Title: Poisoned Love

Summary: What if, when Jake took Bella to meet Sam and the others, Paul imprinted on her. Can Paul fix Bella or will she be the broken girl forever? And will their love survive the newborns and Vitoria?

Still in the dark forest, quiet the deep,

Softly the clock ticks, baby must sleep,

The pole star is shinning, bright the treat Bear,

Orion is watching, high up in the air.

Reindeer are coming to drive you away,

Over the snow on an ebony sleigh,

Over the mountain and over the sea,

You shall go happy and handsome and free.

Over the green grass pastors there,

You shall go hunting the beautiful deer,

You shall pick flowers, the white and the blue,

Shepherds shall flute their sweetest for you.

And in the castle tower above,

The Princess' checks burn red for your love,

You shall be King and Queen of the land,

Happy forever, hand in hand