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* = Telepathic speech

" = Standard speech

' + I = Character thoughts

* + I = Spiritual speech

Soul Calibur II: Tale of Heroes

Chapter I: Hero of Time

A knight adorned in onyx armor dragging a large sword; half-organic half-steel with two eyes emitting an unholy red aura, walked slowly through the desert. The knight stood at five foot nine. His torso, hips, chest and shoulders were covered in the thick yet light steel. On each shoulder-guard, one large spike erupted as a form of self-defense. The figure's head had a long pointed hat, green in color, flowing idly in the hot desert wind.

Behind the warrior, a large black cape protected the straps of the armor. It too was flowing behind him. The knight's feet were covered in thick, brown knee-length leather boots. His arms were graced with equally thick brown leather arm-guards, attached to them were half cut finger gloves to protect his palms. A golden triangular symbol on the back of the figure's left hand glowed idly in the desert night.

The man's handsome face was devoid of expression, but as he opened his ocean blue-eyes, they showed a cold, tired glint in them. They held a look of might, skill and courage. Behind his blond bangs, the unusually long ears of the knight twitched. A voice on the wind reached his ears.

*...Link...* the voice whispered.

Link stopped in his tracks to listen to the wind. After a moment of patient waiting, the voice called out to him again.

*...Link...be careful...* the voice warned. It sounded feminine. The voice appeared to be coming from the mark on his left hand.

The goddesses were warning him of a danger that is to come.

Frowning, the Hero of Hyrule gazed around the surrounding wastelands with his piercing eyes. Far off in the distance, Link's sharp hawk-like gaze caught sight of a banner flowing in the wind.

The hero glared at the banner. He knew what was coming.

'Another army sent by an arrogant ruler to claim something that would lead to their downfall. It would seem they have yet to learn their lesson.' Link thought to himself with a sigh.

*You know, you don't have to constantly focus on them. If you would use the power I offer you, they would cease to constantly hunt us.* An annoyed, demonic voice spoke in Link's head.

*To what point and purpose, Soul Edge? If I was to give into you now, things would only escalate and become much worse. If I must deal with the greed of men constantly, then so be it.* He shot back to the sword, calmly.

*If that is your choice...Hero...* It mocked him.

Grumbling under his breath, Link cracked his neck for relief of pressure. He scanned the surroundings again, sensing a much smaller group nearby and a few biologicals.

"It seems I don't have much of a choice..." He sighed again. Who would help him? He was seen as a demon to everyone. Apparently, this world discriminated against long-eared Hylians.

Adjusting his green tunic for comfort, he got ready for the upcoming conflict that was sure to end with blood spilled.

Far off, his long ear's caught the faint sound of a war horn being blown and signaling the attack.


Isabella 'Ivy' Valentine sat against a rock nearby the campsite her group had formed. Deep in thought, she lifted her head and gazed around her surroundings. She was bored out of her mind right now, and since Yun-Seong was put in charge of cooking tonight, she couldn't terrorize him for her own amusement.

Ivy frowned.

'Wait, who's bright idea was it to make him the cook tonight? Well, he better not mess it up, or else.' she thought darkly before gazing back at the group.

Over at the camp, she saw Cassandra chatting idly with Seong Mi-Na, Talim, Sophitia, and Xianguah. Taki was speaking with Siegfried; probably planning their next move no doubt. Maxi stood at the top of a sandy hill with his telescope as he took watch. Mitsurugi was polishing 'Shi Shi-Oh' and making sure the blade was nice and sharp as always. Kilik appeared to be meditating again.

"Well, Valentine. Looks like it's just you and me." She said out loud. In response, her sword broke to whip form and pointed North.

"Hm?" She looked in the direction, but didn't see anything.

"Oi! I see something!" She heard Maxi shout, drawing everyone's attention to him.

Taki walked up to him as he handed her the telescope and pointed west. She looked in that direction and saw the vanguard of an approaching army. She noted that they weren't marching right at their campsite, but what puzzled the ninja was why were they here in the first place.

She caught sight of the banner, and recognized it instantly.

"It's one of princess Hilde's armies. They're passing through, but I don't understand why they are here." Taki stated. Siegfried walked up to her and gazed out at the Wolfkronian forces.

"Hilde has been hunting for the sword herself. She held a tournament not too long ago to recruit powerful warriors into her ranks." He explained.

"Does she seek it for power?" Taki asked. Siegfried shook his head.

"No. She wants the sword destroyed. But without Soul Calibur, it's impossible." He answered.

Ivy looked back at where Valentine had been pointing. Now noticing that the sword was pointing at the front of the army. What could Valentine be warning her of? It only ever did that to alert her of something dangerous nearby.

Taki resumed watching the army of soldiers as they continued marching North when she heard the horn of the Wolfkronian forces sound out the signal to attack. Her frown deepened. What were they attacking? She could not see anything in the area to attack except them. But that was not the case, the troops were charging North.

Gazing a little more North, she caught sight of another figure. Her jaw dropped as she recognized him.

Link stood ready with Soul Edge in his left hand, and the Master Sword in his right. He waited patiently for the Wolfkronian forces to begin their approach, planning out how he would somehow repent from killing them, or at least most of them.

The archers let loose a volley of arrows his way, he narrowed his eyes and held his swords up. As the arrows neared, he spun his swords as fast as he could in his hands while holding them in front of him to deflect the projectiles. They hit, and he was able to block most of them, but some still landed on him. He was hit in his chest and leg, though his armor kept it from touching him, he still felt the sting.

He plunged Soul Edge's tip into the sand and pulled the arrows out before quickly grabbing the blade again and parring the first soldier's attack.

Parry, feint, dodge, roll, back-flip, punch, and swing. Steel met steel, blood flew and lives were lost. Though, much to Link's relief, not a lot of lives were taken, he had managed to throw blows that merely rendered his opponents unconscious, though some could not be saved. To avoid Soul Edge acquiring more souls, Link was forced to use the Master Sword on the men that had been slain.

He gazed out at the field, his ears caught sound of a soldier gasping. He gazed down at his left and saw one of the troops who he must not of hit hard enough, desperately grabbing for a sword nearby.

Link walked over and kicked the sword away with a nudge of his boot. He locked his eyes on the soldier who watched him with fear as Link pointed Soul Edge's tip to the man's neck.

"P-please, don't kill me! I-I have a son! Have mercy!" He begged desperately. Link's face remained cold and unmoving, but he lifted the sword from the soldier's neck all the same. He saw no lie in the warrior's eyes.

"What is your name?" Link asked quietly. The soldier hesitated at first before responding.

"...Galith...Son of Ayan...of Wolfkrone..." He answered carefully and painfully.

"Galith, son of Ayan. Take this message to your leader: Stop, tracking, me. Or I will not be so forgiving next time." He instructed, his voice filled with warning and as quiet as the wind. When the soldier nodded, Link kicked him in the jaw just hard enough to knock him out without breaking anything.

Link gazed up at the hills of sand far off into the distance. His eyes caught the sight of a familiar face which he recognized.

Taki watched The whole battle unravel before her in stunned silence. One, she and a few others she used to travel with seven years ago had thought Link was dead by now, yet he stood before her and defeated at least two-hundred troops. Two, she recognized one of the swords he was carrying.

Soul Edge.

Though, as Link fought, she noted he didn't use the blade for anything except blocking. Questions arose in her head. About a month after they found Link, who was only ten at the time, she had begun to train him. She taught him as much as she could with the little time they had. He was a quick learner, he mastered techniques faster than any student had during her time with the Fu-Ma clan.

She watched as the last of the soldiers fell, a brutal stab in the chest with his old sword ended the man's misery quickly.

She couldn't help but wonder what happened to him. His fighting style had developed to a much more vicious and powerful set. He was quicker than he used to be, and his assault's were carefully coordinated.

She continued to watch even as Link and one of the soldiers spoke. She watched as Link knocked the man unconscious and suddenly, yet slowly, turn his piercing gaze to her. Link gave her what she knew was his old, small and sad smile. She still recognized it even after seven years. She cared for Link like a teacher would, he was as much a little foster brother to her as Toki, her old master, was a foster father.

Sophitia, who had taken it upon herself to 'Mother' Link when he was younger, may be a little more then shocked to hear he was still alive. It was thanks to her that Link said more then two words to her and everyone else that was apart of that group seven years ago. Though he continued to remain ever silent and wordless, he spoke more then he had when they first met him when necessary because of her efforts.

Taki unconsciously took a step forward, her eyes still on Link through the telescope. His smile disappeared and was replaced by his unchanged emotionless face. He shook his head 'no' slowly as he began to walk backwards. She watched him as a sand storm began to swirl around him, his eyes still shone forward with that glow they seemed to possess.

As the storm thickened, she lost sight of his iris's, and when the storm died out, Link was gone.

Taki was worked up over something Ivy could only guess at. She claimed to see an old member of her group though the rest of them could only see a figure as small as an ant in the distance that somehow stopped the army.

Ivy was a bit surprised at that, the man must have been what Valentine was pointing at. What also got her thinking was how this man, Link as she found out his name was, was able to wield Soul Edge. Taki said it was obvious he was in-control, and that he didn't want to be found. She described everything. At first, Sophitia was the happiest Ivy had seen her since she joined. But the more detail Taki gave, the more that happy look melted into something like worry.

Mitsurugi, who helped Taki train Link with some Samurai styled techniques, held a pride-filled smirk on his face as Taki described the battle. Though when she mentioned Soul Edge, his smirk became a confused frown.

"What? What the hell is he thinking?" Was the first thing the experienced Samurai asked.

"Who is this Link?" Kilik asked.

"He was my student seven years ago. Mitsurugi, and a French man named Raphael also helped to train him. A British man named Rock had found him half-dead in the woods near Athens. Sophitia helped nurture him back to health and he was with us for three years before he disappeared. It's obvious he has avoided being found by us or others." Taki explained.

"He didn't happen to have a green tail-like hat, a green tunic, a long sword with a blue hilt and a blue shield, did he?" Siegfried asked cautiously. Taki nodded in confirmation.

Siegfried started chuckling.

"Then it is him. He defeated Nightmare and released me. He took the sword, and has managed to avoid being controlled by it." Siegfried stated. Sophitia stood up.

"Then we have to find him! He has the sword, if he still is in control then we could track down the shards of Soul Calibur." She said. Taki placed her hand on the Athenian's shoulder.

"He may not allow us to find him. I'm sure he would reveal himself to us soon, though when I am not sure." Taki said. "But if he refuses to give up Soul Edge, then...I fear we will have to bring him to the end." She added. Sophitia seemed as if she was going to argue, but knew it would not change a thing.

Ivy stood there listening to the whole thing. She shook her head, this was why she hated teaming with others, especially those who she had a less than pleasant introduction with. Namely Taki. If you don't play your cards right, you get attached to others and when things get hairy, hearts may be broken.

She may have not agreed with most of these people, nor did she have to like them. But she hoped their emotions did not slow their quest against Soul Edge down. She did not have to worry about the ninja, but the others who apparently knew this Link, was an entirely different story.

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