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Chapter 35

Edward Cullen

I heard Billy's thoughts before he spoke. I just hoped that he remembered that Charlie was here and that there was no way he could know our secret.

There was no way to remind him though. I just had to trust that the old man would be clever enough to make his announcement in the right way.

I shouldn't have worried.

"I have an announcement." Billy said, loudly enough to cause everyone to break their own conversations and pay attention.

Some people knew what Billy was about to say, others were curious. Charlie was surprised. It wasn't like Billy to make himself centre stage so to speak.

Billy began.

"As most of you know, there have been... well, let's say issues, between our tribe and the Cullen family over the years."

There was a murmer of agreement through the Quileutes. Many of them were still questioning why they were here this evening.

Billy continued.

"As you are all aware, if it wasn't the speed in which Dr Carlisle Cullen took action over my Jacob's recent accident, he might not have been here to celebrate with us tonight. I will be eternally grateful for that."

Billy looked at my father. I knew he was sincere in his gratitude.

"Don't mention it, Billy." Carlisle answered. "I was only doing my job. I'd have done the same for anyone."

"That really isn't the point though." Billy countered. "You saved my boy. There's more now too."

Everyone's attention piqued again. Many of the gathered tribe really didn't know what Billy was about to tell them.

"Many years ago, around the time that Jacob was born. I had a younger sister. Some of you will remember her, some of you wont. Her name was Nadie. I loved her dearly but she was troubled. I don't know what exactly was worrying her and I'm sorry that she didn't feel that she could confide in me. She ran away. I searched for her but never found her. Eventually I gave up. I realised that she didn't want to be found."

I looked at Charlie. This was all clearly news to him. He was wondering why Billy had never told him this before and why he was telling him now.

As if he could read Charlie's thoughts as well as I could, Billy addressed him.

"Charlie, you are one of my best friends in the world. I know you must be curious about why I've never told you this before?" Billy asked, looking directly at my beloved's father.

"Hey Billy." Charlie responded quickly. "It's nobody's business but your own. I trust that you had the best of reasons for not telling me about this before."

"I'm not at all sure that they were the best reasons now." Billy said, looking a little distressed. "I didn't want you to think that I'd befriended you for the wrong reasons. You're the chief of Police.

I wouldn't have liked you to think that I'd expect you to use your position to try to help me find my sister. Anyway, that doesn't matter now. What does matter is Bree."

Charlie looked even more confused.

"What has Bree got to do with any of this?" He asked.

"Everything." Billy replied simply. "Let me explain. When Rosalie and Emmett became her guardians they introduced her to me and my family. They explained that she was the daughter of Rosalie's older brother. He had been an alcoholic. Bree's mom had left them both when Bree was very young. I took to Bree straight away. Alice found this a little unusual and well, Alice being Alice, couldn't shake off the feeling that there was more to this than met the eye. Anyway the upshot of it all is that Alice did some detective work at the records office. She found Bree's birth certificate. Nadie, my sister is Bree's biological mother. She's my niece."

There were several gasps from the gathered crowd. Charlie's jaw almost hit the floor.

"S..So, a..am I getting this right?" Charlie asked, clearly in shock. "Not only are you friends with the Cullens now, you're actually related?" A smile had started to form on his lips. I heard him thinking after everything you've said about how you didn't trust them.

"Yip. You're getting it right." Billy conceded. "That's the reason for this big celebration. There's no longer any need for an understanding between our families. We are all family now. And, I for one, couldn't be happier." Billy finished.

I understood that he'd just announced to the tribe that the treaty was no longer in place. There was no need for it anymore. As head of the council, Billy's word was law. The treaty was gone. I was greatly relieved by this. Changing Bella would have broken the treaty. Now it was just one thing less for me to worry about.

Charlie Swan

It might take me some time to get my head around this. So Billy had a sister that he'd never told me about. I could understand his reasons but he should have trusted me. I would have helped him, done everything in my power to find her. Of course, that was exactly why he didn't tell me. I suppose he decided to respect her decision to leave, give her her privacy so to speak. I couldn't help but wonder why she left in the first place. I knew I wouldn't be able to help myself. I would need to make some enquiries.

I could understand why Billy was grateful to Carlisle. Jake looked completely broken when the boys brought him home, jeez was that just over a week ago? That boy heals quickly. Apparently his injuries weren't as serious as we'd first thought. But even so?

Hell, who was I to question what had brought the truce between the tribe and the Cullens. I was glad their feud was over. Hopefully Edward and Jake would stop fighting over Bella now. I had hoped at one time that Bella would choose Jacob. Deep down I knew that she never would though. It was obvious that she loved Edward. And, if I'm being honest, it's obvious that he adores her. I think she'll be safe with him. He makes her happy and that's all I'm interested in.

Bella seemed to love the latest addition to the Cullen clan too. Everyone did. Bree was certainly something else. Her quileute blood made her a little darker skinned than the rest of them. That family all looked like they needed more sunlight. You'd think that with all their hiking and stuff they'd be a bit more tanned? But hey, Bella lived in Pheonix all her life and was chalk white too.

Live and let live, that's my motto. This has been a great night. Everyone enjoyed the food that I'd strangely been placed in charge of cooking. It's been fun and there's been no trouble. All's well in my world.

"Hey, Edward. Pass me a beer please."

Jasper Hale

The night had been a great success. The atmosphere got a little tense when Billy made his announcement. Some of the tribe were uncomfortable with the fact that the treaty was gone. Some would have preferred it to have been relaxed but not gone completely.

Over all, though. They accepted his decision and would respect his wishes. From the emotions I felt from them, most were just happy for Billy. They knew that although he had Jacob, he was lonely a lot of the time. They hoped that Bree would bring him some deserved happiness. I looked at Edward, who nodded. Confirming my thoughts.

The girls were in their element, all of them enjoying hosting this party. Bella, as always, found it easy to interact with the pack. She had Bree by her side and they both happily chatted to Emily, Sue and the other female tribe members. Seth stayed by Jake and Sam, I felt adoration flowing out of him in Bree's direction. He didn't want to risk her feeling overpowered by his presence though, so he was trying to keep away from her. I didn't think he'd be able to last much longer.

Bella and Bree were becoming quite animated. They were chatting to Sue and Emily, who were quickly becoming equally excited. Whatever they were discussing was obviously important to them. I wondered what it could be?

Some of the older tribe members had started to leave, taking with them the very young.

We were all in good spirits, the pack having consumed at least their own body weight in Beef, Lamb and Chicken. Washed down by gallons of beer and juice. The ladies had all enjoyed wine and cocktails.

I'd been given the job of barman to a certain extent, and had enjoyed mixing margaritas, mojitos and long island iced teas for the girls.

Alice brought out twister and there was a great deal of amusement as we all tried to out do each others contortions on the mat of many colors. Emmett, always the consummate competitor was determined to win, even if it meant cheating. He really stood no chance though. Alice was by far the best. She could manipulate her limbs in ways that would have me blushing at my own thoughts if that were possible.

When Emmett didn't win, he took it upon himself to get his own method of revenge. Even Edward didn't see it coming. He'd disappeared only to re-appear moments later with a giant hose. Before anyone could stop him, he turned it on. Soaking everyone except the adults. And they only got out of it because they weren't playing twister. There were squeals of surprise. Then Embry and Paul wrestled Emmett to the ground. Turning the hose on him. The girls flew indoors and returned with basins of soapy water. Rose emerged from the garage with some giant yellow sponges. I seriously hoped things wouldn't get ugly.

The water fight lasted over an hour before Esme called a halt to it. We were all completely soaked and covered in soapy bubbles. I honestly couldn't remember the last time we'd had so much fun. For once we forgot who and what we were and just acted like the teenagers we were supposed to be.

Esme and Sue went indoors and came back with lots of towels for us to use to dry off.

Alice and Rosalie went to find a selection of clothing that our guests could change into. Emmett's wardrobe took a serious knock. Well, he had started the fight after all.

Carlisle, Charlie and Billy chatted happily. Clearly enjoying each other's company. I knew Bella had yet to tell Charlie about her engagement and imminent marriage to my brother. I hoped he'd take the news well. It would be nice for us all to remain friends.

During the water fight I'd found it amusing to see how much Seth had tried to defend Bree. His actions backfired on him when she smacked him around the head with a particularly soapy sponge. She'd howled with laughter after that and he congratulated her on her aim. Things were definitely developing between those two. It would be interesting to see where it all ended.

It was very late when Billy called time on the festivities, indicating to the others that it was time to go home.

I had enjoyed the happy climate of the last few hours. I could get used to this.

As the tribe made to leave, I found myself feeling a strange pull towards Sue. It was coming from Charlie. His emotions were that of a strong affection. Well well, I thought. Maybe there was more romance in the air than we already knew about. Time would tell I guessed.

Bree came over to hug Billy.

"Goodnight uncle," she trilled. "I hope I'll see you again really soon."

"I hope so too Bree." Billy told her. "You come on over to the reservation any time you want. You will always be welcomed."

"Aw thanks," Bree said. "And I will come over, often. I want to get to know my extended new family."

Billy was ecstatic by Bree's response. He was truly delighted to have found her. I looked at Rosalie for some of the normal signs of jealousy I'd come to expect from her. I was pleasantly surprised to find none.

She had found her daughter. The fact that Bree was happy was all that mattered to her.

Charlie shook hands with Billy and Carlisle. He and Bella left with Billy and Sue. Edward followed behind. He wouldn't let Bella out of his sight unless it was completely necessary.

The rest of us got started on cleaning up. There wasn't much mess. We stacked all of the glasses and cutlery into the dishwasher. Bella had suggested using paper plates. She told us that was the norm at a barbecue. So they'd been thrown in the trash as we went.

"I think our first barbecue was a complete success." Carlisle noted.

"I agree." Esme joined in. "I was a bit worried when Emmett turned the hose on, but it all turned out better that I could possibly have imagined."

We chatted on about the evening's festivities until the house looked completely back to normal.

It had been a roaring success. Alice was glowing, having planned it all.

Now she could concentrate on the wedding.

"I think we should hunt." Emmett suggested. "Watching all of those boys eat, sure made me hungry." He laughed.

"I'm with you, dad." Bree agreed.

"Me too," Rose joined them.

The little family disappeared into the night.

I was happy to just sit in the living room, my arm draped around my beautiful pixie wife's delicate shoulder as she watched old movies on tv.

Things were winding down again. It was a normal, natural progression.

In the morning the wedding planning would begin in earnest. In the meantime, I'd just enjoy the peace...


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