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The Emissary of Extinction

Chapter 36

The Opening Battle

War was shaking.

His hands were rapidly clenching and unclenching as he looked down at the Duel Academia building. Death had said just watch for a while, but this is War..."So I storm the place? Beat the living hell out of everyone who faces me? Or should I raise hell out here and wait for the strongest to show up? Dammit Death I need something to fight!" He took a step onto the edge of the building. "Fuck it! Smash into the place and fight 'til I fall!" He raised his arm up high to form the disk of War. "May only the strongest survive!"


"Fuck off, I-!"


"Either join me or-ahh!" Death had ripped Sosuke clean off the edge of the roof, slamming him onto the floor with a vicious thud. "You son of a-!"

"Look." Death helped War to his feet, the four Horsemen walking over to the edge of the roof to behold what had captured the eyes of their leader. For once, War was stunned.

"What the hell?"

"Someone's walking towards the campus."

"I know that, Famine! I'm wondering why!"

Death turned from his arguing comrades to the other member who was interested in the moving figure. "One of the ones you saw?"

Pestilence shook her head. "No. I'd remember one that small. Why does he have a duel disk? I don't think anyone outside of the Academia could figure out what's going on."

Death knew. "Ritan Kentai has began recruiting soldiers." He turned. "Good news, War." War turned to face him. "Your next opponents will likely come right to us."

"Oh hell yeah! I'm pulling out the next ones' heart!"

Death shook his head. "'Slaughter' would have made more sense than 'War'. I doubt he understands the finer points of conquest." He glanced closer at the walking figure. "What's your story, then?"


Haou had been watching. Watching as the young boy walked the distance towards the building he currently stood upon. He blinked slowly, trying to process the oddity of the situation. "Why is he not cowering under his bed?" He walked to the edge of the roof, his river of darkness spilling over the edge and forming a platform in mid-air. He stood on it and it suddenly descended, sending him ground-wards in a torrent of darkness. For a moment his energy spilled across the front wall like water, a moment being all it took to alert those inside, though it was far from his intention.

"What do you want, child?"

Before the child had any time to respond the doors of the Duel Academia building were forced open by the restless people inside. Wave after wave of students made their way out to see exactly what was going on. In under a minute a crowd had come to see the event that was about to transpire, and in less than a handful of seconds Haou would have considered it a good idea to have locked the doors.

"Everyone's dead! And you killed them all!"

"Curses!" Haou waved his right arm, creating a wall of darkness which moved behind him. The screaming students were quickly surrounded, those who had been attempting to escape were quickly contained, with darkness on three sides and the building their forth corner. "I was a fool to let him speak."


The Horsemen watched as the masses of the Duel Academia attempted to escape, only to be stopped by the wall of violet darkness. Haou was not going to let any of them go any time soon.

War grinned. "If that kid was aiming to spread chaos then he's a fucking genius."

"And soon fear will infect everyone inside." Came the words of Pestilence, closely followed by the words of Famine.

"They wont have any courage to draw strength from."

Death blinked slowly. "Then they will die." He too smiled. "Then it will be a worthwhile day." He looked at the child once more. "You shall be causality number one."


From the comfortable insides of yet another massive building, with a fire burning in a corner a devil watched over while holding a glass filled with an amber liquid.

Ritan watched with a raised eyebrow. " This can only go well...for me." He looked to the child. "Sorry kid, but there are bigger things happening here than you. Do be a good boy and sacrifice yourself now. I need that king removed."


Haou looked into the darkness, seeing what was beyond it clearly as if there were no wall at all. He created an opening, which quickly moved to create an incomplete circle around some choice individuals, trapping them outside the new prison with him.

"Principal MacKenzie, control your students, they are in considerable distress. Have your children help you. I will permit you three free travel through the wall, use it as you must but I will permit no-one else to leave." They quickly turned and passed through, leaving Haou to look to the others he had pulled through, all of which were moving towards him. "There might be more. Remain here. Take on any more which show." Haou turned back to the boy who had come. "You have accused me of murder, why dare you make such a claim?"

"You can make dark smoke too! You make the sky and city like it is! I saw you making more of it!"

Haou did himself no favours by permitting his eyes to glow. "My power if different from that which pollutes the sky."

"I don't believe you!" The child raised his duel disk. "I want my family back so I'm going to beat you!"

Haou blinked slowly. "So be it then."

Before Haou could step forward, Kaiser had already moved in front of him. "Haou you can't face him!" The ancient king pushed past Kaiser.

"I've faced younger."

"That's not the point!"

"Then what is? He is old enough to wield a Duel Disk, he is old enough to fight, and die if he so chooses. I will hear no more objections." His eyes flashed and his river of darkness became as fire. "Leave me to my battle."

Haou moved within a decent duelling distance of his latest challenger. "You're quickly becoming an annoyance, child. Surrender now and we'll leave it that. You may come inside or just leave. I offer nothing more."

"No! I have to beat you!"

"For the final time I am not responsible for this. I am done reasoning with a child, accept it or don't."

"You're a liar!"

"So be it."


(Both LP/4000)

Haou drew his cards but did not look at them. "You may begin, child."

"Draw! I set one monster, and one card. Turn end!"

"Truly a child. This will be over by the end of my second turn." Had he a greater emotional range beyond anger, he'd have felt pity. "My turn, draw. I summon Elemental Hero Bubbleman." As was the norm, Bubbleman emerged kneeling. (Defence position. ATK/800 DEF/1200) "I summoned Bubbleman while I control no other cards, so I may draw two." He did. "I could ask for little better." He revealed one of his drawn cards. "I activate Dark Fusion." From his hand he suddenly raised two select monsters above his head. "I fuse from my hand Elemental Heroes Avian and Burstinatrix." The components of one of Judai's most signature rose above him, falling into the spiral of this evil fusion, but what was to emerge was not Judai's favourite Hero. "I summon Evil Hero Inferno Wing." The demonic version of Flame Wingman appeared, only serving to reinforce the image the child had of the king being a person of evil. (Attack position. ATK/2100 DEF/1200) "You bring this upon yourself. Inferno Wing, battle. Attack his set Monster. Inferno Blast!"

Inferno wing raised two burning hands and trust the blue blaze forward, slamming into the set creature with incredible force.

Force which met a most interesting result.


Ritan stopped mid-sip. "Well, well. Not bad."


"Ha! Up yours, Haou! GO KID!"

"Silence, War!"


From inside Xiaolang watched with an impressed eye. "Whoh."


"What?" Haou's opponent still had a Monster.

The creature that remained was different from any Haou could recognize or name. There were three distinct sections to the creature Haou could identify, but they were all connected. The top section bore resemblance to a miniature glider plane, but the edges of the wings had what were clearly fingers. Any mysteries of this creature's ability to fly were answered by the bottom section, two very large turbines sat on the ground, resting on the 'legs' connected to them. This contraption all connected and perhaps powered by the middle section.

The device was very unusual, in that what it actually was, was in itself a mystery as all Hoau could see was its container. A dark green metal casing defined most of it, which was decorated by various glowing patters. The device also held a series of tubes running across its surface, being plugged in at one point and at another for an unknown purpose. The signature detail of the device was its face, where a golden glow radiated from the outside of the face. A black surface was made home to a symbol, three strange, identical creatures surrounding a dot in the middle of the symbol. Haou concluded that this device was some kind of power source, with what he could see merely being the container which held the power.

But it was not this which Haou cared about.

(ATK/1200 DEF/2200) "You attacked Koai'ki Meiru Speeder!"

The device suddenly started glowing gold, and a stream of energy was suddenly unleashed. Haou gave no reaction to such a minor attack, though his pride had taken considerably more damage. (Haou LP/400 → 3900) Though not so much that he was concerned. "I set one card. Turn end."

"My turn. Draw!" He looked at his card before revealing it. "Koa'ki Meiru Speeder effect activate! When I draw an 'Iron Core of 'Koa'ki Meiru' I can show it to you. If I do, I can draw another card." He revealed his drawn card. "Take a good look, it's an Iron Core. I'm drawing one more card. Draw." He took a look at it. "Aww nuts, not an Iron Core. I summon Koa'ki Meiru Bergzak!"

Man or Machine, it can be wondered which one this monster was. It's true face was hidden behind a white mask, which only had two sinister eye holes, with glowing red underneath as facial features. The symbol that was on the Speeder's power core, the Iron Core of Koa'ki Meiru was upon the front of this creature's left shoulder, but coloured red. Its body was a mixture of black and blue, the armor being the black and the blue being the body, of flesh or steel could no one could be sure. The creature wore what appeared to be the bottom half of a coat around its waist, a coat which looked oddly like the bottom half of a coat formerly worn by a a certain Cyber Style duellist, and now worn by said duellist's younger brother. The creature held two massive blades, which combined with the creature's appearance made them rather intimidating. (Attack position. ATK/2000 DEF/200)

"Next I move my Speeder to Attack position." (ATK/1200) "I activate a Continuous Spell card, Core Overclock! Koa'ki Meiru Monsters get 500 more attack points now!" The symbols of the core on each of the Koa'ki Meiru monsters suddenly grew brighter. (Bergzak ATK/2500. Speeder ATK/1700) "Core Overclock Effect Activate! Once per turn I can discard an Iron Core of Koa'ki Meiru to raise the attack power of my Koa'ki Meiru Monsters by 1000." He discarded the card. "Maximum Overclock!"

The markings of Koa'ki Meiru upon both Speeder and Bergzak both glowed much brighter. From the symbols the light spread across the bodies of their owners, covering them in a rapidly flowing aura, the aura grew instantly, giving the monsters the appearances of being aflame. (Bergzak ATK/3500 Speeder ATK/2700)

"Bergzak! Attack Inferno Wing! Twin-sever Blade!"

The swordsman raised both of his swords before rushing forward on foot, roaring with a mindless rage all the way. Inferno Wing attempted to back away, but was no where near fast enough to dodge the dozen vicious strikes the over-clocked monster bore down on her. Her death unleashed a vicious shock-wave against Inferno Wing's former master. (Haou LP/3900 → 2500) As always the king was ready for anything. "Trap card activate. Undying Evil. When an 'Evil Hero' is destroyed by battle this card revives it, and it can no longer be destroyed by battle. Revive, Inferno Wing."

The ever-arrogant angel reappeared, expertly hiding the fact she'd just been utterly defeated. (Attack position. ATK/2100 DEF/1200) Everyone wondered just why exactly the king did not change just one arrangement with this summoning. But the reason was known only to him, and was rather simple. He just could bring himself to take a child completely seriously, even in a context as serious as the one at present.

"Bergzak effect activate. When it destroys a Monster by battle he can attack once more, but it has to be in a row. Only he can take the next attack!" Now it was a matter of picking a target."I could attack that thing again, but I can't send it to the Graveyard that way. Hmm. I know!" "Bergzak, attack Bubbleman! Twin-sever Blade!" Bubbleman had less than a second to react, not that he took advantage of the opportunity before he was cut to death. "Now hit Inferno Wing again! Twin-sever Blade!" Once more Inferno Wing was delivered a dozen strikes, but not one of them managed to leave even a scratch on her form. (Haou LP/2500 → 1100) "Speeder!" The two turbines on Speeder's form span at maximum, and the glider rammed into Inferno Wing with as much force as it could muster, but even that did not destroy her, but damage would at least be dealt. (Haou LP/1100 → 500)


Ritan had nearly dropped his glass. "I...I only taught him the advanced rules of the game! If he's doing this it's because he's that strong." He stood up, finishing the last of his drink. "I need more soldiers. If only people like this survived..." He walked out, causing the fire to extinguish itself.


"I like this kid. He's a true warrior!"

Death shrugged. He couldn't argue with such strength.


Xiaolang raised a hand to his chin, suddenly a fact was making itself clear to him, and it was far from comforting. "You're not invincible are you, Haou? Even you have limits." "Even Judai has limits. We all need to get stronger."


A stunned crowd watched on. Of all who'd seen Haou duel before, none of them had ever seen something quite like this. The King brought down from almost 4000 life points to under a thousand in a single turn. Was quite a sight, but the battle was far from over.

Haou was as calm as he ever was. Nothing short of defeat was going to silence him. "I am still standing, child."

"I know...ummm. I don't have anything...okay I'm ending my turn. During each of my end phase, my "Koa'ki Meiru" Monsters need me to feed them Iron Cores or they end up destroyed. I...only have one core in my hand, so..." He discarded it. "I'm only saving Bergzak." He discarded a card, and the Iron Core appeared on the field , and Bergzak quickly grabbed onto it and both began to glow. In a moment the core, and glow were gone, leaving Bergzak as before. While this was happening, Speeder had started to crumble, and by the time Bergzak finished his meal, Speeder had crumbled to pieces. "Your turn."

"You're talented, truly. It's a shame you chose to challenge me. It cannot be helped. Draw." He gave the card a glance. "As I control an 'Evil Hero' Fusion Monster, this Monster can be special summoned from my hand. I special summon Evil Hero Hellhound."

The creature first appeared as a cloud of grey smoke, before the smoke began to take its form. Four clawed paws of smoke somehow managed to crack the ground as they formed, each nail long enough to sever a limb on its own. Its tail was long, narrow, and extremely sharp. The monster's body was only half formed, with a strong back with a line of spikes down its center, but there was nothing on the underside of the creature, just a deep, endless blackness. The head was the last to form. Vicious, red, glowing eyes with a ferocious snapping maw which was full of fangs. The beast drooled red smoke, which rose briefly before simply fading away. The hound scratched at the ground with impatience, hungry, angry, and mindless all at once. But not even this beast would act without command. (Attack position. ATK/800 DEF/1200)

"Hellhound effect activate. By tributing it, I can return a Dark Fusion in my Graveyard to my hand, along with one Monster who was used in the Fusion Summon that was performed with Dark Fusion. I tribute Hellhound." He grasped at his Graveyard. "I return Dark Fusion and Elemental Hero Avian." He revealed the spell card he had just collected. "Dark Fusion activate. I fuse Inferno Wing on my field, with Elemental Hero Sparkman in my hand. I fusion summon Evil Hero Inferno Scar Wing."

The angel of shining darkness. That was the name the boy would one day describe the creature Hoau had unleashed against him. A creature made of darkness that hurt the eye to look too closely at. The wingspan of this creature was difficult to define, because it was the hardest part to look at. A guess would put the length of the wings slightly larger than Inferno Wings', but slightly smaller, and more sharper at the edges. The wings were without detail, just masses of wing shaped darkness, if it was truly darkness. It was no question that the wings were black, but looking at any black on this angels' body stung the eyes like intense sunlight. This angel's hair was as fire, with a mane of it flowing down behind her back, it too the same black as her wings and harder to ignore. Inferno Wings visor had been redesigned and exported onto Scar Wing, Now it was white as show, and covered the angel's face almost entirely, except for the sinister smile she had inherited for her 'inferno wing' half. She had also thrown out Inferno Wing's red garments for white, and had fashioned them in the form of royal robes, which ended in a cape-like effect identical to Inferno Wing. The robes did not cover her arms however, and the now golden claws she used for weapons. These claws crackled with power, and the orbs in the palm of her claws told quite clearly where they had come from. Darkness that hurt the eyes to witness, white that would reflect no light, an abomination of the traditional angle, and an affront to normality, even in the realm of duel monsters. Shining Flare Wingman had a morbid counterpart among the most villainous heroes indeed. (Attack position. ATK/2500 DEF/2100)

"Inferno Scar Wing effect activate. She gains 500 attack points for every 'Evil Hero' in my Graveyard. I have Hellhound and Inferno Wing." The twisted Hero was laughing as she started to glow, fuelling herself with the souls of her fallen comrades. (ATK/3500) "Inferno Scar Wing. Attack Bergzak. Inferno Shine Blast!

The Heroine raised her hands, forming a blackened blaze which crackled with electricity. She raised her hands over her head which created a bright ball of impossibly bright darkness. The ball became a stream of blaze with quickly made its way to the chosen target. The warrior could do little before the blaze engulfed him, which delivered a considerable backlash unto Bergzak's former controller.

The boy screamed through the blaze, such brutality being far above the normal level of children his age. (LP/4000 → 3000) Brutality that was far from over. "Inferno Scar Wing effect activate. When it destroys a Monster by battle, it inflicts damage to its controller equal to the attack or defence points of that Monster, whichever one is higher. Hellback Spark Fire!" Scar Wing waved her hand, and a electricity-powered fire wave drowned his opponent almost instantly, drawing out another scream. Haou was unaffected by the brutality he had just unleashed, as he said; he'd duelled younger. (LP/3000 → 1000) "I set two cards, turn end."

Kaiser nodded. "Haou and Judai duel alike. In only a turn he's turned the battle around. It's going to take a lot of strength to turn this around."

"My turn. Draw. I activate the effect of my Iron Core from the Graveyard. During my draw phase I can add it to my hand instead of drawing card, but I don't wanna. But if I want, I can send a 'Koa'ki Meiru' Monster from my hand to the Graveyard to bring it back. I'll give up Koa'ki Meiru Urnight." He discarded the declared card. "I'll take back the Iron Core." He picked up the card that emerged from his Graveyard. "Now I activate my Set Spell card, Urgent Synthesis! By returning an Iron Core in my Graveyard to my Deck, I can special summon one level 4 or lower Koaki' Meiru from either my hand or my Graveyard. I special summon the Urnight I just got rid of!"

This monster was a rare sight was this for the King. Urnight was a centaur, a heavily armoured and armed one perhaps, but a centaur none the less. The to of this monster's body was covered in gold armor, with a blackened version of the Koa'ki Meiru symbol of the top left chest plate. This monster too had no face to speak of, with only a glowing red visor being the only way this creature could see the world. Behind the gold helmet this creature wore a flowing mane of white was set free unto the world. In it's right hand a sword was its weapon of choice, but with a very unique handle, as the handle was more akin to a rapier's handle than a standard sword, but what could have been mistaken for a traditional handle was at the base of the sword. The blade itself was mostly featureless, except for two teal orbs which were indented into the metal. It's right hand was home to a shield, which was also come to a Koa'ki Meiru symbol, except this marking was red. Below the gold on the top half of its body, the under-section of this beast was mostly a royal purple, except for the parts of its legs that were also covered in gold armor. With all the armor, and the fact that no flesh could be seen on this monster, it's existence as an organic being could be questioned.(Attack position. ATK/2000 DEF/1500) The previously black symbol suddenly started to glow red. (Overclock effect ATK/2500)

"I activate the effect of Urnight!" He suddenly revealed an Iron Core of Koa'ki Meiru from his hand. "By showing you an Iron Core in my hand, I can special summon one 'Koa'ki Meiru' monster from my Deck as long as it's not another Urnight. I summon Koa'ki Meiru Crusader!"

While the other Koa'ki Meiru monsters raised questions as to whether they were organic or not, this one raised the question if it was alive or not. This creature's body was mis-proportioned with the rest of the body, with an absolutely massive upper body overshadowing a considerable, but much smaller lower body. It's upper body was mostly glad in grey armor, with a giant white plate covering the beast's chest and stomach, a plate which held the same coat of arms as its brethren. In its right hand a more traditional broadsword was held, another Koa'ki Meiru Symbol on its guard. A shield was in its left hand, of a much fancier design than that of Urnight. Gold trim surrounded a royal blow, which a red coat of arms surrounded by gold artwork decorating the surface of the shield. Under the monster's chest were it's smaller and far less decorative legs, with only red leggings and simple shoes covering the bottom appendages of this soldier. The warrior saw fit to wear a blue cape, and made no effort to hide its face. Its face was rotted, little more than an animate grey skull now. A simple battle helmet adorned the top of Crusader's head. This creature bore all the resemblance of a warrior who had through unknown means, simply died, but didn't quite understand the fact that dying meant you normally stopped fighting. (Attack position. ATK/1900 DEF/1300) As it's chest symbol began to glow red it was clear it was not going to get the message any time soon. (Overclock effect ATK/2400)

"Now I'm going to win! I tribute my Urnight!" The Centaur disappeared, but soon it would be replaced with a much more powerful creature. "I summon Koa'ki Meiru Valafar!"

Monster was a loosely used term in Duel Monsters, used only to describe a type of card in the game. But the most specific use of the term monster was something this creature truly earned. The monster towered over its allies, towered over even Inferno Scar Wing. The beast was made mostly of what seemed to be molten rock, expertly forged into armor. It's entire lower body, huge tail, back and lower arms, along with a portion of its chest were covered with the rock, complete with what was either energy or lava appearing in cracks of it. A single long spike of rock located halfway up the arms of the beast, at the same length where the elbows were located. What wasn't covered in molten was made of what appeared to be another type of rock at first glance, a blue rock that also had some cracks running across its surface. A total of five Koa'ki Meiru symbols adorned this creature, each glowing yellow. The first was on its chest, the largest of the five. The other four were smaller, one of each of its arms, and one of each of its knees. The monster's face was the less freakish than the last, but its horned chin and glowing eyes were far from a welcome sight. The creature wore a helmet of the same rock that acted as its armor. Out of its back however grew this monsters must unique features. The beast had wings made of fire, and each one burned with a mighty blaze. Haou's last match had been against a man who wielded true demons of monsters, and with only a change of name this monster could earn a place among them. (Attack position. ATK/3000 DEF/2100) Valafar started to growl as suddenly the symbols on its body started glowing even brighter. (Overclock effect ATK/3500)

Haou could not help but wonder. "You have summoned a powerful beast, how did you accomplish this so easily?"

"I only need to tribute one Monster to summon Valafar, as long as that Monster is another 'Koai'ki Meiru' Monster." Even with the balance of power having been shifted, a reckless attack against Haou was foolish at best. "Now what do I do? I could attack Avain with Valafar, because Valafar can inflict damage on defence position Monsters. But he has two cards ready and I know Valafar can't be destroyed by traps, but they can still do something and what if they're not traps but quick spells? Umm. Wait. I know! I can play it safe! I'll let crusader get Avian and let Valafar take on that...thing That way I can have a core in my hand to save Valafar at the end of the turn. But first I need to get rid of my one." "Core Overclock effect activate. I discard my Iron Core! Maximum Overclock!"

Crusader was silent as a red aura covered him, but Valafar was not such a creature that could be bound in silence. He raised his head to the blackened heavens and roared as gold completely covered him. Koa'kki Meiru Monsters gave the illusion of being on fire, but none, none even came close to pulling off the illusion like Valafar, a creature that already burned. Valafar was a force of destruction now, a force that only a greater force could stop. (Valafar ATK/4500 Crusader ATK/3400) A force that would need to wait only a moment before being unleashed.

"Crusader! Attack Avian! Wandering Blade!" The warrior jumped and slammed down with incredible before Avian. He slammed his sword down viciously, cutting down Avian in a single instant. There was more to come. "When my Crusader defeats a Monster, I can return any 'Koa'ki Meiru' card from my Graveyard to my hand. I choose to add my Iron Core. Valafar! Attack Inferno Scar Wing! Devil's Wingbeat!"

Valafar pulled back his wings, before the sudden instant before he permitted them to beat forward. A river of molten fire ejected itself from the wings of burning death, with only a single target in mind. The heroine did nothing to defend herself, as so very few monsters ever did when destruction was coming.

That was a duty left to the duellist. "Trap card open. Necessary Evil. When you attack while I control an "Evil Hero" monster, I can remove an "Evil Hero" in my Graveyard from play to stop your attack and move an 'Evil Hero' monster from my Deck to my hand. I remove my Hellhound." He parted his deck and found his monster in the same moment. "I move Evil Hero Tyrant to my hand."

"So he didn't have anything to destroy Valafar? Or is that other set card for that...well I still have the upper hand." "I set one card. And end my turn. I only have one Iron Core so I can only save one. I choose Valafar." The discarded core appeared, and the beast instantly grasped and devoured it. Valafar was saved, but the Crusader was not so lucky. (Valafar ATK/3500)


Xiaolang nodded to himself. "That was his last chance. It's over. But would Haou..."


It was indeed close to over.

"My turn. Draw. I activate O – Oversoul" Haou placed his hand over his glowing Graveyard. "I revive Elemental Hero Avian." The winged Hero appeared with his arms crossed as he waited for whatever use his master would have for him. (Defence position. ATK/1000 DEF/1000) "I tribute both Avian and Inferno Scar Wing. I summon Evil Hero Tyrant."

Inferno Scar Wing and Avian fell into a river of darkness, from which rose the tyrannical leader of the Evil Heroes arose. The Tyrant bled out the aura that was identical to his master. The Tyrant's bore down on Haou's opponent with a vicious glare, sending chills down the unfortunate infant's spine. (Attack position. ATK/2500 DEF/2000)

"Evil Hero Tyrant gains the effects of any Evil Hero monsters which were tributed to summon him. But that is not important. Not now. I discard one card to activate my set card, Super Fusion."

Above them the darkened sky opened, with a thundering black vortex baring its sights on the monsters below. Haou's eyes once again started to glow, his wrath was about to bare itself unto the world once again. "I may perform a fusion summon using any monsters on the field. There are only two monsters I can currently use. Mine, and yours."

Haou's speech was interrupted by the shouting of Kaiser Ryo. "Haou, he's just a child! Don't do it!"

"SILENCE! I fuse Evil Hero Tyrant and Koa'ki Meiru Valafar together."

The vortex above them widened, pulling in both Tyant and Valafar to its depths. Haou alone knew what was going to come out of it."Evil Hero Inferno Tyrant!" The Tyrant of glass and fire descended, brightening the darkened world. Even if a tyrant, light was a friendly sight in this land of the dead. (Attack position. ATK/2500 DEF/2000) "You have one more chance. Run now. You will not be pursued."

"NO! The man on fire said I had to stop you!"

The meaning of 'man on fire' was not lost upon Haou. "Ritan has already extended his influences." His eyes flashed. "So be it. Tyrant! Direct attack. Burning Hate!" Inferno Tyrant raised a hand in front of his face, making his hand glow with an impossibly bright light. He extended it forward, taking aim at Haou's opponent.

Who was already prepared. "Trap card activate! Call of the Haunted! I revive Koa'ki Meiru Valafar!" A vicious and primal roar was what the monster gave as it rose up. (Attack position. ATK/3000 DEF/2100) Its roar was reduced to a growl when its markings started to glow. (Overclock effect ATK/3500) "HA! I got you!"

The Tyant lowered his hand. "Think again. I move to my second main phase. Now I will activate the effect of Inferno Tyrant. Once per turn, I can destroy a Monster you control. Then you will take damage equal to that Monsters' level multiplied by three hundred points. In exchange for this my Inferno Tyrant cannot attack this turn, but I no longer possess a need to do so."

Haou took one good look at the defenceless, defeated, and now utterly powerless child before him. So many a time had the king struck down children even younger than the one before him, even with the screams of the people around him yelling for him to stop he remained totally within the confines of his thoughts. To him this was a simple matter. Yes, he was a child. Yes, he was powerless and utterly defenceless to stop him. And indeed, yes, perhaps he was a victim the same way the living of this city were. But he was one other thing too, in the eyes of the King.

"Not innocent." "Tyrant!" His hand raised to the sky. "Incinerate him!" It moved down. "Final Py-"

His hand never made it the full trip down, as suddenly the world almost seemed to stop.

Haou's arm was locked in a vice-like grip, and the audience beyond the darkness gave a resounding gasp. All eyes and attention were upon the king and they who dared to restrain him, the only one who would.


The dragon-skinned creature held her king's arm in a single hand her immensely powerful grip betrayed by her eyes. "My love. Please stop this."

Haou's eyes narrowed in a vicious glow. His teeth gritted as his voice became as blade. "I will not be distracted from this battle. Let me go! That is an order!"

She slightly tightened her grip, her voice now being the thing to betray her grip. "I can't. I'm sorry." Her eyes were the next to being glowing, and quickly both she and Haou were wrapped in a spiral of Haou's violet darkness. The twister of darkness shot up towards the blackened sky, but even though the spiralling haze both Haou and Yubel could still be seen.

Haou gazed his guardian in the eye. "YUBEL!" Both were then devoured by the darkness, and one last impotent scream of rage was all that were heard.


The darkness faded.


In the heart of a formless darkness a beast felt the world around it change, change in only a single but oh so important detail. " gone. Has he been...defeated?" The details made no difference, his enemy had gone.

In the heart of a formless darkness, the beast began to laugh.


Judai Yuki fell to his knees, oblivious to the rampaging students around him. With the king once again sealed Judai was once again in command of his own body. He fell forward, still concious, fully aware of the world around him, and fully aware of everything that had come to pass in his absence.

The child watched as Judai fell, and seeing a demon, a spiralling darkness and the scene before him, along with the stampede of students now passing him there was only one logical move to make.

He ran.


Xiaolang opened the window in front of him before quickly jumping out. The next few seconds were a blur of speed before he landed on the back of "Ebon! Follow that kid!" Both had already sped away before anyone could yell for Xiaolang to stop, not that anyone was going to try, there was already too much chaos among the fleeing students. One more runaway was just that; another runaway.


"Hey two victims in one stroke, I'll see you guys late-"

"No, War."

"No way! I'm going-"

"I warn you once, War. Do not defy me. Or you shall be the first duel I draw to a close. That boy has earned his reprieve. He has disarmed an enemy."

"And what about Xia-"

"Not your concern. That job is either Draygors' or Ritans'. It makes no difference in the end."


The crowd of running students had quickly dispersed, each making their way to their respective homes. What few remained of the original flock ducked out of the way as the they assumed demon-posessed steed charged through the street. One member in particular was doing his absolute best to duck and run at the same time, having his own guess as to whom was riding this steed. Clearly handling this child is something that would have to be done carefully, and gently.

"Come 'ere!" A sudden scream was the boy's only response as he found himself placed upon the steed, which was quickly rushing away faster and faster.


Johan walked down an empty corridor of the building, suddenly slamming his fist into the wall. "Dammit."




The attacks met, two glorious blasts of light collided, creating a supernova of pure power. Judai and Johan were almost instantly enveloped by the aura that the attacks had created. The two God-like Monsters continued their struggle, despite the fact that the winner of this battle was obvious. Perhaps it was destiny, perhaps their Monsters were simply waiting for the unspoken to finally be said. No matter what the reason, the time would be used.

"Dammit, Johan! You don't have to do this!"

"Yes I do! She's too dangerous to be kept alive!"

"I won't let you hurt her, Johan! She's my responsibility, not yours!"

"And you wont do what's right! So I'm doing it for you! Trap card activate! Gem Counter! All cards in my Spell and Trap zone are sent to the Graveyard." The only resident vanished, that being the trap itself. "Now I can fill my Spell and Trap Zone with Gem Beasts!" Five sealed Gem Beasts appeared, but would not be around long enough to empower the God of Neo Space. "I activate Rainbow Dragon's effect again! Rainbow Dragon will absorb all five of the Gem Beasts in my Spell and Trap Zone!" For the second time in that day, the gems that lined the body of the Rainbow Dragon were filled with the life forces of the Gem Beasts. (ATK/16,000) "I have no Spell or Trap cards now, God Neos is weakened! (God Neos ATK/6000) "This is the end for you, Yubel! I'll tear you right out of Judai and make you pay for what you did! Rainbow Dragon! Destroy her!"

From the base of the energy flow that emitted from the Rainbow Dragon a wider beam fused with the rest, all of it making its way to God Neos' attack.

"I wont let you do this! Trap card activate! Legacy Soul! I must select a Monster I control, then remove one Monster in my Graveyard from the Game. The Monster on the field gains all the effects of the Monster I removed!"

Judai raised his disk high above his head. His graveyard was glowing, Judai had already selected who was to give their power over to the God of Neo Space, and destiny could not have selected a better, more befitting, and more cruel creature to select.


The guardian of Judai, in both of his lifetimes appeared. She levitated far above Judai, her form only in spirit, not unlike Winged Kuriboh manifested himself.

Johan looked up at the creature, he moved so fast, and with such rage that Judai wasn't sure. For an instant, Johan's had changed, to that of a darker chapter in his history. "YOU!"

The transparent form of Yubel lowered, standing behind God Neos. Her wingspan spread, further than the width of the creature who was absorbing her power. She looked down at Johan with an expression of consideration. Before just a moment, and only that moment, when her face fell into sadness.


Johan saw it all, almost in the same instant. He saw...everything. He watched as Yubel plotted the creation of Super Fusion, and Judai's possession by the hands of the darkness that lived within him. He watched as he faced down Kaiser. He watched as that man was brutally beaten by the twisted forms of his family, as the armored creatures tried so hard to bleed the man. He watched as the most evil being he had ever seen, the twisted form of his own Rainbow dragon obliterated most of Kaiser's strength in a signal instant. He watched as the match came to an end. He watched his body wage victorious over Amon, after viciously breaking his spirit before absorbing his energy. He watched as he faced Judai yet again, felt every blow and heard every word spoken, and every one thought by what had possessed him. He watched as Yubel tried to sacrifice him to achieve her deceptive victory. He saw all this through the twisted reasoning Yubel had justified her actions with, and they forever be engraved in his memory.

"I WON'T FORGIVE YOU! Not for what you did to me, to Judai, to our friends. And to my family! I curse your name, you demon! I curse you forever! I swear somehow, some way, no matter what it takes..."

None but Yubel could see his eyes now...and in them the full weight of her sins. "...I'll find a way to kill you!"

There was nothing more to say.

God Neos gave a mighty roar and the entire field was enveloped in the geyser of Rainbow.

(Johan LP/0)


Flashback End


End of Chapter


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Commentary: Haou

"A Deck that relies upon a Spell card that has no function beyond fuelling its monsters. Unreliable, but such power."

Author's Notes: Well that's gotta be one of the most interesting chapters you've read so far. You got to see Haou abusing a child and even though it took for-fucking-ever, you now know the result of the Judai VS Johan match, and what really happened within the blast.

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