoved it into Annie's mouth. The girl froze.

"Eh… Look! Can you believe how tasty this is?" Said Patty, sweatdropping. Annie grabbed the doll and bit it, still a bit shocked. Moments later, her eyes shone.

"Wow! That's pretty good!"

Patty resisted the urge to faint when she saw her precious Koizumi without his head.

"I-I know right? Look, Annie, I have to work in thirty minutes, so can I talk to you later? You've got your phone right? I'll call you back." Trying to sound as pleasant as possible, Patty started to push her sister towards the door. But she barely budged.

"No way! I didn't fly all the way here just so you could expel me from your house!" She turned around, and gave back the little Koizumi doll to Patty, putting her hands on her hips. "Can't you give an excuse to your boss? Like saying that your favorite sister, the one you didn't speak with for seven long years, came for a visit? I'm sure he'll understand."

"Seven long years seem too much even for me…" Mumbled Patty, sweatdropping. It was true that she didn't talk to her sister in a long time, but she was pretty sure it didn't surpass a year. "I'm really sorry Annie, but I have to go! If I get fired I won't be able to stay here!"


"I'll spend the entire afternoon with you, sounds good?" It was official: If Patty didn't leave in five minutes she would miss the train.

"Are you sure…?"


"Can I go with you?"




Ding, dong!

Both sisters stopped arguing and turned to the door.

"…Are you waiting for someone?" Asked Annie.

"No… I don't know." Patty looked through the door's eyeglass and saw something weird. There was certainly a person there, but his or her face was covered by a big piece of a brownish clothe.

"Who is it?" Asked Patty.

"Patty, it's me! Open up! I'm sorry I'm late!"

"Hiyori!" Then she remembered.

Last night Patty had called her friend Hiyori Tamura and asked her if she would be so kind to bring her newest cosplay dress to her house at six in the morning, since the store that made the dress was five minutes away from the manga artist's house. Hiyori's first direct answer was of course a straight 'no way', but after spending hours on the phone, she managed to blackmail Tamura-san with the promise of giving her the last five volumes of the doujin she wanted to buy at the next Comiket. How Patty managed to put her hands on the doujins before her she would never know, but that was enough to make her cooperate.

She opened the door fast.

"Hey, I had a problem with the— Wow!"

Pulling Hiyori inside, Patty didn't give time for her to speak.

"Hiyori, Annie, Annie, Hiyori, my sister, my friend, have a good time, be right back!" Shooting word after word, Patty grabbed the dress and darted inside her room to change. Hiyori and Annie stood there staring at the hallway. The meganekko realized that she should probably introduce herself.

"Eh… Hi, I'm Tamura Hiyori, nice to meet you." She said, bowing. When the girl didn't reply, Hiyori looked up. That's when she realized why the girl hasn't reacted.

Could it be that… She didn't understand me?

Annie stared at Hiyori, confused.

"Sorry… What was that?" Asked the blonde, in English.

Oh, crap!

Hiyori had had English classes. But her grades at this subject were awful. She couldn't communicate with a foreigner in English even if she had to. Like now.

And Annie didn't have a single clue about the Japanese language. The only word she knew what it meant was 'gomenasai', but only because her sister had said it so many times accidentally over the phone.

Before the situation got even more awkward, Patty slammed her room's door and came running towards them. She was dressed and her hair was combed, but she didn't give Annie time to ask what she was doing with such a weird outfit. Patty turned to Hiyori.

"This is my sister, Annie, please take care of her while I'm gone."


Patty then turned to Annie and spoke in English.

"This is your legal guardian, Hiyori, please obey her. See you in an hour!"

"Say what?"

And with that, Patty turned and left her apartment, closing and locking the door. The awkward atmosphere came back. Both girls turned to each other, and while they stood there, gazing at each others eyes, there was only one thing that was certain: Both of them were thinking the same exact thing.

Now what?

Heey there! This is just a little idea that's been floating on my mind for a while. I hope you like it!

I wonder how they will handle this situation. Randomness and hilarious scenes coming up! See you next chapter!