Authors Notes:

This is my first story I've published (anywhere), so please don't expect a masterpiece. I would however be very grateful for any critique, suggestions, noticed errors, Ect Ect.

I'm more of a fan of the original Japanese GX series than the 4kids edit (let's face it, 4kids never could match the original series, with GX or the original) so I will be using the Japanese names/Terms in most cases (this goes for references to the original Yugioh series as well).

I will however be using dub card names, simply because I'm more familiar with them. The only time I wont be using the dub card names is when I find the dub to be kinda stupid. Eg: I'll use Super Fusion instead of Super Polymerization. Why did they bother changing it? The original name was good. I just cant take the dub name seriously for some reason.

To avoid confusion, and for future reference, here's how I write out speech and thought. (Sorry it isnt the typical way, but it's just makes more sense to me)



"Spirit Talking" (Eg. Winged Kuriboh/Daitokuji/any other spirit)

"Inner spirit talking from within" (Eg. Yubel/Honest)

There may be exceptions to the rule, but the context should stop it from becoming confusing.

Please keep in mind I am from the UK, so there may be some words that will seem to misspelled to any American reader. Eg, "Defense" will be spelled "Defence" most of the time.

And lastly my Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh. You think I'd have let the game be played on motorcycles?



The Emissary of Extinction


A figure stood looking upon a dark, moonless sky. Almost completely hidden by the night, though he did not seek to hide from anyone. Upon his own castle no one was going to be foolish enough to tell him he was not welcome. Without turning around he acknowledged a figure who was almost completely hidden.

"Is he on the move?"

The hidden figure nodded. "Yes. I think we both know what he's planning." After a few seconds of silence the second figure continued. "And the boy?"

"He's not ready."

"Are you sure? Maybe if we-"

"He is not ready. I understand your urgency, but to make ourselves known to him now would be pointless. To wield true strength, and wield it against him, the boy must want strength. And right now he does not want it. Since he doesn't want strength, we will not play the part of his allies."

The shadowed figure walked forward, a confused expression upon his face. "The way you's almost as if you doubt he is the one we await."

The first figure blinked once, slowly. Taking a second to compose himself before responding. "I do."

"Then why are we not looking elsewhere? If you had even the slightest doubt you should have told us."

"We watch him simply because there's no better option."

"You know as well as I that-" He was silenced by a raised hand.

"The one you speak of has already chosen his allies. He would not be able to use our power as well as theirs. He is a well that has been tapped and claimed."

"Fine. But if you had doubts about the boy, why still choose him? I don't buy that he was just the best option."

"Because I believe he'll want our strength soon enough. It's that simple. We both know where he is going. Once the boy learns of it, he'll face him. And he will fail. Once that happens we shall present ourselves to him, if he passes the test then we will lead the fight against the creature once more."

"As you sure we can win? You know as well as, no, better than I the depths of that monsters power."

The figure turned to face his old friend. "As I know the depths of our own. Just be patient my friend. Soon we will raise our blades again."


A lone figure dressed in a red jacket stood before a ruined temple. This temple had clearly not been home to anyone for years, decades. Perhaps even centuries. The young man walked on, grateful for the lack of people around. Somehow he got the feeling that hanging around these old ruins would look suspicious. He had come quite a distance. He walked into the ruin, light seeping in from the holes of the ruined roof. He looked around, he found it strange how...blank the walls were. He decided to call on a second opinion.

"What do you think, Yubel? Is this the place we heard about?" A figure visible only to him appeared, walking alongside him. "Yes. It clearly has not been inhabited in many years. But I can still sense remnants of evil lining the walls. Be cautious Judai, we've no way of knowing what we may find." Judai nodded. He too could sense the faded evil about the temple, he doubted it would be any kind of threat, but it explained why almost no one went near the temple. Though faded, the aura about the place was enough to inspire unease. Even he would admit he'd never felt this kind of unease, he'd felt greater, but not none quite so unique. If the aura were greater he knew his insides would be yelling at him to run, run and hide. Run from whatever the source of this feeling was. At least a year ago that would have been the case. Now he was strong. He stopped for a second, closing his eyes. "It's stronger elsewhere in here. Now where is that place?" He calmed his mind, feeling around, he had to find it. His eyes suddenly opened. He'd found it. He ran. "I must find the source of it." He turned a corner, running down the remains a corridor before suddenly stopping.

He turned to face a closed door. He knew whatever was emitting whatever he'd felt was beyond this door. But it wasen't what was beyond the door that concerned him.

it was the door itself. The thing was made completely was stone, like the very stone in the wall had been moulded into a makeshift door. One glance at it told him he was not going to be moving that thing himself. "What do you think, Judai? Is that door meant to keep people out, or something in?" "This isn't the time for jokes, Yubel." "Who's joking? I'm serious." "Nya! I agree Judai" An orb has suddenly appeared at Judai's side. Somehow capable of speech. "Are you still going to open it?"

Judai smiled. "Damn right I am." He placed his hand in a small box attached to his waist, pulling out a single card, his eyes suddenly aglow in different colours. "Neos!" He held up the card to the door.

Neos suddenly appeared, standing before the door as well. His head turned to face Judai. "Judai, I sense something dark beyond this door. Be prepared, we may have to fight." Judai nodded. "Then let's meet the challenger." Neos slammed his fist into the door, embedding his hand into it's surface. He gripped the stone on the side, pulling with all his might.

The door came off, the hole in the wall behind Judai shining light into the room that had been shown.

It was for the most part, a completely barren room. Lit only by the daylight now seeping into it. Judai looked to the wall opposite of the door. "A monolith?" Judai walked in, so he could get a closer look at the stone before him.

It depicted a monster Judai had never seen before. It was obviously a tall creature, easily taller than Neos, who was looking upon the creature with a mixture of repulsion and interest. One look at the creature revealed a single fact. It had no skin of it's own, it's entire body was a skeleton, of a creature that was obviously not anything that lived in the human world. Despite the lack of skin, what looked like veins could be make out on the incredibly detailed drawing of the creature, short of meeting the creature in person it would be impossible to make out if they were really veins, or just lines across the bone. They all looked upon the creatures depiction, trying to make out further details. One notable feature was that it's hands were claws, and that they only had four fingers per each. Three acting as fingers, the forth as a thumb. Further up it arms it was possible to make out something that resembled clothing, but the materiel it was made out of was impossible to divulge, it almost looked it it was made out of darkness itself. Not much could be said to describe the clothing, only that it completely hid most of it's arms, legs, and it's entire chest and back from view. Expect around the back of the creature the materiel it was made off was not fully tied to the beast, instead flowing behind it, at random angles, looking almost like wisps of smoke. A creature wrapped in darkness itself, somehow it seemed to befit the monster before them, reminding Judai of a creature he had fought not so long ago. The most distinctive feature about the creature was it's choice of armor. Starting from it's helmet, and finishing at the creatures waist.

The creature was wrapped in an skeleton. Which Judai suspected once belonged to an enemy. The armor itself was nothing more than a very large ribcage, with a spinal column at the back, with a tail reaching down to just above the wearers feet, which could be called talons, though they were different from most bird talons. They had two claws at the front, and one at the back, enabling it to wrap it's toes around the large, what might have been branch it was depicted standing on. Each foot was easily large enough to crush a skull in it's grasp. Looking up the skeleton Judai could finally make out the skeletons skull. Whatever was wearing the creature had it's own face hidden beneath the skull of the creature it had killed. It was revealed to be a dragons skull. With some alterations haven been made to it, the teeth had been dyed black by some unknown means, each of them very long and sharp fangs. The face itself may or may not have been changed, because everything on it led to a single impression to everyone looking at it.

It was like the thing was looking at you. Like you were some kind of prey. Whatever was beneath of skull was completely hidden, leading Judai to think, with a shiver down his spine, if there was even anything under it at all. The way the darkness seemed to be fused to it, the way it almost seemed to be a walking corpse, seeking only to make everything alive, utterly dead.

It could be called death itself.

Yet there was something else that bothered Judai "How could a mere picture of something produce this energy?"

"Judai! Look!" Judai turned to face what his old teacher was looking at. "What is it?" Judai walked over to the source of interest, kneeling down before it.

It was a robe. Not unlike one a monk would wear, but it wasn't the fact that it was even there that bothered Judai. It was the way the robes were just lying there, in a pile on the floor. It was strange, it was as if the robes had just been thrown against the wall and fallen to the ground. But why would it even had been thrown against the wall in the first place?

"Judai...look at this..." Judai looked up to see what his floating companion had found. "What?"

Suddenly Judai got the impression that the robes were worn when they were thrown into the wall. The dent in the stone wall was definitely big enough to be caused by a human, but given the sheer depth of it. "There was some strong force behind that. But where is the..." His eyes narrowed, he gently raised up the hood of the robe, wanting to find something. "Daitokuji, could I get a light down here?" The orb came down, illuminating whatever Judai had found. "Is that, ash?" Judai dipped his hand into it, pulling out a little in his hand. "It is now."

Judai heard a footstep, turning to notice Neos at another robe. "It's the same here, Judai." Judai looked around the camber, finding a total of 10 robes in the room. Some others were thrown against the wall, others had fallen where they had once stood. Whatever had come, had done the deed quickly.

"But what could have-?" He looked up. "I saw it too Judai." One of the creatures claws had moved. Judai stood up, ready to fight against whatever the drawing before him was.

The face of the monolith began to emit ripples across it's surface, starting from the tip of one one of it's right claws, then emitting outwards. A claw came through. Poking it's way through to the human world. Neos jumped to Judai's side. Ready to fight. And they would have to fight.

The creature's face came through, looking at Judai with hollow eyes. The skull of it's mouth opening, black smoke gathering in it.

Judai knew what was coming. "Yubel!" The creature breathed out a blast of dark energy, seemingly wrapped in smoke.

Yubel appeared, wrapping the front of her body in her wings. The blast hit, the impact of it not even scratching her as the blast was dispersed, causing the room to shake from the force of the attack. The creature began to growl, it would attack again. "Neos!"

The Neo Space Hero threw out his hand as Yubel vanished, firing a blast of blue energy at the beast. It hit, causing the beast to scream and retreat back into it's monolith. Judai's eyebrow raised, what was that in front of him?

"Judai, it's a portal of some kind. The monolith is the gateway the creature using to get into this world. Break it and this can end." Neos didn't even wait for the order before jumping forward, striking at the monolith with it's fist, and all his power.

The monolith shattered in pieces as Neos's arm went right through it. It fell to the ground in a pile of itself. But even shattering could not stop the beast from roaring. The pieces of the monolith began to emit dark energy, which move like smoke to form an image in front of Judai. The monster was standing before him now, but only as a smoke image. It could not harm him, at least that's what it seemed. The now silent beast opened it's mouth.

"I'll be seeing you again, human." The creature began to fade away, fading into nothing.


End of Chapter


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