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Annie had no idea where she was going. When she saw the key on Hiyori's hands, all that she could think of was that she could finally leave and try to find her sister. But now that she was out of the apartment, the realization that that place was not New York was crystal-clear.

"What kind of criteria to separate streets is that?" Mumbled Annie under her breath while running. "Just you wait, sis, I'll find you. I didn't come all the way here to spend time with your friend!"

To be quite honest, Annie missed Patty an awful lot. Maybe even more than Patty missed her, but that she would never know. When the older girl finally left home, Annie thought that she was finally free of her sister's abusive behaviour towards their room and of the bizarre songs that she put to play out loud whenever she was on the computer. But after the first week, she found herself talking alone, always forgetting that Patty wasn't there to share her thoughts. Annie hated to admit it, but she's gotten used to her sister's eccentricities, so the house felt pretty empty without her around. One day she even searched for Japanese songs to try to find the ones Patty was always listening to, seeing if she could bring Patricia's vibe back, but it was a complete failure. Of course, she would never tell her that. Ever. She had her pride.

Turning left, Annie was beginning to get tired. She stopped to breathe, being careful not to get caught by Hiyori. She knew where Patty's apartment was, so it shouldn't be a problem coming back to it if she thought she was going too far.

"Ok, let's see… Where Patty said she worked again…?" Annie thought about asking someone, but then she remembered it wouldn't help. "Ok, think Annie, what did your sister taught you about this country?"

She forced her brain to remember the few calls they had shared since Patty left. Well, according to Patty, Japan had the most curious types of people and lots of technology. They also had anime and manga, this Annie could never forget. Patty talked about them all the time.

"Well, she likes anime and manga stuff, maybe she works at some place that have lots of them…" Annie looked around and stared at the people around her. She then picked a detail. "Wait… No one here is wearing those creepy clothes that Patty has on her room…"

The something clicked on Annie's brain.

"That's it! Oh, crap, how did she call them again? Fantasies… Costumes… No, it was a weird word! Think, think, think…" For a second, Annie stopped and smiled to herself. "Heh, I looked like Jimmy Neu— Gah! Focus!"

Annie didn't have ADD, but she had her moments.

Back to the story.

"Something like costume… Cos…" She closed her eyes and a sudden memory came to her mind.

"Ah, Annie! I have to show you this!" Patty came bursting through the door while Annie was trying to do her homework. She sighed.

"What is it? I'm busy!"

"Look, look! It finally arrived!" The older blonde took off a weird outfit and showed it to her. Annie stood there staring, bored.


"So? SO? It's my new cosplay! I'll use it at the next festival!"

"Cos-what now?" Asked Annie, raising an eyebrow. Patty sighed and put away the costume.

"Never mind… A minion mind like yours would never understand!" And with that, Patty left the room. Annie sweatdropped and came back to her homework.

"Says the one that is addicted to cartoons at sixteen…"

"If she has tons of these things on her room, then she probably works at some place that uses it!" And with that as her first clue, Annie started to run again.

She would need to find someone to try to communicate, but she wasn't going to stop. Not until she could spend some time with her sister. One hour was too long for her to wait. Also, a sudden feeling of freedom took over her like a disease. She wanted to explore her sister's city and try to find her on her own. It was an adventure!

Ah, she felt like her favorite character on a TV show.

"Not good, not good, not good, not good," Hiyori repeated these words over and over again, as if it was some kind of spell that would make things better. She was running like crazy and her neck was already hurting from twisting to the sides so much. "I can't believe she'd run away on her own! If she gets kidnapped, I… No, don't think about that! Gah, Patty, your sister is worse than you!"

Hiyori had an idea of where Annie wanted to go, but she also knew that the American didn't know how to get there. Unless Patty somehow told her where her cosplay café was located, she would be completely lost.

"Ok, calm down. I need a plan…" Hiyori approached a wall and leaned against it, sighing.

She had looked all over the perimeter near the dormitory and couldn't find Annie. So now she would have to go farther away and this wasn't good. Saitama was too big to try to find one person. She thought about calling Patty, but she immediately discarded this idea. What would she say to her? 'Hey Patty, can you call your sister to ask if she wasn't captured, because I accidentally let her out and now I have to idea where she is'? Right.

"The best thing I can do now is keep looking… Maybe I should ask some people around. Annie-chan probably attracted lots of attention." Hiyori turned her head and saw, far away, a police station. Her face brightened up.

"That's it!" Yelled her before running towards it.

"E-excuse me! Do you speak English, sir?"

Annie approached a man who seemed like a police officer, shyly. The man turned to her and smiled politely.

"Yes, do you need something?" His accent was strong, but Annie could understand perfectly. She was relieved. Time to use a bit of her charm.

"Oh, I'm glad! You see, I just arrive from the USA and I'm having trouble finding this place… Can you help me?" Asked her, blinking her big blue eyes.

"Ah, of course. Which place are you speaking of?"

"Well, my friend told me that she would be somewhere that is specialized in cosplay, manga and anime… You know, stuff like this. But I have no idea where it could be! Is there anywhere near here that looks like what I just described?"

The police officer smiled and answered immediately.

"There is this area in Tokyo that is popular by its otaku-goods, called Akihabara. I'm sure that's the place your friend was referring to."

Annie's eyes widened. Of course! That's another thing that Patty mentioned in one of her calls! This place was everything she talked about once she arrived in Japan.

"Yes, I think that's it! And how do I get there?"

"Well," Began the police officer, "From here you'll have to get a train. It's faster this way. The line you must take is the Keihin-Tōhoku Line, which leaves you on the Tokyo Station. From there you walk towards Akihabara, which is less than five minutes away."

Annie asked if he could write down the names of the train and stations she should remember and so he did.

"Thank you so much!" Said Annie happily, after the police officer was finished. But before she could leave, he warned her.

"One more thing! Akihabara is really crowded and there are lots of stores and cafés. Did your friend mention exactly where she would be?"

"Well… No…" Annie forgot about that part. She had to think of a way to make it easier to find out where Patty would be working, so she asked the man, "Well, I remember her saying about a place where people wear cosplays for work. Do you know some place like this?"

"There are popular places called Cosplay Cafés. People normally use cosplays when working there."

That suits Patty, alright…

"But," Continued the police officer, "as I said before, there are also lots of Cosplay Cafés in Akihabara. You might want to call your friend to know the exact location, or else you'll get lost."

Annie took note of that and nodded. She knew calling Patty would be useless since her phone was always turned off, but she kept that in mind.

"Alright. Thank you so much, sir!" Smiled Annie, turning around. But before leaving, she remembered something. Turning back to him, Annie bowed politely, and then made her way towards the train station. The police officer smiled at that.

"She behaves well…"

Arriving at least at the police station, Hiyori opened the door a bit harsher than she'd intended to. The officers inside stopped their work to look at her, and she sweatdropped.

"I-I'm sorry…" She bowed and then sat down in an empty chair.

She was exhausted and hungry and now had to wait for attendance, but instead of drinking some coffee to fill her stomach, Hiyori could only think about what she would tell the officers. She would probably describe Annie the best way she could and tell them the truth about her running away. Ah, if fate was on her side that day, it would be so good…

Two minutes later, another cop entered the station, talked to one of his colleges and then looked over at Hiyori. He called her and she got up.

"I'm sorry we took so long to attend you." Said the man, smiling.

"Ah, n-not a problem!" Hiyori blushed and scratched her chin, sheepishly.

"Well, what is the matter?"

"You see… I lost a friend of mine. She's American and just arrived here, so she doesn't speak Japanese… She's blonde, blue eyes, almost my height and—"

"American?" Interrupted the cop. "I actually talked to an American girl five minutes ago."

Hiyori widened her eyes. Could it be…?

"And she seems to fit your description, too." Continued the man. "She asked for directions, and I told her about Akihabara. She said she was going to meet a friend there, maybe it was you?"

It was definitely her.

"Yes! I-I'm her friend! Since she was new to Japan I thought it w-would be better if I went to meet her, but I guess we had the same idea, hehehe…" Hiyori felt awful for lying to the police. She felt like a fugitive right now, even though she knew that Annie fit better on this category than her.

"Ah, I understand. It is a common mistake, don't worry." Smiled the officer. "Anyway, that's where she is heading now. She also said that she was going to look for a Cosplay Café."

I already knew that…

"Yes, I told her that…" Hiyori got up, feeling a tugging sensation on her stomach. She couldn't remain there and keep lying to him, not with the polite and gentle face he was making right now. "T-thank you a lot, sir! It was a great help!"

"My pleasure. Hope you can find her."

And with that as his final words, Hiyori bowed and left to the train station. Fate was indeed on her side that day.

Annie walked down the train station with the precious piece of paper in hands. The information she had was written in words that she understood, luckily, and she was surprised to find that the line she was suppose to take was incredibly easy to find.

"Well, what would you say? Now I just need to wait for the train." Annie sat in one of the benches and smiled to herself. "I'm good at this!"

She took a while to look around and appreciate her surroundings. She let out a small sound of amazement while running her gaze trough the place. It was really something special. Clean, clear and, even though it was crowded, the people didn't make as much noise as she was expecting.

Annie never considered Japan a big deal. For her, the only thing that was good about that country was the Japanese food she ordered from home, and that was it. She couldn't understand Patty's obsession with Japan. She always considered everything her sister watched childish and bizarre, but then again, she never really paid much attention to it. The songs were weird too. But some of them were a bit catchy, she couldn't deny that.

Remembering all the moments she made fun of her sister's hobbies, Annie felt a painful guilt tugging her stomach.

"I guess I'm an awful sister, aren't I?" Annie mumbled to herself, looking down. "Ignoring everything she wanted to show me back home… But she always had time to look at my things when I called her…"

Then the sound of the incoming train interrupted her thoughts. She looked up and got of her feet, more determined than before. Annie grabbed the piece of paper and squeezed it, frowning.

"I'm coming, Patty."

"…'I'm coming Patty'? Really? That's so not you."

"Ah, shut up. I was focused at that moment."

"Right. What's next? 'I'll be always there for you'?"

"Quiet you two; we're trying to watch the continuation here!"

"Fine, fine, geez."


The train finally opened up its doors and Annie had to wait a good deal to finally enter. There were lots of people there, even though they were very organized. When she finally managed to get in, she found another problem. Her entire body was squished between two fat guys and she had a problem in looking at her precious paper. She turned her head to the station signs, but it was written in Japanese. The translation was too small for her to see at that distance.

"Crap… Ok, Tokyo Station was the name, right? I'll just have to rely on my ears then." Annie presumed that the train lady announced the station names just like anywhere in the world. And luckily, she was right. But as the train stopped, more and more people left, and there was finally enough space for her to even sit down.

The train began to move again, and Annie knew she was supposed to get off at the next station. She knew that just by looking at the type of people that had suddenly filled in the train. There were cosplayers everywhere, guys wearing T-shirts with games' names in them and, strangely, a bunch of maids too.

"Hmm, I wonder if all of them work for the same guy." Said Annie to herself, blinking.

Suddenly she noticed a commotion on the train two meters away from her. There was a crowd of weird-looking teenagers on the far back, and they were all apparently looking at Annie, somehow with hungry eyes. She shifted uncomfortably on her seat, hoping it was just a coincidence. Her heart started to beat faster when she noticed that they were walking towards her.

"Don't panic, they are just stunned by your beauty. That's all." Whispered Annie to herself, trying to calm down. The teenagers now were gathered around the American, and she finally convinced herself that it wasn't a coincidence.

Come on, you're from New York, act like one!

"Is there a problem here?" Annie said finally, frowning to one of them. They all took a step back, making sounds of amazement.

The heck…?

Finally, after moments of doing… Well, nothing, one big guy took the lead and bent over to stare at Annie's big blue eyes. His smell wasn't so great, and Annie had to hold her breathing.

"You have powers?" Asked the big guy, surprisingly in English. Annie sweatdropped and tried to think of a decent answer.

Since none came to her mind, she said the only smart thing.

"Yes. Yes I do."

The group looked at each other, sounding even more impressed. The big guy, who apparently was the leader of those zombie-like people, turned to them and said something in Japanese that Annie didn't understand.

Maybe they're just discussing the best way to deal with an all powerful midget.

Annie noticed that the train was stopping and she sighed in relief. Getting up, the American tried to slip away from the group surrounding her. However, when the door opened, some things happened in a fraction of a second. Annie was lifted in the air, dropped her paper with the annotations, and taken outside quickly by the teenagers who were singing some kind of crazy song.

"H-hey! PUT ME DOWN!" Yelled Annie, kicking the air with all her forces. But their strength was amazingly huge and she had absolutely no way to win by force. Things got even worse when the leader put a piece of cloth in front of her mouth and nose, and Annie started to feel dizzy.

"No! No… put… me down… Patty…"

And everything went black.

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"COSPLAY!" Annie shouted too loud and some people turned to her and stared at the blonde weirdly. She sweatdropped and half-apologized, walking away.